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Forever Knight

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He was brought across in 1228,
Preyed on humans for their blood.
Now he wants to be mortal again.
To repay society for his sins,
To emerge from his world of darkness,
From his endless forever night.

Let me tell you a story.

The year was 2006. I was dating a lovely young woman who was telling me of her time in England. She had been visiting the countryside, where not much happened, and entertained herself with dusty DVDs. "There was this old show we watched. You've probably never heard of it... Forever Knight."

My jaw dropped. I saw Forever Knight when it aired, but since I lived in Paris, Texas, I had to stay up past midnight when one of our two local TV stations would play it. I had mentioned the show to countless people over the years and no one had even heard of it. Until she spoke those words, I had started to wonder if I'd imagined the whole thing in some fit of insanity.

Anyway, this year we celebrated fifteen years of marriage.

Forever Knight (1992-1996) was The Little Show That Could. Small budget. Big ideas. Sympathetic vampires were a new idea, and Forever Knight was one of the first places where the idea flourished. I laughed the first time I heard the premise. A vampire cop? Really? But the show grew on me. I honestly don't know how many writers have explored the lives of vampires so thoroughly and honestly, and in doing so this little show definitely made its mark.

If you can forgive dated effects and low-budget moments, this old show might be worth your time.

Season One

1.1 Dark Knight (1992 Pilot)
1.2 Dark Knight: The Second Chapter
1.3 For I Have Sinned
1.4 Last Act
1.5 Dance by the Light of the Moon
1.6 Dying to Know You
1.7 False Witness
1.8 Cherry Blossoms
1.9 I Will Repay
1.10 Dead Air
1.11 Hunters
1.12 Dead Issue
1.13 Father Figure
1.14 Spin Doctor
1.15 Dying for Fame
1.16 Only the Lonely
1.17 Unreality TV
1.18 Feeding the Beast
1.19 If Looks Could Kill
1.20 Fatal Mistake
1.21 1966
1.22 Love You to Death

Season Two

2.1 Killer Instinct
2.2 A Fate Worse Than Death
2.3 Stranger Than Fiction
2.4 Bad Blood
2.5 Forward Into the Past
2.6 Capital Offense
2.7 Hunted
2.8 Faithful Followers
2.9 Undue Process
2.10 Fathers's Day
2.11 Can't Run, Can't Hide
2.12 Amateur Night
2.13 Beyond the Law
2.14 The Fix
2.15 Be My Valentine
2.16 The Fire Inside
2.17 Blood Money
2.18 Partners of the Month
2.19 Queen of Harps
2.20 A More Permanent Hell
2.21 The Code
2.22 Curiouser and Curiouser
2.23 Near Death
2.24 Baby Baby
2.25 Close Call
2.26 Crazy Love

Season Three

3.1 Black Buddha, Part 1
3.2 Black Buddha, Part 2
3.3 Outside the Lines
3.4 Blackwing
3.5 Blind Faith
3.6 My Boyfriend is a Vampire
3.7 Hearts of Darkness
3.8 Trophy Girl
3.9 Let No Man Tear Asunder
3.10 Night in Question
3.11 Sons of Belial
3.12 Strings
3.13 Fever
3.14 Dead of Night
3.15 The Games Vampires Play
3.16 The Human Factor
3.17 Avenging Angel
3.18 Fallen Idol
3.19 Jane Doe
3.20 Francesca
3.21 Ashes to Ashes
3.22 Last Knight


Geraint Wyn Davies as Detective Nick Knight
Nigel Bennett as Lucien LaCroix
Deborah DuchĂȘne as Janette DuCharme
Catherine Disher as Natalie Lambert
John Kapelos as Detective Donald Schanke (seasons 1 & 2)
Gary Farmer as Captain Joe Stonetree (season 1)
Natsuko Ohama as Captain Amanda Cohen (season 2)
Ben Bass as Javier Vachon (season 3)
Lisa Ryder as Detective Tracy Vetter (season 3)
Blu Mankuma as Captain Joe Reese (season 3)
Greg Kramer as Screed (season 3)