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Rectify (2013-2016) is a gorgeous, poignant TV series about a man named Daniel Holden (Aden Young), who went to death row at the age of eighteen for killing his girlfriend. Nearly twenty years later, Daniel is released because of DNA evidence (or more accurately, the lack of it) and must learn to live as a free man and get reacquainted with his family, who also have some major readjusting to do.

An intensely emotional character study, all four seasons of Rectify are beautifully acted, directed and photographed. Give it a chance. It's really wonderful. Highly recommended.

Season One

1.1 Always There
1.2 Sexual Peeling
1.3 Modern Times
1.4 Plato's Cave
1.5 Drip, Drip
1.6 Jacob's Ladder

Season Two

2.1 Running With the Bull
2.2 Sleeping Giants
2.3 Charlie Darwin
2.4 Donald the Normal
2.5 Act As If
2.6 Mazel Tov
2.7 Weird As You
2.8 The Great Destroyer
2.9 Until You're Blue
2.10 Unhinged

Season Three

3.1 Hoorah
3.2 Thrill Ride
3.3 Sown With Salt
3.4 Girl Jesus
3.5 The Future
3.6 The Source

Season Four

4.1 A House Divided
4.2 Yolk
4.3 Bob & Carol & Ted Jr & Alice
4.4 Go Ask Roger
4.5 Pineapples in Paris
4.6 Physics
4.7 Happy Unburdening
4.8 All I'm Sayin'

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Aden Young (Daniel Holden)
Abigail Spencer (Amantha Holden)
J. Smith-Cameron (Janet Talbot)
Adelaide Clemens (Tawney Talbot)
Clayne Crawford (Ted Talbot Jr.)
Luke Kirby (Jon Stern)
Jake Austin Walker (Jared Talbot)
Bruce McKinnon (Ted Talbot Sr.)
J.D. Evermore (Sheriff Carl Daggett)
Michael O'Neill (Senator Roland Foulkes)
Sean Bridgers (Trey Willis)
Sharon Conley (D.A. Sondra Person)
Johnny Ray Gill (Kerwin Whitman)
Jayson Warner Smith (Wendall Jelks)
Kim Wall (Marcy)