Doctor Who: Warrior's Gate

"You were the noblest Romana of them all."

The Fourth Doctor's end is almost at hand, but before we say goodbye to Tom, it's time to bid a sad farewell to Romana.

The 100: Contents Under Pressure

"No more secrets."

Isn't it interesting that the stories both above and below demonstrated how different it could be when women are in charge instead of men?

Game of Thrones: The Gift

"We march to victory or we march to defeat but we go forward. Only forward."

It seems to me that last week's title, 'Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" would be far better applied to this week's episode, in which half the cast have been imprisoned against their will.

The X-Files: Post-Modern Prometheus

Case: A woman has become pregnant in a similar peculiar fashion to the way she did eighteen years ago.

Destination: A small town in Indiana

In some ways, you could contain a review of ‘Post-Modern Prometheus’ in one sentence: “Somewhere in the land, a monster lurked –“ and, at the end of said monster story, is the greatest single frame in all of the show’s history of Mulder and Scully, with which to remember this show by.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Emissary

K’Ehleyr: “Whoever said getting there was half the fun never rode in a class A probe.”

We get a Worf-centric episode that finally doesn't have too many story lines crammed into it.

Daredevil: World on Fire

The hero we deserve.
"God! Feels like a place in a movie where you'd buy a clone... or maybe a robot baby. Or the clone of a robot baby."

This episode got me thinking about who is the real saviour of Hell’s Kitchen? Is it Matthew Murdock, blind lawyer turned vigilante? Or is it Wilson Fisk, reclusive crime boss/art aficionado? The answer is neither of them. The real saviour of Hell’s Kitchen, and the true hero of this series, is Franklin P. "Foggy" Nelson, lawyer by day, lawyer by night, and adorable human being 24/7.

Wayward Pines: Do Not Discuss Your Life Before

"Don't try to leave, Mr. Burke. That's rule number one."

This was a frustrating episode.

The 100: His Sister's Keeper

"My life ended the day that you were born."

This was a difficult episode for me to watch. Not because it was bad. Okay, it was bad, but not unwatchably bad. No, the reason I had such difficulty watching this episode was because of the directors excessive, and I mean EXCESSIVE, use of lens flare during the flashback scenes. Seriously, what was with all the lens flares? There was one every two seconds. Even J.J. Abrams isn't that bad.

Doctor Who: State of Decay

"Then die... that is the purpose of guards."

I'm surprised it has taken the show this long to get around to the pitting the Doctor against vampires. They're probably the most iconic horror monster of them all.

iZombie: Mr. Berserk

“If my problems are too big to forget, if the task at hand isn’t consuming enough, I just consume something else.”

Opting not to drop any of the momentum after last week’s dramatic ending, ‘Mr Berserk’ was a terrific combination of the best of the stand-alone cases we’ve seen so far, as well as one of the more important pieces in the zombie “mythology” that’s slowly starting to unravel.