Doctor Who: Planet of Fire

"The worst place in the universe: English public school on Earth."

As Peter Davison's penultimate adventure, 'Planet of Fire' has to write out two companions, introduce another and seemingly kill off the Master for good. But all anyone remembers is Peri's bikini.

Gilmore Girls: Seasons One & Two

“My mother and I are freakishly linked.”

Welcome to Stars Hollow, a tiny Connecticut hamlet. It’s Cheers meets Wonderland, with more wackadoo and less beer. It’s also the home of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, your two new best friends.

Mr. Robot: eps2.3_logic-b0mb.hc

"A logic bomb explodes either at a set time or when a specific condition is met."

This episode really turned up the heat. Say what you will about Sam Esmail's style over substance, but this whole season is on fire.

Happy Valley: Episode #2.6

"What a shit week!"

Happy Valley finishes off its second season with all the brutal, no-nonsense panache that's become the series' trademark.

Supergirl: Human for a Day

“You don't even need powers to be a hero.”

This is my favorite episode of season one and not just because we finally find out what Hank has been hiding.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Maquis, Pt. 1

"If there's an emergency, I guess you're out of luck."

When a Cardassian ship is destroyed right next to the docking pylons of Deep Space Nine, Sisko and his crew – and even Quark – are drawn into a web of intrigue and interspecies skulduggery which result in his teaming up with Gul Dukat to find the truth.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Devil's Due

"It's just a standard contract with an unusually long term."

Well, it could have been worse. We did get to see Picard in his jammies.

Doctor Who: Frontios

"I got this one cheap because the walk's not quite right. And then there's the accent..."

Oh great, someone let Chris Bidmead back into the Doctor Who production office.