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Peaky Blinders

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Peaky Blinders (2013-2022) is a BBC Two/Weinstein Company joint created by British filmmaker, Steven Knight. The series dramatizes the shenanigans of the historically documented post-WW I urban gang, of the same name, from Birmingham, England. Cillian Murphy stars as Thomas Shelby, the head of the Shelby family, who struggles with the gangster lifestyle more than most. The show derives its tension from a family moving through a classist society that's struggling with its identity after the first World War. Yet it is utterly modern, with its glossy production, direction and music. We've never seen a show more in love with itself. And it's perfect. (Netflix has exclusive US rights.)

Josie Kafka reviewed seasons two through six. Heather and Logan reviewed the first season.

Season One

1.1 Episode One
1.2 Episode Two
1.3 Episode Three
1.4 Episode Four
1.5 Episode Five
1.6 Episode Six

Season Two

2.1 Episode One
2.2 Episode Two
2.3 Episode Three
2.4 Episode Four
2.5 Episode Five
2.6 Episode Six

Season Three

3.1 Episode One
3.2 Episode Two
3.3 Episode Three
3.4 Episode Four
3.5 Episode Five
3.6 Episode Six

Season Four

4.1 The Noose
4.2 Heathens
4.3 Blackbird
4.4 Dangerous
4.5 The Duel
4.6 The Company

Season Five

5.1 Black Tuesday
5.2 Black Cats
5.3 Strategy
5.4 The Loop
5.5 The Shock
5.6 Mr. Jones

Season Six

6.1 Black Day
6.2 Black Shirt
6.3 Gold
6.4 Sapphire
6.5 The Road to Hell
6.6 Lock and Key

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Cillian Murphy (Thomas Shelby)
Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby)
Helen McCrory (Polly Gray)
Sophie Rundle (Ada Thorne)
Ned Dennehy (Charlie Strong)
Finn Cole (Michael Gray)
Ian Peck (Curly)