The X-Files: Hollywood A.D.

Case: Mulder and Scully have a Da Vinci Code-esque adventure in and around DC.

Destination: La La Land

Federman: "I like the way you guys work. No warrants, no permission, no research. You're like studio executives, with guns."

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I really struggled with this review. Mostly because of JK Rowling’s #KeeptheSecrets initiative, designed to keep people who want to see the play but haven’t away from spoilers. So, what I’ve decided is this. In keeping with #KeeptheSecrets, the first bit is very general and totally spoiler-free. Then comes the spoiler kitten. After that, anything goes. We good, JK?

Vampire Diaries: Detoured on Some Backwoods Path to Hell

“Get the kids out of the car seats. Let’s go summon the devil.”

The two magical twins are adorable little McGuffins this week, as everyone—including the police—scrambles to find them before the Sirens can feed them to Cade in exchange for freedom.

This Week in Cats: December 4, 2016

Check out that little cat. He doesn't need a sword!
The Doux Reviews virtual writers room is a hoppin' place. We make schedules, figure out who is willing to tackle Game of Thrones, and talk about cats. So it is no surprise that a few of us watched the documentary The Lion in Your Living Room, a Canadian documentary about cats that is now streaming on Netflix. And it's even less of a surprise that all three of us who are willing to cop to watching it--me, Heather, and Billie--absolutely loved it.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Deals with Our Devils

“Do we look that stupid on comms?”

This was a fun little episode. Which sounds a little cruel since it was all about death closing in on Coulson, Fitz, and Robbie.

Rectify: Physics

"You say your prayers, you'll be all right."

This one was a little bit quieter than last week's exceptional episode. But I am still enjoying this end-of-the-series direction toward brutal honesty, come what may, as well as the strong hints that the twenty-year-old murder mystery will finally be solved and resolved.

Legends of Tomorrow: Invasion!

“No offense Oliver, but you and what army?”

Here we are. The final installment of our first (but probably not last) four part mega crossover event. How did it fare?

Supernatural: Rock Never Dies

"We're not winning. We're just losing slow."


Rome: An Owl in a Thornbush

“Caesar has crossed the Rubicon. He’s on Italian soil under arms. It’s an act of gross treason. With a single legion, if you please – so not merely treason, but suicidal treason.”

This episode is full of tension, as Julius Caesar marches with his single legion on Rome. It opens with Caesar's niece Atia whipping her slave Castor to vent her frustration, because she assumes that Caesar cannot possibly take Rome, and that she and her children will suffer as a result. Pompey can’t comprehend what Caesar is doing and is preparing his legions with the expectation of crushing his old friend. Even Caesar and Mark Antony have doubts – but they march anyway.

Arrow: Invasion!

Thea: "It's real enough. It's better than our real lives."

One hundred episodes ago I sat down to write the review for the pilot of Arrow. The series started in the shadow of Smallville which had ended only a year before, which also had a much more charming (at the time) version of Green Arrow that had been recast for reasons that didn't seem to make much sense. This was a show standing alone, without the long mythology of a very long running series to back it up. Could it survive a hundred episodes without that exhaustive DC comics related history? Of course the answer is pretty obvious now, but in retrospect there was no way to know we'd be here: in the middle of a four series crossover.