The X-Files: Jose Chung's "From Outer Space"

Case: A well-known author is writing about a case of alien abduction that Mulder and Scully investigated.

Destination: Washington, D.C., Klass County, Washington

The truth is out there. It is also relative.

Continuum: Family Time

"I have a better idea. We start the revolution now."

We have a siege. And a lot of character development.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Hide and Q

Picard: “I know Hamlet. And what he might have said with irony, I say with conviction. What a piece of work is man.”

One of the things that I really appreciate about Star Trek in all its forms is the belief in the goodness and rightness of humanity (given that we have the time to figure ourselves out). I find this refreshing in the face of so many shows that, particularly recently, revel in the uglier side of humanity.

Doctor Who: Into the Dalek

Doctor: “No, you don't understand. You can't put me in there.”

Since Doctor Who's return in 2005, the second-episode slot has become something of a poisoned chalice for writers. For every 'The Fires of Pompeii' there's been a plethora of lesser monstrosities, ready to stink the place up and put an end to our new-season enthusiasm. How did 'Into the Dalek' fare? Was it another 'Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' or did it hit the heady heights of 'Day of the Moon'?

The West Wing: And It's Surely To Their Credit

"You heard the news and you broke the White House"

Ainsley Hayes' first day at the White House does not run entirely smoothly for anyone.

Doux News: August 31, 2014

This week: Why are series finales so hard to get right? -- Possibilities -- Renewals and cancellations -- Fall is coming -- My lack of success in locating a great cat video for this week's Doux News

Continuum: Playtime

The Continuum future just gets more terrifying each time we catch a glimpse of it.

Witches of East End: Art of Darkness

"I don't care! You should have told me! I can't believe you would keep a secret from me."

I couldn't help with that quote. I've watched this episode three times now, and I cracked up every single time.

New Amazon Pilots

Amazon kicked off pilot season this week. Five new pilots (three comedies and two dramas) are available to stream and to rate. Amazon decides which pilots to send to series based, among other factors, on the public’s feedback. How are they? Well...

Masters of Sex: Asterion

“That is one world. And this is the other.”

Masters of Sex may not have time for subtlety but they have subtlety for time, if you will.