Supernatural: Don't Call Me Shurley

"Dude, quit ironing my shirts with beer"

La la la la laaa, no spoilers on the front page....

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Failed Experiments

He was determined to make someone pay for The Mummy Returns
"Only billionaires can build iron suits. Only the military can make super soldiers. Which can only lead to a war of its own.”

Jeez, could Marvel be any less subtle with their product integration?

An Open Letter to CW: Caption The Chronicles of Cisco

I can't review what I can't watch. What do I mean by that? Follow me below the fold....

Person of Interest: B.S.O.D.

“I know you can’t talk right now, but maybe that’s better than hearing all our numbers are up.”

This episode was basically about the race to plug your iPhone in before its battery runs out. I shouldn’t have watched it on the edge of my seat and I shouldn’t have cried, but I did both those things.

The Flash: Rupture

"There is no more hope, there is no more Flash, there is no one to protect your city from... me."

Barry's doing his best to help Central City, even without powers; when Zoom begins his war of conquest and starts bringing more metahumans through the breach, endangering Cisco, Barry has to decide if he should risk everything to be a hero.

Gotham: Azrael

Mortal Kombat®: Gotham Edition™

The X-Files: The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati

Case: Mulder grows worse as Scully races to find help.

Destination: Washington, D.C.

“Extraordinary men are always tempted by the most ordinary things.”

By this time in the series, the mythology has become so complex and so fractured that it is impossible to take it seriously anymore.

Game of Thrones: Home

Tyrion: "Next time I have an idea like that, punch me in the face."

Continuing in the same way as the season premiere, this episode was disjointed but at least it was wildly satisfying. Starting with Bran and his visions of a young Ned Stark practicing swordplay with a very young Benjin. It was a bittersweet moment, capturing what is truly the beating heart of the series, family.

Fear the Walking Dead: Blood in the Streets

"Death is a way to new life."

There was some fascinating meat to this episode, and not just what Nick was smearing all over his face.

Once Upon a Time: Firebird

"Find your armor."

What I like most about the episodes that delve into Emma’s pre-Storybrooke past is that they always provide a welcome change from the usual escapades that are spent trudging around a monotonous green landscape, and show us a world where things are a little less idyllic and a bit rougher around the edges; not unlike Emma herself. ‘Firebird’, while somewhat flawed, gave us some interesting insight into what made Emma so tough in the first place. We also learned how Emma got her jacket. Maybe the second part was a little unnecessary?