Person of Interest: The Cold War

“Samaritan says hello.”

With everything else on hiatus, Person of Interest kicks off its bizarrely timed ‘Winter Event’ with Root in a bear costume. This is a very serious show, I swear.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Bilbo Baggins: "One day I'll remember. Remember everything that happened: the good, the bad, those who survived... and those that did not."

How can something so impressive leave me feeling underwhelmed? I wanted to like this movie a whole lot more, but I'm mostly just mildly disappointed.

Castle: Kill Switch

“Well, it’s not every day you come across someone who makes a suicide bomber look like the good guy.”

Now that Caskett are back from their honeymoon, the writers chose to shine the spotlight on another character. Javier Esposito is worth spending time with.

Castle: Meme is Murder

“You know the problem with anonymity? There is no accountability. It empowers cowards to become bullies.”

Beckett and I are of one mind when it comes to internet anonymity, a fact of modern life that could have made for a wonderful episode of television. Unfortunately, the writers chose a story that has been told and tried to get us excited about technology that’s been around for a while.

Doctor Who: Nightmare of Eden

Peter Capaldi isn't going to face this lot any time soon
"Oh... my fingers... my arms... my legs... ah... my everything... aaargh!"

'Nightmare of Eden' has all of this era's weaknesses and hardly any of its strengths.

Castle: Child's Play

“So, basically, we’re looking for someone who won’t intimidate them. An adult presence in the classroom that eight-year-olds will view as a peer, someone that they can consider one of their own?"

Being the man-child that he is, it was only a matter of time before Castle went undercover in a school. I didn’t expect it to be second grade, however.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Conspiracy

“It’s about Starfleet. About something we’d always considered to be impossible."

The conspiracy Admiral Quinn warned our crew about during "Coming of Age" comes of age, and Picard and his command crew are the last line of defense.

The Fall: Dark Descent

“No one knows what’s going on in someone else’s mind. And life would be intolerable if we did.”

The first three and a half minutes of 'Dark Descent', before the series name burns onto the screen, are stark and matter-of-fact. There isn’t any dialogue, there's no score, just incidental sounds. Two different people, a man and a woman, a window into their lives, almost mundane, juxtaposed. It's simple, like the inside of a spiral, tight and compact.

The X-Files: Terma

Case: Still the mysterious Case of the Black Oil and the Russian Gulag

Destination: Somewhere near Tunguska, Russia; Washington DC; various other places.

"What is the question?"

House of Cards: Episode Eighteen

“In Gaffney, we had our own brand of diplomacy: shake with your right hand, but hold a rock in your left.”

Much in the way that Frank’s ancestor died, this episode was designed to hit us over the head with a metaphoric rock. Unfortunately, it all got lost in a story that I struggle to follow or to see where it is headed.