The Dark Tower

This is dangerous ground for me, dear reader. What I want to write is a review. What I risk doing is a rewrite of what's unfortunately a lackluster addition to the King body of films, barely rescued by three fantastic actors and some echoes of a truly fantastic series of novels. But I'll control myself and delve into my thoughts about the latest entry in the mythos.

Star Trek The Next Generation: I Borg

“Resistance… is not futile?”

After nearly two seasons of waiting, the Borg are back in a much more intimate story than would be expected from the series' biggest threat.

Game of Thrones: Eastwatch

We both want to help people. We can only help them from a position of strength. Sometimes strength is terrible. 

In the aftermath of Daenerys' attack on the Lannister army, both Tyrion and Jaime find themselves trying to find ways to work together as the Army of the Dead marches upon Eastwatch.

Lucifer: Pops

First, everyone appreciate the picture of Lucifer in a green restaurant T-Shirt. Take a moment. Did you take a moment? Okay, continue.

Midnight, Texas: Sexy Beast

"I'm looking for a hot blonde."
"Yeah, who isn't, buddy?"

I won't say that Midnight, Texas has incredibly stellar dialogue. But it's things like this that make me chuckle just a little bit while watching it.

Twin Peaks: The Return, Part Fourteen

“I just thought you should know this. It’s gonna sound strange.”

Hey, everyone! Things are finally happening on Twin Peaks!

The X-Files: Daemonicus

Case: People are being murdered in unusual, possibly satanic ways

Destination: Weston, West Virginia; Washington, D.C.

Scully: “Science, however, tells us that evil comes not from monsters, but from men. It offers us the methodology to catch these men. And only after we have exhausted these methods should we leave science behind to consider more extreme possibilities.”

Lucifer: A Priest Walks Into a Bar

"A Priest Walks Into a Bar" sounds like the start to a really bad joke. Or the start of some deep, philosophical discussion. The latter is especially true when a priest walks into the Devil's bar.

Discussion: Favorite Twitter Feed

Good morning!

As you might expect, my Twitter feed is mostly television and celebrity related with a dose of liberal politics, but I'm also interested in art and architecture. Awhile back, someone I follow retweeted an absolutely gorgeous photograph of a building, so I started following the poster, a Twitter feed that is called, quite simply, Architecture (@archpics). Some of the photos they tweet give me a lovely little respite from the news of the day.

Here are a few more:

Lucifer: Et Tu, Doctor?

When we last left Lucifer, he had just burned his wings in a rather spectacular fashion. Where is the Devil supposed to go from there? What does the Devil do once he finally renounces his throne once and for all? Besides solve murders, of course.