About this Joss Whedon thing

This site, Doux Reviews, is here because of Joss Whedon. I felt compelled to start reviewing television shows because of my obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show that Whedon created. Right now, the internet is buzzing with reaction to a letter written by Whedon's ex-wife stating that he cheated on her during their marriage, causing her tremendous stress, and that because of this, Whedon isn't a feminist. (No link from me. It's everywhere. Feel free to Google.)

Lucifer: Take Me Back to Hell

We're finally here: the season finale of this bizarre cop procedural with a divine twist. Is this show a guilty pleasure? It feels like it should be.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

"The dragons are my children."

A substantial proportion of the remaining major characters go - guess where? - in search of an ice zombie to kidnap.

The Defenders: Worst Behavior

"Who? Who?"
"My child, you are everything."

I've been thinking about why The Defenders is such a great watching experience and here is my rather simple take on it: it's a gigantic crossover event. While there have been many awesome crossovers in the past, we are talking here about an entire season of different shows coming together into one single story. It's incredibly satisfying to see all four smaller universes aligning in moments like Misty meeting Jessica in the previous episode or Claire rolling her eyes when she realizes the glowy-fist guy Luke fought is no one other than Danny.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Next Phase

"Are you saying I'm some sort of blind ghost with clothes?!"

Geordi and Ro find themselves inadvertently haunting the ship after they are apparently killed in a transporter accident.

The Defenders: Mean Right Hook

"We’re not alone in this.”

The disparate storytelling of ‘The H Word’ continues into most of ‘Mean Right Hook’, with the stories of the core four continuing to play out in their own respective worlds. But while the preceding episode focused mainly on their own lives and what they’ve being doing since we last saw them, here we see them following different trails of breadcrumbs that all appear to be leading to the same thing. While the action is still pretty light at this point, the meeting of worlds is a lot more noticeable in this episode, as we watch each Defender get one step closer to uncovering the Hand’s mysterious plot, and one step closer to each other. Although, there’s still a sense that certain characters aren’t hugely important yet.

Lucifer: #TeamLucifer

It only took us 12 episodes, but we got a case centering around devil worship and Satanists. You knew that they had to do it eventually. The set up for it is just too good.

Farscape: John Quixote

And now, on Farscape…

It’s another trippy episode where strange circumstances force Crichton to face his fears.

Preacher: Puzzle Piece

"I hear you've been looking for God, preacher. Perhaps I can help."

Though still reveling in vagueness, Preacher does manage to pick up steam in this episode. They try to be wildly, aesthetically unique every week, but they really went big here.

The Defenders: The H Word

"Do not say the H word. I've got enough of a headache as it is."

A good premiere, in an introductory sort of way.