Comic Con 2014

San Diego Comic Con is the biggest convention of its kind in the world. 130,000 nerds converge on the San Diego Convention Center for four days of solid geeking out. This year, Mark Greig and I were two of that 130,000.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Nagus

The Nagus, one of the oldest Ferengi we've seen.
Quark: "I didn't think you had the lobes."

A satisfying Quark episode gives us a glimpse into the wider effects of the presence of the wormhole on the Alpha Quadrant.

Twin Peaks: The Black Widow

“Living a life of deep harmony and joy. Or something like that.”

Back in “Dispute Between Brothers,” Special Agent Dale Cooper expressed his desire to relocate to Twin Peaks. As his current professional difficulties have left him at liberty, Twin Peaks decides to take a detour into the realm of house-hunting. Dead Dog Farm: “It’s worse than it sounds.”

Star Trek Voyager: Investigations

"Well, I'm going to have plenty of material for tomorrow's Briefing with Neelix."

Neelix decides, in his self-appointed position as morale officer, to start a daily news show for the ship, but finds himself distracted by an unexpected departure and some small-scale espionage.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Move Along Home

Quark and the Wadi face off.
Sisko: First contact is not what it used to be.

A game-obsessed alien race from the Gamma Quadrant brings new meaning to exploring strange new worlds.

Buffy: Forever

[Rewatch discussion is happening in the comments at the bottom of this review.]

Angel: "I can stay in town as long as you want me."
Buffy: "How's forever? Does forever work for you?"

Angel: Disharmony

[Rewatch discussion is happening in the comments at the bottom of this review.]

Harmony: "We always said we were going to do something cool with our lives. Now look at us. You're an office manager, and I'm dead."

Teen Wolf: I.E.D.

“There has to be more.”

This season is really playing to Teen Wolf’s angsty strengths. Maybe it’s the injection of these new freshmen who are really pushing the teenage rebel bar, or the fact that the show seems really grounded by high school events, but I think it works incredibly well, especially since this is a show about kids being thrust into a crazy situation.

The Musketeers: The Exiles

“Decapitating one’s mother is rarely popular with the people, Sire. It always looks a touch ungrateful.”

The plot this week was a tad contrived if we’re being honest. An unknown twin, deformed since birth, has been hidden away. Luckily, he found a beautiful woman who fell in love with him and they produced a son and heir — the true King of France. Contrived, but it worked.

True Blood: Karma

"Well, hell. He was a bona fide vampire god six months ago."

One thing about True Blood that I've often complained about is a lack of focus on the main characters. Not this season. It's all about our main characters resolving their issues, and that is definitely working for me.