The X-Files: Jump the Shark

“Once upon a time there were, how shall I say this, three geeks. Three more unlikely heroes there never were.”

The Lone Gunmen were always favourite extras of mine. I know that this episode is not a fan favourite but I was glad they got some kind of a send off.

Arrow: Promises Kept

"I'm just trying to make it through the day."

Slade promised his son that he would be there for him.  Diggle promised Oliver and the rest of the team that he would protect Star City.  This episode may be entitled "Promises Kept", but it is more about the promises that were and may yet be broken.

The Punisher: 3 AM

"The only person you're punishing is yourself."

Frank Castle is a broken, haunted man. He's traveled a long way and gone to extremes to avenge his family, but that's done now.

Supernatural: Tombstone

"The dead are rising in Dodge City, Kansas."

I wanted hugs. I got hugs.

Mr. Robot:

"Kill-process: When an unwanted process is running and you need to terminate it. I need to kill Stage 2 before it kills anyone else."

We have another race against time. As if last episode wasn't intense enough. Stage 2 has begun.

Gotham: Let Them Eat Pie

Pigs eat people. People eat people. In other words, just your average Gotham episode with the level of gore cranked up from merely hysterical to positively disturbing, but hey, we get a musical number, so it's not all bad.

Legends of Tomorrow: Return of the Mack

"All right. Who brought their phone?"

Ladies and gentlemen, the season long plot has arrived.

And Legends has knocked it out of the park again, but in a completely different way.

The Gifted: eXtreme measures

Oh, what to say? What to say? Each review for this show is getting harder and harder to write, I'm not going to lie.

Lucifer: Off the Record

"You forgave the Devil! Why can't you forgive me?"

At some point in every show's life, you get an episode that follows some random character that we've never seen before and will never see again. Doctor Who did this a lot, and the quality could range from "Blink" to... "Love and Monsters."

The X-Files: Scary Monsters

Case: A woman has died from 16 stab wounds, apparently self-inflicted, but her son is convinced a monster killed her.

Destination: Fairhope, Pennsylvania

"I made this."