Continuum: Zero Hour

"Every star in the universe burns out eventually. Darkness always conquers light."

There were many mentions of light and shadow in this episode, and lots of outdoor conversations in the brightness of day. Much talk of sliding doors, passing ships, and how can you live your life knowing that every choice you make might affect the future you're trying to change. Is time travel good, or evil? Is it both?

Star Trek The Next Generation: Sins of the Father

All I could think of during this scene was
that I could see up Worf's nostrils.
"Somebody's been rewriting history."

As I've probably mentioned before, I wasn't much into the Klingon episodes back in the day. I'm enjoying them a lot more now, maybe because I'm seeing the series more objectively. This was a really good Klingon episode.

Once Upon a Time: The Dark Swan

“There’s no saviour in this town anymore.”

Another season, another attempt to capitalise on an established Disney brand. Unlike last season’s Frozen takeover, it looks like this one won’t be as all consuming. It also looks like it will bring with it a new variation on the long standing flashback structure, and a few deviations away from Camelot, the backdrop of the moment. Unfortunately, the premiere brought into question the longevity of the series, which is starting to get less feasible in the face of tired plot devices, and a penchant for cheap drama.

Sleepy Hollow: I, Witness

"I can only handle so much change."

Nine months have passed, and our characters have been trying to find themselves. It's a nice parallel that the show is clearly trying to do the same.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Laws of Nature

The hacker formally known as Skye. 
"My name is Daisy, I'm with S.H.I.E.L.D. and we're here for your protection."

O brave new world, that have such Inhumans in it.

Gotham: Knock, Knock

"Very good. Boyishly charming. The laugh is fabulous. Use that."

In this action-packed, frankly awesome episode, we see the fallout from last week's prison escape begin to escalate as the Maniax take Gotham by storm. But who is controlling them? What's the real aim of all this? Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred reach a new stage in their relationship, and possibly become friends as well as Master and servant,

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Offspring

Troi: "Congratulations, Data! It's a girl."

This episode was almost a spiritual sequel to the brilliant second season episode The Measure of a Man, which brought into focus the basic rights of a sentient artificial life form. The Offspring attempted to deal with the applications of those rights, in one of the most fundamental aspects of life: procreation.

Daredevil: Daredevil

"Nelson and Murdock. Avocados at law."

It is very easy to view Daredevil's first season as a superhero origin movie told in 13 parts. One of the big problems with modern superhero films is that they have an annoying tendency to fall apart in the final act, as plot and character development is pushed to the side in order for the hero and villain to smack each other around while some doomsday machine counts down to oblivion. Daredevil, sadly, is no exception. Although there was no doomsday device. I bet they are saving that for The Defenders.

The Fall: Walk the Line

"Once upon a time, this worked for me. You snap the band on your wrist when your thoughts and feelings overwhelm you."

I may need a rubber band on my wrist if The Fall gets any more overwhelming this season because who am I kidding, of course it will. Based on 'Walk the Line', it will gather its own kind of steam, uniquely painstakingly slowly, taking the time to give just the amount of space each breathtaking tense moment or grief-filled ache requires. This is a show where not a single second is not considered a chance to communicate the anguish, the precariousness, the crushing weight of our exacting human nature. And Allan Cubitt, the show's creator, is more confident and relaxed than ever that he can deliver to us this special little series, a watery reflection on remorse.

Fear the Walking Dead: Cobalt

"The man with the blade and the man in the chair, they're not different."

That was intense. I wasn't happy about it, either.