Vampire Diaries: Because

“If I take this, everything changes.”

I’m going to go out on a limb—it’s scary up here!—and say this episode is about love, in all its messy splendor. Damon and Elena, Stefan and Caroline, Mama Salvatore and Damon. And Enzo. And her new “family.” Love may keep us together, but it also tears us apart.

The Americans: March 8, 1983

... in which Elizabeth and Paige take a trip, Stan tries to play his trump card, and Philip struggles to reconcile his conscience with his work.

This season goes out in surprisingly quiet fashion, but still strong thematically, as it continues to reflect on the cumulative weight of the difficult things the spy game asks of its players.

The Flash: Who Is Harrison Wells

"You're not a kid anymore. You're a scientist. Hell, you're The Flash."

The Flash faces what is probably one of his most dangerous metahumans yet: Everyman, a copycat humaniform shapeshifter. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is on a mission to discover two things: the true identity of Harrison Wells, and the depth of their loyalty to the person who's worked with them for years.

Person of Interest: Terra Incognita

“Will you stay with me? Just for a little bit.”

After a string of episodes I think I can safely term a quick succession of busy nothings, Person of Interest changes its tone radically for a sweet, sad, and incredibly moving episode that ranks among the series’ best. And that is almost entirely down to the acting.

Arrow: The Fallen

"So that happened."

I'm starting to feel sad. Although my sadness has nothing to do with any big tragedy in the series. I've come to the rather unfortunate conclusion that the writers don't understand the difference between plot driven stories and character driven stories, when this show screams to be character driven.

Supernatural: The Werther Project

"What's in the basement, Suzie?"

What's in the box? Yes, it's another really creepy book. Lots of quests for books lately, sort of like the tablets.

The Originals: When the Levee Breaks

"Under normal circumstances, the annihilation of our father would be quite commendable, Niklaus. Unfortunately, we have a greater threat to contend with."

Just another manic Monday for the Mikaelson clan. How have they not all suffered catastrophic mental breakdowns by now? I guess Elijah sort of did after the red door opened, but that almost doesn't even count.

Continuum: Second Last

Alec: "Staring at it won't make time travel arrive any faster."

Emily, whose real name is Mia Heartwell, was the heart of this episode.

Once Upon a Time: Sympathy for the De Vil

“People always underestimate a girl in diamonds and furs, don’t they?”

It’s been apparent for a while the Once Upon a Time has been playing by a certain set of rules. It never really crosses certain boundaries even when it hints heavily that it will. ‘Sympathy for the De Vil’ surprised me even more so than last week when it changed all that and took an oddly disturbing turn.

Outlander: The Devil's Mark

“I trust you. I trust your word, your heart. And, I trust there is a truth between us.”

Outlander is a show that is genre-busting. It has drama and comedy; romance and adventure; heroes and villains. It is a romance. This week, it added legal procedural to the mix. It worked. Wow, did it work.