Person of Interest: Skip

“I can’t lose you Harold. Not you and Shaw.”

The week offered us another standard person of interest story. Weekly Shaw replacement shows up, kicks ass, reveals tired backstory, is rescued by Reese. I’m getting really tired of the standalones. It’s been weeks since we got a solid arc-driven episode and I miss them. The only thing that made this episode enjoyable was Root and Finch’s special adventure.

The Walking Dead: Conquer

Rick: “Luck runs out.”

This was a satisfying roller coaster of a season finale and I appreciated that the writers wrapped up some important things while still leaving us with plenty to think about for next season.

The X-Files: Zero Sum

Case: A mail clerk dies from an unusual bee attack.

Location: Vienna, Virginia and Payson, South Carolina.

This much appreciated Skinner-centric episode brought us back to the disease carrying bees we met in 'Herrenvolk'.

Doux News: March 29, 2015

This week: Another Star Trek series? -- Summer goodness: The Walking Dead and Continuum -- Alberta Watson -- This week in casts and a bit of Whedon-related news -- This week in cats

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Love in the Time of HYDRA

Marvel's Agents of H.U.F.F.L.E.P.U.F.F. 
"So that's what this is about; you guys don't want Coulson in charge. I'll be the first to admit the guy's not perfect. Sometimes chews with his mouth open, tends to hog the mic on karaoke night. But other than that, he's not so bad really."

With a title like that you'd think this episode would be all about Bobbi and Hunter, but 'Love in the Time of HYDRA' explored different kinds of love. As well as the tortured romantic love of Huntingbird, there was the parental love that Coulson feels for Skye, the damaged love of Hunter and Bobbi and the misplaced love of Agent 33 for Ward.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Royale

"There's a female voice asking if we want room service."

Thirty-eight years trapped in a bad novel. One hour trapped in a bad Star Trek episode.

Arrow: Suicidal Tendencies

Lyla: "Let's not fight, Johnny. It's our honeymoon."

Well this was both unexpected and a lot of fun. Who knew Deadshot had a soul?

iZombie: Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?

“There were parts of me that were dead even before I became a zombie.”

It’s a risky move to have the protagonist of a series like this change their personality week to week. It’s something that Dollhouse tried before, with mixed results. This episode proved that the series can make these new traits work without making Liv herself inconsequential.

The Americans: Do Mail Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?

... in which Elizabeth and Philip attempt to place a new bug inside the FBI, while Stan and Oleg collaborate again in their effort to help Nina.

Just as Philip K. Dick used his Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? to explore those qualities that make us human, The Americans uses its own ‘Electric Sheep’ to explore the quality of empathy in the world of spies: specifically, the potential dangers of too much empathy versus the danger of not enough.

Supernatural: Paint It Black

"Sammy, how long has it been since my last confession?"

Did this episode seem somewhat Catholic to you?