The X-Files: Leonard Betts

Case: An EMT thought to be killed in an ambulance accident actually has the power to regenerate.
Destination: Pittsburgh, PA

Are you familiar with an XF writer named John Gillnitz? He’s credited for writing some memorable episodes of the series. The name also shows up connected to a character in each episode written by Gillntiz. Is this interesting at all? Well, John Gillnitz is actually John Shiban, Vince Gilligan and Frank Spotinitz. (Oh, writers.) Why is this significant in ‘Leonard Betts’? Because when it comes to Scully’s cancer, it's all hands on deck.

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2015

The Guild awards keep coming. Tonight, it was the turn of the Screen Actors. Exactly as the producers did last night and the directors and writers will do in the weeks to come, the actors awarded themselves. Showing a severe lack of imagination, the award is called "The Actor."

Star Trek The Next Generation: Elementary, Dear Data

"I do not want to die."

Geordi finds watching Data recite Sherlock Holmes solutions on the holodeck a bit boring, but his attempt to spice things up has unexpected consequences.

Doux News: January 25, 2015

This week: The X-Files Returns? -- Musings about Sleepy Hollow -- This week in casts -- This week in CATS indexes

Producers Guild Awards 2015

Awards season continues apace as the various Guilds hand out awards to each other. Tonight, the Producers kicked off the guilds by awarding prizes to producers of both cinema and television. What is most interesting about tonight is that the award for best picture is different from the Golden Globe winner. No clear Oscar winner yet.

Vampire Diaries: Woke Up with a Monster

“Let me guess. Jeremy’s holding a crossbow.”

TV Storytelling 101 tells us that the opening shot should establish the episode’s major problem: just think of all those eye-opening scenes on Lost that indicated whose p.o.v. would be featured. This episode began with a shot of Elena opening her eyes to Kai, backlit by fire. He’s honing his new magic by cloaking everything in sight and torturing Elena. But why?

Arrow: Left Behind

Felicity: "We really need to change the locks."

There was a clearly defined sense of disillusionment, grief, and emotional freefall in this episode. No one seemed to know what they wanted.

Castle: Private Eye Caramba!

“Where I come from, it’s rude to point a gun at a man.”

Last week was all about the new private investigator competing with his compatriots at the 12th. This week, there were two cases, worked in parallel. One was a murder; the other was a missing purse. Guess which one Castle worked on.

Justified: Fate's Right Hand

"I couldn't trust him any more."

I was hoping that they'd go for broke in Justified's final season. Perhaps I should be more careful what I wish for.

The Originals: Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire

"And for that, you will all pay."

...We're baaaaaaack. And ladies and gentlemen, we have a new big bad.