Gotham: Reunion

Bruce makes nice with Alfred, Jim makes nice with Bullock, Ozzie makes "nice" with Riddler and the supervillain that's supposed to be Ivy Pepper struts around threatening the lives of all in Gotham City.

Well, this is tons better. Will it be enough?

Jessica Jones: AKA The Octopus

Jessica Jones on the phone at the police station.
"I don't give a dead moose's last shit."

Framed, suspected, accused, arrested. In a flash Jessica Jones is back in jail – and must figure out how to protect Inez and find IGH from behind bars in a complex and sometimes confusing, highly paced episode.

Doux News Weekly Round Up: March 18, 2018

This week we talk about The Avengers again, Buffy, Jay and Silent Bob, Bond, Travelers, Tomb Raider and some overpriced television. Sadly we also have to say goodbye to one of the greatest scientific minds of ours or any time.

Legends of Tomorrow: Amazing Grace

"What happened to the instrument choosing me, sir?"

"I was just building a moment."

The Legends go all Rock and Roll, and on the way deliver a shining example of what they do best – a zesty blend of ridiculous, touching, unlikely, and just a tiny bit stupid.

In a really good way.

Jessica Jones: AKA God Help the Hobo

“Still angry.”

Contrary to popular belief anger isn’t always bad. Anger can even be a form of protection. Anger can help us fight for what we need and deserve. Anger can compel us to move past people and situations that are no longer healthy. Then again, as we see at the end of the episode, it can be a straight up destructive force.

iZombie: Brainless in Seattle (1)

“And I thought fate was a bitch.”

Despite starting out as light romcom inspired entertainment, this episode trades the Bridget Jones jokes half way through for something far darker, giving the show a chance to show off its ability to easily tackle vastly different tones in a short space of time.

Lucifer: Let Pinhead Sing!

"I think I've made a horrible mistake."

This was a weird one for me. I was equal parts cringing and grinning with joy.

Jessica Jones: AKA Sole Survivor

"There is dirt everywhere. You just have to know where to look."

The theme of this episode, as indicated by the quote above, is dirt.

The X-Files: Familiar

Case: A vicious animal attack on a young boy.

Destination: Eastwood, Connecticut

Mulder: “I did not see that coming.”

Take a parent's worst nightmare, add a creepy clown and you have your standard X-Files episode.

Deadwood: Deadwood

"Goddammit, Swearengen, I don't trust you as far as I could th'ow you, but I enjoy the way you lie.”

As the cunningly apt tagline says, Deadwood is “A hell of a place to make your fortune”. It’s also one hell of a show. Coming from noted insane genius David Milch, Deadwood was perhaps a little too ambitious for its own good: a ruthless Western populated by powerfully written characters who spoke in dialogue that sounded like Shakespeare run through a pig farm.

The Walking Dead: Dead or Alive Or

"He was helping a stranger. In the middle of all this, he was helping a stranger."

Not quite as interesting as last week, although the plot is at least moving forward.