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Welcome to your one stop shop for all of your reviewing needs. Billie Doux and her contributing writers specialize in reviews of what we consider to be the best of television. And we occasionally review books and movies, too.

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Site Owners

Billie Doux began reviewing episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer for some of her online friends back in 1997, became obsessed with reviewing, took on more shows, contributed reviews to several web sites, started BillieDoux.com in 2004 when the sheer volume started getting out of hand, and began recruiting contributing writers in 2008. Click here for more about Billie and Frequently Asked Questions about this site. Billie also has a new personal blog.

Billie is currently reviewing Continuum, Justified, Orange is the New Black, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, and various books and movies. She has reviewed Alias, Angel, Battlestar Galactica, Breaking Bad, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Dead Zone, Dexter, Dollhouse, Firefly, Heroes, Highlander, Lost, La Femme Nikita, Moonlight, The Prisoner, Six Feet Under, Smallville, Star Trek, Torchwood, True Blood and Veronica Mars and contributed to reviews of 24: Live Another Day, Awake, Black Mirror, FlashForward, Lost Girl, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. You can see why it got out of hand.

Josie Kafka enjoys cats, reading, and watching TV. (But she does not enjoy watching cats read books on TV. It's so passe.) Josie is reviewing Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Vampire Diaries, and various books and movies. She has reviewed Awake, Chuck, FlashForward, Fringe, Moonlight, Persons Unknown, Threshold, Twin Peaks, and contributed to reviews of The Americans, Black Mirror and Community. Click here for more Josie.

Contributing Writers

Jess Lynde enjoys writing and watching TV, and loves having a place to indulge both passions. If she could just find a way to cook at the same time, life would be perfect. Jess began doing regular episode reviews for Billie Doux in 2008. Click here for more about Jess. She has reviewed Eureka, Farscape, Stargate Universe, Warehouse 13, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Wonderfalls, and contributed to reviews of The X-Files. She is currently contributing reviews for The Americans and The Wire.

Paul Kelly is one of the founding fathers of Britannia. He also invented the cabbage, eats dolphin's eggs for breakfast, wears a bowler hat and talks like the Queen. Click here for a list of his book, television and film reviews. Paul is currently reviewing Doctor Who and Sherlock. He previously reviewed Misfits and Being Human.

Ben P. Duck has known Billie for getting on towards twenty years but despite this she continues to humor him. He is a veteran of the Gratuitous Trek Flamewars of the mid-nineties, for which he received a number of decorations for snarkiness. In his spare time, he is a cultural anthropologist, raises two daughters and a neurotic cat, and hopes one day to have free time again. His interests include bacon, information theory and not learning to play the guitar. To find more about him click here (where he rambles with declining frequency). Ben is currently reviewing The Wire. He previously reviewed The Prisoner and Star Trek.

Dr. Nana Mom (a.k.a. Sandy) is sometimes known as SUPER NANA and enjoys chasing monsters, building forts and giggling. Sandy is currently reviewing The Walking Dead. She previously reviewed Alphas and Haven, and contributed to reviews of Continuum, Star Trek: The Next Generation and The X-Files.

Mark Greig is the current penname for a loose association of mostly illiterate monkeys kept locked in a basement and chained to typewriters. They enjoy Bananarama, the Banana Splits, Bananaman, Bananas in Pyjamas and Woody Allen's Bananas. They are currently reviewing Agent Carter, Agents of SHIELD and classic Doctor Who. They previously reviewed Community, The Fades, Lost Girl, Merlin and The Killing and contributed to reviews of Game of Thrones and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

J.D. Balthazar is a movie buff and an avid gamer who loves science fiction and fantasy. Click here for a complete list of J.D.'s reviews. Currently trapped in southern California where it never, ever rains, J.D. is currently reviewing Arrow, Farscape and new movies. He has also reviewed Falling Skies, The Originals and Nikita and contributed to reviews of 24: Live Another Day, Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, Lost Girl and Star Trek: The Next Generation. (You can follow J.D. on Twitter.)

