Legends of Tomorrow: Beebo the God of War

"Beebo loves you!"

Now that's how you execute a mid-episode pivot from lighthearted romp to something much more serious and darker.  Or should I say Darhker.

The Crown: Beryl

“People like you don’t get to insult people like me. You get to be eternally grateful.”

Some reflections on marriage in general – the episode opens with a wedding – and a lot about Princess Margaret and her less-than-happy situation.

Lucifer: The Sin Bin

"You may as well pour me one too."

I think that I'm about to do something that I really don't want to do: write a mostly negative review of Lucifer. Buckle up. This is a long one.

The Gifted: eXploited

"Time to go, boys and girls. The fun's just starting."

Wait, what? What? Did that just? What?

Okay, I'm sending up the flare. You got until January 1st to catch up. Now's the time to do it.

Mr. Robot: shutdown -r

"History is finally coming for you."

This season really just came and went, didn't it?

The Crown: Lisbon

“There is no room for mistakes. There is no room for scandal. There is no room for humanity.”

In this episode of The Crown we finally finish the conversation begun in the very first episode of this season. Philip and Elizabeth meet in Lisbon to discuss their marriage and come up with an interesting solution.

The Crown: A Company of Men

What happens on tour, stays on tour.

In the last episode, we saw Elizabeth’s loneliness as Philip was away on tour. In this installment, we get the other half, and see the sunshine and the sea of the Duke of Edinburgh’s tour – mostly down under. Philip, although surrounded by many men, still seems very alone – especially emphasized by the beautiful shots of the Britannia surrounded by a vast ocean.

The X-Files: Release

It's okay, this arm belongs to no one important.
Case: John Doggett gets closure on the death of his son.

Destination: Minnesota and New England

“If I sit with them for a long time, very quietly – they tell me things. It’s how I see what I see.”

The Punisher: Memento Mori

"Me and you, Frankie, we're the same."

Pretty much the perfect finale to an excellent first season.

The Walking Dead: How It's Gotta Be

"You lose. It's over."

If you loved this episode, maybe you'd better skip this review.