The 100: Blood Must Have Blood, Part 2

Clarke: "I tried to be the good guy."
Abby: "Maybe there are no good guys."

What an incredibly heavy finale.

Jessica Jones: AKA Top Shelf Perverts

"No one else will die because of me. I'm taking myself out of the equation."

When Jessica's friend is added to the list of those murdered by Kilgrave, Jessica comes up with a desperate plan to evade her stalker and stop the growing number of victims–despite the best advice of her friends and frenemies.

Jessica Jones: AKA You're a Winner

"Sweet Christmas!"

This is probably my favorite episode so far. If anyone was on the fence about this being a very well written show, this episode would have to convince them.

The 100: Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1

"Catastrophic failure? That's your plan?"

What an incredibly frustrating episode.

The Returned: Virgil

“Sometimes the love of a father or a mother isn’t enough.”

Oh dear: Victor's wall of prognostication. (Or creations from his imaginative mind?) Hidden behind an armoire -- is basically a 'previously on The Returned' package in crayon.

Jessica Jones: AKA 99 Friends

Jeri: "You're coming across as paranoid."
Jessica: "Everyone keeps saying that. It must be a conspiracy."

Paranoia is another theme that runs through these first several episodes. Not just the illusion of safety, or the lack of it, but the idea that even those closest to you are, in fact, secretly spying on you.

The Flash: Gorilla Warfare

“The only reason we couldn’t find him on any cameras underneath the city before is ‘cause he upgraded from a bachelor pad to a penthouse, like a baller.”

If you're like me, you've been waiting for this: Grodd returns, and in style, despite being desperate for scientists and serum. Meanwhile: Wells proves valuable in more than one way, and Cisco figures out the challenges of Dating While Vibing.

Jessica Jones: AKA It's Called Whiskey

Jessica: "What if the devil actually did make you do it? Even if you could prove it, would people ever forgive what you did? Could you ever forgive yourself?"

Things left unsaid, secrets, fractured relationships, and dead loved ones. At the core of this episode there was a truly unsettling sense of the unseen menace.

Jessica Jones: AKA Crush Syndrome

"God didn’t do this, the Devil did and I’m going to find him."

Thought Kilgrave was a monster after the last episode? We're only getting started.