The X-Files: Deadalive

Case: Redacted to avoid spoilers on the front page. It involves digging up bodies.

Destination: Washington, D.C.

The Crown: Pride & Joy

“I am aware that I am surrounded by people who think they can do the job better.”


Queen Elizabeth makes her tour of the Commonwealth, with Philip at her side, or rather, a few paces behind her. In her absence Princess Margaret fills in while the Queen Mother goes to Scotland and buys herself a run-down castle for a hundred quid.

The 100: Praimfaya

"The time of the commanders is past. The time of the flame is past. This is your time."

That was good TV.

Gotham: All Will Be Judged

Gotham is building to a climax, but that really doesn't make this standalone installment any better.

iZombie: Eat a Knievel

“I’ve seen the future, and the future is brains.”

There’s a moment early on in ‘Eat a Knievel’ when the season’s biggest plot takes a bit of a U-turn. It’s a twist that calls a lot into question, but it’s also brought with it a few exciting possibilities.

Twin Peaks: The Return: Part Three

There's something inherently futile about reviewing ongoing serialized television.

Prison Break: Progeny

"I'll always be a step ahead of you."

Fathers and sons. And reveals. And a cliffhanger.

Sense8: Polyphony

“Art needs a bit of a mystery. Something that resists us.”

Sense8 has several parallel stories taking place and it’s hard to evaluate one episode as a whole when the quality varies so much from one story to another. Some of them are great (Sun’s), some are okay but nothing special (Lito’s) and some vary from great to eye-rolling (Capheus’). Consider that some of the arcs are just beginning (Capheus as a leader), some are nothing but build-up so far (Kala’s family) and others are ending (Sun leaving prison in the previous episode), and we are left with an episode that goes through a lot of dissimilar tones.

Supergirl: Nevertheless, She Persisted

They brought out the big guns. In fact, this season finale was like a DC pocket version of The Avengers.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Masterpiece Society

Hannah Bates: “Would you ever choose to live aboard a ship in a bottle, Captain?”

Does interfering in the lives/societies of others ever do any good?