Rectify: Hoorah

"I'll try to try."

What a frustrating episode.

The X-Files: Rush

Case: Young kids with super-speed are misbehaving while Mulder and Scully try to get to the bottom of it all.

Destination: Pittsfield, Virginia

“I was your age once.”

The X-Files took a lot a criticism in the sixth season for being too light, too funny, too soft. As the show ramped up its seventh season, it tried to address this problem and return to its roots, to what had made the show what it is. Did it succeed in this episode?

Humans: Season One Review

Humans is a science-fiction show about a near-future world in which synthetic humanoid robots (“Synths”) are the new hot technology. Set in Britain, it aired simultaneously on Channel 4 and AMC, and is based on a Swedish show called Real Humans.

Arrow: Schism

"What does a guy have to do to end the world in peace?"

While the flashbacks have never been more intrusive, the actual final chapter to this season was exciting, action packed, and emotional.

Person of Interest: Reassortment

“Looks like the zombie apocalypse started.”

Just one sentence of whining - WHY ARE WE GETTING SO MUCH FILLER?! - and I’m done.

Supernatural: Alpha and Omega

"You know family. Even when you hate them, you still love them."

Isn't it nice that Supernatural can still surprise me?

Movie Review: About Time

“We're all quite similar in the end. We all get old and tell the same tales too many times.”

This review contains some vague spoilers, but the truth is that nothing unexpected happens in this film anyway, so it probably doesn’t matter.

About Time is a time-traveling romance movie from Richard Curtis, the man behind Love Actually. It does exactly what you would expect it to, and it does it well.

The Flash: The Race of His Life

BOOM. In one episode this series just totally turned around everything I thought I knew about where The Flash was going. Some people will be on Barry's side; some people will be on everyone else's. Me? I feel for every character on this show right now, except maybe for Zoom.

Person of Interest: QSO

“The Machine wants me to send a message to Shaw.”

I’m disappointed. Mostly because I really thought

The X-Files: Millennium

Case: It appears that recently deceased former FBI agents are being raised from the dead.

Destination: Florida, Washington D.C., Virginia

"Nobody likes a math geek, Scully."

It's the end of an era with this tribute to 1013 Productions three-season offering, Millennium. Unfortunately, it's not a great send-off. It's not a great crossover either. I realize that given the entire catalog of The X-Files, it's not a bad episode, exactly, either. It's just sort of ho-hum. The world didn't end, as they say.