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Doctor Who

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Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction television show in the world. It originally ran from 1963 until 1989, spawned a TV movie in 1996, and then returned in 2005 with a new Doctor, a new format, and a brand new audience. The Doctor is a time lord who travels through time in the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space), which is shaped like a 1950s police box.

Mikey Heinrich is our current reviewer. Samantha M. Quinn reviewed season eleven. Paul Kelly reviewed seasons five through ten, and he and Billie Doux jointly reviewed seasons one through four. Mark Greig has reviewed a massive number of the classic Doctor Who adventures from 1963 through 1989 that can be found here, followed by John Geoffrion, who is now posting reviews of the First and Second Doctors' black and white adventures.

Season One

1.1 Rose
1.2 The End of the World
1.3 The Unquiet Dead
1.4 Aliens of London
1.5 World War Three
1.6 Dalek
1.7 The Long Game
1.8 Father's Day
1.9 The Empty Child
1.10 The Doctor Dances
1.11 Boom Town
1.12 Bad Wolf
1.13 The Parting of the Ways

Season Two

Born Again (Children in Need Special 2005)
2.0 The Christmas Invasion
2.1 New Earth
2.2 Tooth and Claw
2.3 School Reunion
2.4 The Girl in the Fireplace
2.5 The Rise of the Cybermen
2.6 The Age of Steel
2.7 The Idiot's Lantern
2.8 The Impossible Planet
2.9 The Satan Pit
2.10 Love & Monsters
2.11 Fear Her
2.12 Army of Ghosts
2.13 Doomsday

Season Three

3.0 The Runaway Bride
3.1 Smith and Jones
3.2 The Shakespeare Code
3.3 Gridlock
3.4 Daleks in Manhattan
3.5 Evolution of the Daleks
3.6 The Lazarus Experiment
3.7 42
3.8 Human Nature
3.9 The Family of Blood
3.10 Blink
3.11 Utopia
3.12 The Sound of Drums
3.13 Last of the Time Lords

Season Four

Time Crash (Children in Need Special 2007)
4.0 Voyage of the Damned
4.1 Partners in Crime
4.2 The Fires of Pompeii
4.3 Planet of the Ood
4.4 The Sontaran Stratagem
4.5 The Poison Sky
4.6 The Doctor's Daughter
4.7 The Unicorn and the Wasp
4.8 Silence in the Library
4.9 Forest of the Dead
4.10 Midnight
4.11 Turn Left
4.12 The Stolen Earth
4.13 Journey's End
4.14 The Next Doctor
4.15 Planet of the Dead
4.16 The Waters of Mars
4.17 The End of Time, Part 1
4.18 The End of Time, Part 2

Season Five

5.1 The Eleventh Hour
5.2 The Beast Below
5.3 Victory of the Daleks
5.4 The Time of Angels
5.5 Flesh and Stone
5.6 The Vampires of Venice
5.7 Amy's Choice
5.8 The Hungry Earth
5.9 Cold Blood
5.10 Vincent and the Doctor
5.11 The Lodger
5.12 The Pandorica Opens
5.13 The Big Bang

Season Six

Space and Time (Comic Relief Special 2011)
6.0 A Christmas Carol
6.1 The Impossible Astronaut
6.2 Day of the Moon
6.3 The Curse of the Black Spot
6.4 The Doctor's Wife
6.5 The Rebel Flesh
6.6 The Almost People
6.7 A Good Man Goes to War
6.8 Let's Kill Hitler
6.9 Night Terrors
6.10 The Girl Who Waited
6.11 The God Complex
6.12 Closing Time
6.13 The Wedding of River Song

Season Seven

7.0 The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
7.1 Asylum of the Daleks
7.2 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
7.3 A Town Called Mercy
7.4 The Power of Three
7.5 The Angels Take Manhattan
7.6 The Snowmen
7.7 The Bells of Saint John
7.8 The Rings of Akhaten
7.9 Cold War
7.10 Hide
7.11 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS
7.12 The Crimson Horror
7.13 Nightmare in Silver
7.14 The Name of the Doctor
7.15 The Day of the Doctor
7.16 The Time of the Doctor

Season Eight

8.1 Deep Breath
8.2 Into the Dalek
8.3 Robot of Sherwood
8.4 Listen
8.5 Time Heist
8.6 The Caretaker
8.7 Kill the Moon
8.8 Mummy on the Orient Express
8.9 Flatline
8.10 In the Forest of the Night
8.11 Dark Water
8.12 Death in Heaven

Season Nine

9.0 Last Christmas
9.1 The Magician's Apprentice
9.2 The Witch's Familiar
9.3 Under the Lake
9.4 Before the Flood
9.5 The Girl Who Died
9.6 The Woman Who Lived
9.7 The Zygon Invasion
9.8 The Zygon Inversion
9.9 Sleep No More
9.10 Face the Raven
9.11 Heaven Sent
9.12 Hell Bent
9.13 The Husbands of River Song

Season Ten

10.0 The Return of Doctor Mysterio
10.1 The Pilot
10.2 Smile
10.3 Thin Ice
10.4 Knock Knock
10.5 Oxygen
10.6 Extremis
10.7 The Pyramid at the End of the World
10.8 The Lie of the Land
10.9 Empress of Mars
10.10 The Eaters of Light
10.11 World Enough and Time
10.12 The Doctor Falls

Season Eleven

11.0 Twice Upon a Time
11.1 The Woman Who Fell to Earth
11.2 The Ghost Monument
11.3 Rosa
11.4 Arachnids in the UK
11.5 The Tsuranga Conundrum
11.6 Demons of the Punjab
11.7 Kerblam!
11.8 The Witchfinders
11.9 It Takes You Away
11.10 The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos
11.11 Resolution

Season Twelve

12.1 Spyfall, Part 1
12.2 Spyfall, Part 2
12.3 Orphan 55
12.4 Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror
12.5 Fugitive of the Judoon
12.6 Praxeus
12.7 Can You Hear Me?
12.8 The Haunting of Villa Diodati
12.9 Ascension of the Cybermen
12.10 The Timeless Children
12.11 Revolution of the Daleks

Season Thirteen

13.1 Flux, Chapter One: The Halloween Apocalypse
13.2 Flux, Chapter Two: War of the Sontarans
13.3 Flux, Chapter Three: Once, Upon Time
13.4 Flux, Chapter Four: Village of the Angels
13.5 Flux, Chapter Five: Survivors of the Flux
13.6 Flux, Chapter Six: The Vanquishers
13.7 Eve of the Daleks
13.8 Legend of the Sea Devils
13.9 The Power of the Doctor

60th Anniversary Specials

Tales of the TARDIS
Destination Skaro
The Star Beast
Wild Blue Yonder
The Giggle
The Church on Ruby Road


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