Star Trek The Next Generation: Final Mission

Picard: "Oh, I envy you, Wesley Crusher. You're just at the beginning of the adventure."

This was a flawed episode.

Star Trek Beyond

"This is where the frontier pushes back."

Star Trek Beyond is an enjoyable movie, touting the Federation virtues of unity and diversity, motorcycles and rock music. It was more mature than the first two movies, a bit more focused on a consistent story, even though that story wasn't exactly new.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Profit and Loss

"Your hands are shaking. So, how well does this woman know you? Just enough to dislike you, or well enough to really hate you?"

Armin Shimerman shines in this fun romance as a Cardassian dissenter arrives on the station – and turns out to be Quark's ex-girlfriend, creating a framework that lets us explore the question of whether Ferengi really can love–and in the process, let us learn a little more about our friend Garak.

Farscape: Season of Death

"Unity, Aeryn. The sharing of minds and souls."

Mr. Robot:

"How long are you gonna keep us in this analogue nightmare?"

The X-Files: X-Cops

Case: A woman reports a monster that is terrorising her neighbourhood to the police.

Destination: Los Angeles

"Mulder, have you noticed we're on television?"

Lucifer: Pilot

"I can't read people's minds. I'm not a Jedi. People just like to tell me things."

The Devil is here, and he looks rather a lot like Gary from Miranda.

Happy Valley: Episode #2.2

"We all know you're not a killer."

Two funerals, a murder and Clare falls off the wagon. In short, another very packed episode of Happy Valley.

Preacher: El Valero


This show is so beautifully crazy. I love it. It's just my cup of tea.