Panda (a.k.a. Cian) spends far too much time telling TV writers how to do their jobs. After spending years contributing to all the standard online forums, he started his own blog in 2011 where he dedicates time to talking his favourite shows up their own behinds and tearing them apart, in equal measure. His taste ranges from the TV legends we all know (Buffy) to current fads (True Blood, The Vampire Diaries) to the downright blasphemous (Pretty Little Liars, Charmed). Panda is currently reviewing Once Upon a Time, Roswell and Teen Wolf. He previously reviewed Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and The Secret Circle. (You can follow Panda on Twitter.)

ChrisB loves nothing better than to have new experiences and then to write about them here. After years of sneering at all things sci-fi and genre related, she came to the party about ten years ago thanks to Buffy and Alias. She is now mildly obsessed with all things discussed and written about on Doux Reviews. Click here for more. ChrisB is currently reviewing Castle, Downton Abbey, House of Cards, The Musketeers and Outlander, and contributed to reviews of 24: Live Another Day, The Americans and The X-Files. (You can follow ChrisB on Twitter.)

Juliette is a lecturer in ancient history and Classics specializing in ancient myth and religion and depictions of ancient Greece and Rome in modern popular culture, mainly film and TV. One of her proudest possessions is her DVD set of I, Claudius signed by BRIAN BLESSED, aka the Emperor Augustus himself. She reviews stuff with Greeks and Romans in it at her own blog. Slightly more forward-looking obsessions include Star Trek (various forms), Buffy and The X-Files, and Billie and Sunbunny's enthusiastic championing of Supernatural is responsible for the Lost Summer of 2014, when she marathoned 9 years of it at once and wouldn't stop talking about it. Always listen to Billie when she recommends something. Juliette is currently reviewing Star Trek: Voyager and The West Wing (mainly over the summer when the undergrads all go home and campus becomes eerily empty) and contributes to reviews of Community, The X-Files, Game of Thrones and Star Trek: The Next Generation. (You can follow Juliette on Twitter.)

Sunbunny is a fairytale princess living locked in a tower with only a TV and the Internet to keep her company. Also, she has a ridiculously small dog. Her hobbies include reading nineteenth century literature and playing with said ridiculously small dog. Click here for a list of her reviews. Sunbunny is currently reviewing Orphan Black, Person of Interest and The Tudors. She previously reviewed Scandal and Raines, and contributed to reviews of The Americans and Community. (You can follow Sunbunny on Twitter. Sunbunny is also our official Doux Reviews tweeter.)

Laure Mack is officially an accountant in corporate America with a hatred for tiny boxes filled with numbers and pant suits. Unofficially she is a wannabe artist with unhealthy addictions to television, online shopping, first edition books and pasta. Her dream is to travel the globe dancing through different cultures, enjoying festivities and traditions all over the world, feasting on local cuisines and learning from whoever she meets. Laure Mack is currently reviewing The Originals. She previously reviewed Witches of East End, and contributed to reviews of The Americans.

Heather writes for television and about television because of television. Her love for the medium started back when Charlie's Angels originally aired and she was convinced she would grow up to be a lady private detective. Each successive decade has had a list of shows that have made an imprint on her psyche: The X-Files, La Femme Nikita, Veronica Mars, The Wire, True Blood, and Breaking Bad, being some of her favorites. She lives in the city that never sleeps with her son and two cats. Heather is contributing reviews to Game of Thrones and The X-Files, and previously reviewed Hannibal and Masters of Sex. (You can follow her on Twitter @JolieandElvis)

JRS, depending on which universe you meet him in, is a writer, artist, gardener, hunter, mechanic, quantum physicist. Interestingly enough, his first pieces, whatever the world, were all in some version of the New York Times: The Gotham Punch, for example; the Bayonne Bushwhispers, in another world: and in one world where none of Manhattan was ever colonized, the Fort Lee Dedication. In this particular universe, he is also a screenwriter and filmmaker, and also blogs about international Deaf issues at surdusexplores.blogspot.com when he's not drinking coffee. JRS is currently reviewing The Flash and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and contributes to reviews of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Sam T. Cat does not like you very much, but will indulge your desire to bring him tasty treats. If you are quite lucky and pass his rigorous entry exam, you may be permitted to rub his belly. He writes about whatever he damn well wants to, whenever he damn well feels like it. You may attempt to contact him, but he will only respond if he was going to do it anyway.