The Flash: Don't Run

"There are no happy endings."

This episode was like the season in microcosm – what started out light and frothy took a definite turn towards darker territory. That ending was one hell of a game changer!

Star Trek Discovery: The Wolf Inside

"Sometimes the end justifies terrible means."

Supergirl: Legion of Super Heroes

“Rats indicate neurological issues.”

Given the title, “Legion of Super Heroes,” I was afraid this would be another Supergirl episode that barely featured Supergirl. I have become tired of those. (Dear producers of Supergirl: people choose the show because they want to watch Supergirl.) Fortunately, the episode was much better than I expected.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Together or Not At All

"I got a flying car. How different can it be?"

I realized at some point during the Framework arc that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. had become the 24 of comic book shows. It's extremely serialized and fast paced, rarely allowing the characters to have a break.

The X-Files: This

“Bye bye, Ringo.”

Well, “This” is better than That (aka “My Struggle III”), but the charming antics of Mulder and Scully are enmeshed in more incomprehensible mythology.

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel

How do we understand and appreciate romance in Korean dramas as opposed to Western ones?

The Handmaid's Tale: Night

"It's their own fault. They should have never given us uniforms if they didn't want us to be an army."

The Flash: Therefore I Am

“Ask me anything.”

So what do we know?

We now know that Clifford DeVoe is an absentminded but well-liked professor that has never been arrested, pays his taxes, his mortgage, and has a very reasonable 401K plan. He also donates to the Sierra Club and volunteers at an orphanage as a big brother. Or as Barry says – he’s too perfect.

Doctor Who: Shada

"Did you just see what I didn't see?"

The greatest Doctor Who story never made? Let's delve in and find out.

The Handmaid's Tale: The Bridge

"Go like an open flower."

In a moving episode of The Handmaid's Tale, we see June/Offred begin to take action in a world where she can take no action.