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Star Trek Picard

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Star Trek: Picard (2020-2023) is about the continuing voyages of Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart), one-time captain of the Enterprise in the first live-action spinoff of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Reviews of Picard were written by several Agents of Doux: Billie Doux, Samantha M. Quinn, CoramDeo, Joseph Santini, Mikey Heinrich, and Mark Greig.

Season One

1.1 Remembrance
1.2 Maps and Legends
1.3 The End is the Beginning
1.4 Absolute Candor
1.5 Stardust City Rag
1.6 The Impossible Box
1.7 Nepenthe
1.8 Broken Pieces
1.9 Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 1
1.10 Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2

Season Two

2.1 The Star Gazer
2.2 Penance
2.3 Assimilation
2.4 Watcher
2.5 Fly Me to the Moon
2.6 Two of One
2.7 Monsters
2.8 Mercy
2.9 Hide and Seek
2.10 Farewell

Season Three

3.1 The Next Generation
3.2 Disengage
3.3 Seventeen Seconds
3.4 No Win Scenario
3.5 Imposters
3.6 The Bounty
3.7 Dominion
3.8 Surrender
3.9 Võx
3.10 The Last Generation

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Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard)
Santiago Cabrera (Cristobal 'Chris' Rios)
Isa Briones (Soji)
Michelle Hurd (Raffi Musiker)
Alison Pill (Dr. Agnes Jurati)
Evan Evagora (Elnor)
Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)