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Misfits (2009-2013) is a high concept comedy-drama, inspired, in part, by American shows such as Heroes and Smallville. The good news is, it's like neither. The misfits are a group of five twenty-something delinquents who, whilst out doing community service, get struck by lightning and subsequently develop supernatural abilities. Yes the concept's trite, and the budget's small, but the script positively sparkles with coarse humour (think Skins), hilarious situations and truly great drama.

Season One

Episode One (The City Breathing, the People Churning)
Episode Two (Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon)
Episode Three (We Drink the Fatal Drop.Then We Love Until We Bleed)
Episode Four (My Words Stumble Before I Start)
Episode Five (Why'd You Sing Hallelujah, If It Means Nothing to Ya?)
Episode Six (Neither of Us Mean What We Say)

Season Two

Episode One (Stealing Past the Windows of the Blissfully Dead)
Episode Two (I Think I'm Going to Die, Before I See My Time)
Episode Three (Like A Lilo Losing Air)
Episode Four (War, What Is It Good For?)
Episode Five (The Killing Moon)
Episode Six (I Don't Know What's Happened to the Kids)
Episode Seven (Oh Wonderful One, Why Are You Like That?)

Season Three

Webisode: Vegas, Baby!

Episode One (Sunday Morning, Brings the Dawn In)
Episode Two (She Make Me Go Oh)
Episode Three (Turn Me Loose, Baby)
Episode Four (Please Come and Save Me)
Episode Five (I Tell You, This is Not the End)
Episode Six (All I Really Want is Girls)
Episode Seven (Poison on My Mind)
Episode Eight (It Was Me)

Season Four

Episode One (It's Always the Storm)
Episode Two (I'll Miss You When I'm Lonely)
Episode Three: (I Put the Wool Around My Heart)
Episode Four (Say You'll Remember)
Episode Five (Your Love Will Be Safe With Me)
Episode Six (Are You Ready for the Carnage?)
Episode Seven: (When the Chips Are Down)
Episode Eight (I've Come Undone)

Season Five

Episode One (Teenage Kicks)
Episode Two (You've Got to Let Go)
Episode Three (The Power of Love)
Episode Four (Under Blue Moon)
Episode Five (Something's Bound to Go Wrong)
Episode Six (Together at Last)
Episode Seven (Party Like Us)
Episode Eight (You Got a Reaction Didn't You?)


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Joseph Gilgun (Rudy)
Karla Crome (Jess)
Nathan McMullen (Finn)
Matt Stokoe (Alex)

Robert Sheehan (Nathan)
Iwan Rheon (Simon)
Antonia Thomas (Alisha)
Lauren Socha (Kelly)
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Curtis)