The Crown

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The Crown is a docuseries about the reign of Elizabeth II, starting with her wedding to Prince Philip and with the intention of continuing to the present day. The first season starts just before the wedding and continues to 1955. The Crown was created by Peter Morgan, who was also responsible for the movie The Queen (2006).

Season One

1.1 Wolferton Splash
1.2 Hyde Park Corner
1.3 Windsor
1.4 Act of God
1.5 Smoke and Mirrors
1.6 Gelignite
1.7 Scientia Potentia Est
1.8 Pride & Joy
1.9 Assassins
1.10 Gloriana

Season Two

2.1 Misadventure
2.2 A Company of Men
2.3 Lisbon
2.4 Beryl
2.5 Marionettes
2.6 Vergangenheit
2.7 Matrimonium
2.8 Dear Mrs. Kennedy
2.9 Paterfamilias
2.10 Mystery Man

Season Three

Coming November 17, 2019.


Claire Foy (Princess Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth II)
Matt Smith (Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh)
Vanessa Kirby (Princess Margaret)
Eileen Atkins (Queen Mary)
Victoria Hamilton (Queen Elizabeth, later Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother - wife of King George VI and mother to Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret)
Alex Jennings (Edward, Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII)
Lia Williams (Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, wife of Edward)
Jeremy Northam (Anthony Eden, Foreign Secretary, later Prime Minister)
Ben Miles (Group Captain Peter Townsend, King George VI’s equerry)
Greg Wise (Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma)
Jared Harris (King George VI, father of Elizabeth, also known as Bertie)
John Lithgow (Winston Churchill, the Queen’s first Prime Minister)
Stephen Dillane (Graham Sutherland, artist)
Harry Hadden-Paton (Martin Charteris)
Andy Sanderson (Prince Henry)
Michael Culkin (Rab Butler)
Nicholas Rowe (Jock Colville)
Harriet Walter (Clementine Churchill)
Pip Torrens (Tommy Lascelles)
Simon Chandler (Clement Atlee)
Clive Francis (Lord Salisbury)
Patrick Ryecart (Duke of Norfolk)
Nicholas Jones (Lord Moran)
Paul Sheridan (Eden’s Aide)
David Shields (Colin Tennant)
Kate Phillips (Venetia Scott)