Gotham: Burn The Witch

With Gotham returning to our screen after what I'd label a "controversial" premiere it delivers an episode with some nice moments which still fails to hit all the right notes.

Fear the Walking Dead: Date of Death

The good news is that this was another fine episode. The bad news is that it was centered on the two characters I like the least.

Supergirl: Worlds Finest

"This is going to be fun."

What a delightful episode, and the beginning of a beautiful friendship (or a series of cross network crossovers). While I do have a few very minor quibbles, this was about as good as I hoped it would be.

The X-Files: First Person Shooter

Case: Gamers are dying inside a video game.

Destination: San Bernadino, CA.

'First Person Shooter' might be the worst episode of this entire series. All 202 episodes of it. Does that mean, then, that it doesn't deserve a proper recap? Oh, on the contrary, it deserves everything I'm going to thoughtfully lay out here in this review.

Gotham: Viper

A solid and well-executed installment which may be Gotham's first really good showing.

iZombie: Max Wager

“You gotta like those odds.”

‘Max Wager’ cleverly ties multiple investigations into an important chapter in one of this season’s biggest plots, a plot that just happens to involve a number of key characters in Liv’s life. Things are about to get really complicated.

Supergirl: Manhunter

"What was once a symbol of hope is now a symbol of fear."

The army breaks apart our team for questioning after Kara's Red Kryptonite experience continues to cause repercussions. It might be up to Lucy to save them all.

Mr. Robot: eps2.8_h1dden-pr0cess.axx

"Politics is for puppets."

Ohhh, 'twas another nitty gritty episode, h1dden-pr0cess was. This time on Mr. Robot, someone gets kissed and someone gets killed.

Supergirl: Falling

“Everybody knows real people have a dark side.”

An encounter with synthetic Kryptonite brings out some interesting facets of Kara’s personality.

Peaky Blinders: Episode #1.3

"If you want to be part of my organization, you have to make sacrifices."

And, we're off to the races. No, really, we are actually off to the races -- Cheltenham Races!