Once Upon a Time: The Apprentice

“I don’t pillage and plunder on the first date, just so you know.”

What annoyed me most about this one was how circumstantial all the planning was. Looking back though I think that’s something that’s always plagued Once.

Vampire Diaries: Black Hole Sun

“Why do you think we’re stuck on a repeating loop?”

Okay, sure, I cheated. That quote—from bratty psychopath Kai—really ends with a reference to May 10, 1994, the day in which Damon and Bonnie are stuck. But it is the question of the episode, and possibly the entire season so far. What will TVD do to get us out of these perpetual cycle of misery?

Arrow: Corto Maltese

"What's with your family and islands?"

I think the B plot involving Diggle doing a favor for Lyla was a mistake. It wasn't awful, but when the Thea plot was so important, it took far too much time to resolve.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Hen in the Wolf House

"We have a mole, ladies and gentlemen."

All, and I do mean all, the various arc plots came crashing together this week, resulting in another awesome episode of what is shaping up to be a stellar season.

Person of Interest: Prophets

"Sometimes it's better not to know. But not always."


The Originals: Every Mother's Son

"Every story needs a wicked witch. It'll be all the more satisfying when we melt her."

This show does tea parties and family dinners better than I could've thought possible. Did anyone even eat? And why didn't I see anything cajun? They're in New Orleans for crying out loud.

Supernatural: Soul Survivor

"That line that we thought was so clear between us and the things that we hunted ain't so clear, is it?"

And it's a big old game of bunker Hide 'n Seek.

The Flash: Things You Can’t Outrun

“The hardest thing you’re going to have to face is not some monster out there with powers. It’s gonna be that feeling of uselessness when you can’t do anything."

This is an episode about that feeling of uselessness, and what made our characters what they are today. We’re confronted with a universal truth: history repeats. It's how we deal with it which changes.

Sleepy Hollow: The Weeping Lady

Ichabod: "Katrina sent a bird bearing a message for me."
Abbie: "I'm assuming that's not some Colonial euphemism?"

Ichabod Crane, Colonial heartbreaker.

The Walking Dead: Strangers

Gabriel: “Nowadays people are just as dangerous as the dead, don’t you think?”
Daryl: “No, they’re worse.”

This episode gave our group and us a breather. After the death and destruction at Terminus our group reforms and they give each other and themselves a fresh start.