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The Crown

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The Crown (2016-2023) is a docuseries about the reign of Elizabeth II, starting with her wedding to Prince Philip and with the intention of continuing to the present day (although it ended a bit sooner than that). The Crown was created by Peter Morgan, who was also responsible for the movie The Queen (2006).

Victoria Grossack has reviewed every episode of The Crown.

Season One

1.1 Wolferton Splash
1.2 Hyde Park Corner
1.3 Windsor
1.4 Act of God
1.5 Smoke and Mirrors
1.6 Gelignite
1.7 Scientia Potentia Est
1.8 Pride & Joy
1.9 Assassins
1.10 Gloriana

Season Two

2.1 Misadventure
2.2 A Company of Men
2.3 Lisbon
2.4 Beryl
2.5 Marionettes
2.6 Vergangenheit
2.7 Matrimonium
2.8 Dear Mrs. Kennedy
2.9 Paterfamilias
2.10 Mystery Man

Season Three

3.1 Olding
3.2 Margaretology
3.3 Aberfan
3.4 Bubbikins
3.5 Coup
3.6 Tywysog Cymru
3.7 Moondust
3.8 Dangling Man
3.9 Imbroglio
3.10 Cri de Coeur

Season Four

4.1 Gold Stick
4.2 The Balmoral Test
4.3 Fairytale
4.4 Favourites
4.5 Fagan
4.6 Terra Nullius
4.7 The Hereditary Principle
4.8 48:1
4.9 Avalanche
4.10 War

Season Five

5.1 Queen Victoria Syndrome
5.2 The System
5.3 Mou Mou
5.4 Annus Horribilis
5.5 The Way Ahead
5.6 Ipatiev House
5.7 No Woman's Land
5.8 Gunpowder
5.9 Couple 31
5.10 Decommissioned

Season Six

6.1 Persona Non Grata
6.2 Two Photographs
6.3 Dis-Moi Oui
6.4 Aftermath
6.5 Willsmania
6.6 Ruritania
6.7 Alma Mater
6.8 Ritz
6.9 Hope Street
6.10 Sleep, Dearie Sleep


Seasons 1 and 2 (2016-2017)

Claire Foy (Queen Elizabeth II)
Matt Smith (Philip, Duke of Edinburgh)
Victoria Hamilton (Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother)
Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret)
Pip Torrens (Tommy Lascelles)
Will Keen (Michael Adeane)
Lizzy McInnerny (Bobo Macdonald)
Chris Gordon (Duke of Edinburgh's Valet)
James Hillier (Equerry)
John Lithgow (Winston Churchill)
Jeremy Northam (Anthony Eden)
Harry Hadden-Paton (Martin Charteris)
Clive Francis (Lord Salisbury)
Teddy Lewis (Groundskeeper)
Billy Jenkins (Prince Charles)

Seasons 3 and 4 (2019-2020)

Olivia Colman (Queen Elizabeth II)
Tobias Menzies (Philip, Duke of Edinburgh)
Helena Bonham Carter (Princess Margaret)
Pip Torrens (Tommy Lascelles)
Josh O'Connor (Prince Charles)
John Lithgow (Winston Churchill)
Marion Bailey (Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother)
Emma Corrin (Princess Diana)
Gillian Anderson (Margaret Thatcher)
Charles Edwards (Martin Charteris)

Seasons 5 and 6 (2022-2023)

Imelda Staunton (Queen Elizabeth II)
Jonathan Pryce (Philip, Duke of Edinburgh)
Dominic West (Prince Charles)
Elizabeth Debicki (Princess Diana)
Lesley Manville (Princess Margaret)
Marcia Warren (Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother)
Claudia Harrison (Princess Anne)
Jonny Lee Miller (John Major)
Olivia Williams (Camilla Parker Bowles)