Teen Wolf: Status Asthmaticus

“I wonder how much insurance this school has.”

Despite having to work with the wrong ingredients, ‘Status Asthmaticus’ ended up being a pretty entertaining, albeit slightly messy finale.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Second Sight

Can one man bring life to a dead solar system? When a visiting scientist attempts to terraform a dead sun, Epsilon 119, Sisko gets to answer that question in more ways than one.

Fear the Walking Dead: So Close, Yet So Far

"It's like no one is paying attention. It's like it's not real."

Tobias, the pimply fount of all apocalyptic wisdom, told Maddy, "When civilization ends, it ends fast." He wasn't kidding.

Rectify: Plato's Cave

Daniel: "Plato was onto something."
Janet: "He was considered fairly astute."

I'm captivated by the slow beauty of this story, which may be an odd thing to say considering the subject matter.

Sunday Discussion: Too much TV?

I discovered a show called Rectify a few weeks ago, and it's one of the best shows I've stumbled over in years. But I didn't try it when it was new. I discovered it while the third season was airing. (Maybe I would have found it a lot sooner if I'd just listened to Jess Lynde. Or if it hadn't aired on Sundance.)

Robin of Sherwood Series Review

“Nothing’s forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten.”

When the BBC decided to finally pull the plug on its (frankly rubbish) version of Robin Hood back in 2009, I decided to take a look back into the distant past, to the decade that style forgot, and rediscover another (far superior) take on the legendary bandit, Robin of Sherwood.

Rectify: Modern Times

"If you think we're in modern times, watch yourself."

Daniel Holden had his adulthood, his twenties and thirties, taken away from him. Here, he reconnected with the person he used to be at eighteen, at first exploring Jared's room which used to be his own, then going through his old music and games and his father's things in the attic. And then he went out with Jared and played like a kid, riding a bike. And then he sat in his room playing one of his old video games, and cried.

The X-Files: Folie a Deux

Case: While investigating bizarre and threatening behaviour from an office worker called Gary Lambert, Mulder gets caught up in a hostage situation and finds himself leaning towards the point of view of the hostage-taker.
Destination: Oak Brook, Illinois

"The delusions of one can be passed on to the other."

Star Trek Voyager: Future's End, Part One

"Far out!"

A timeship from the 29th century crashes in North America in the 20th, followed a few decades later by Voyager - home but not quite.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The High Ground

"Captain's log, Stardate 43510.7. The Enterprise has put in at Rutia IV to deliver medical supplies following an outbreak of violent protests. Although non-aligned, the planet has enjoyed a long trading relationship with the Federation. Now, a generation of peace has ended with terrorist attacks by Ansata separatists who are demanding autonomy and self-determination for their homeland on the western continent. Recreational shore leave has been prohibited and all away teams have been instructed to beam down armed."

With this episode the writers of The Next Generation decide to tackle the thorny subject of terrorism and do so in the most sloppy and ham-fisted way possible.