Star Trek The Next Generation: The Outrageous Okona

I was raised to be charming, not sincere.
"Captain's log, Stardate 42402.7. We are traveling in the Omega Sagitta system traversing between twin planets that form the Coalition of Madena. Both worlds are populated by a humanoid race which colonised the planets two centuries ago, and which now co-exist under a precarious but successful treaty."

'The Outrageous Okona' is TNG's attempt to do a bedroom farce, which is just as horrendous as it sounds. It is also the episode where Data tried to be a stand-up comic. So be afraid, be very afraid.

The Wire: Hamsterdam

“This is the world we've got, people and it's about time all of us had the good sense to at least admit that much.” - Colvin

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel like a rat in a maze or maybe more appropriately here a hamster on the wheel. Because this episode is full of folks on that wheel, running hard and getting nowhere, only the thing is that some of them are aware of it and some not so much. The title of the episode captures this perfectly, “Hamsterdam.”

The Americans: EST Men

... in which missions go horribly awry, and the Center’s desire to recruit Paige continues to cause tension between Elizabeth and Philip.

Justified: Cash Game

"Could you ask him to bring back my car?"

The land deal crap is confusing me. So I'm going to talk about Ava first.

Agent Carter: The Blitzkrieg Button

“Is that pistol an automatic? I want that!”

This week Howard Stark returned to New York, Dottie's true nature was revealed, and Stan Lee finally made a cameo appearance. Excelsior!

Arrow: Midnight City

Ray: "See, that's why I need a technosuit."

What do you do when you depend on someone, and they are suddenly, irrevocably gone? That was the question explored in this episode, and I thought it was done rather well.

Supernatural: There's No Place Like Home

"You know what I learned about being dark? It sets you free."

Not to overuse the word "dark", but this one was several shades in-the-shadier than Charlie episodes usually are.

The Flash: The Sound and the Fury

“Hartley Rathaway is the prodigal son… and he has returned.”

The Pied Piper draws a net around the Flash team, gunning in particular for Harrison Wells... who remains as mysterious as ever, and possibly even more confusing.

The Originals: Brotherhood of the Damned

"Family are not just the people who coddle you and grant you your every whim. They are people who fight for you. Who you fight for."

What is family? In the ever turbulent world of The Originals the definition seems to be highly mutable. This week everyone was doing their best to avenge, lead or protect the ones they hold dear. As well as define just who makes the cut.

Sleepy Hollow: Kali Yuga

"Clearly our signals are crossed. Another failure of communication to add to our list."

Do you know what I didn't want? Backstory on a character I don't like. However, they just gave me hope that they're addressing my season two issues with Sleepy Hollow. That's good news.