Scandal: Like Father, Like Daughter

I know you're very busy, sir, but it's vital I show you
these pictures of me and Olivia on vacation.
"Every girl is someone's daughter."

It was a mixed bag of an episode.

Scandal: Inside the Bubble

I'll take the coffee, but if it's not soy, I'm having you killed.
"Everything is colder."

To quote myself from later in this review, "Well, it could've been worse."

Doctor Who: Flatline

Al: "Are we really hiding from killer graffiti?"

When I first saw that bald, bearded bloke vanish into the border, I sighed loudly and braced myself for the worst. Was 'Flatline' destined to become this season's 'Fear Her'? Then the quality of the CGI picked up dramatically, and the whole episode was transformed into a classic Russell T. Davies-style romp to the end. Thank goodness for the inaccuracy of first impressions.

Doux News: October 19, 2014

This week: Assorted movie news -- It's the end of bundled cable TV as we know it -- Renewals, cancellations, and other stuff -- This week in casts -- This week in cats

Vampire Diaries: Welcome to Paradise

“I have my own way I like them to die.”

Between watching this episode late Thursday night and writing this review on Saturday morning, I forgot almost everything that happened. That does not bode well for this new, tamer Vampire Diaries, and I’m starting to feel less optimistic about this season’s potential.

Continuum: Second Opinion

"You have an onboard shink? What did you do?"

Who knew an episode about forced psychotherapy could be so touching?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Face My Enemy

"Laser grids. Why does it always have to be laser grids?"

I loved this episode. If I ever compile a list of my favourite episodes of season two, I'm confident this will make the top five.

Arrow: Sara

"I don't want to die down here."

Well, if she wasn't dead before, she certainly is now.

The Flash: Fastest Man Alive

"We were all struck by that lightning." -Barry Allen

This series is certainly starting with a bang. A lot of things are happening in this episode, all at once–both plot and character development. We’re starting to see more of Barry’s past, for example. We’re seeing more of his relationship and past with Iris and Joe. We’re seeing how his work for STAR Labs, his work for the police force, and his private need to be a hero–and save his father, if not his mother–are coming into conflict. And those pesky metahumans are starting to come out of the woodwork.

Person of Interest: Brotherhood

"We're gonna play hide and seek. Don't worry, I'm really good at this game."

Person of Interest has done the kid thing before a few times with mixed results. How did they fare this time?