Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Progress

Major Kira tries to evacuate a refugee from the war.
Kira: "We beat them because– because we hung on like fanatics."

Some episodes have made me laugh, this first season. One or two have brought me near a more serious emotional response. But I think - and I am going to come back here after nine seasons, and check again - that THIS is the episode which won my heart, and convinced me that Kira Nerys might be one of the more complex characters we're going to see on DS9.

New Shows: September 21 - 30, 2014

REVIEWED: Madam Secretary -- Forever -- Gotham -- Scorpion -- NCIS: New Orleans -- black-ish -- How to Get Away With Murder -- Happyland -- Manhattan Love Story -- Peaky Blinders -- Selfie

Person of Interest: Nautilus

“Glad to know that you have our backs, Harold.”

There was something about this one. I wanted to like the crazy DaVinci Code-esque puzzle scavenger hunt through the streets of New York City but the episode’s imperfections were a bit too central to the plot for me to set aside completely.

Castle: Driven

“Don’t you think Castle deserves the benefit of the doubt?”

In those ten words, Kevin Ryan (and, inadvertently, the writers) summed up this season opener perfectly.

Sleepy Hollow: The Kindred

"Meet our new best friend."

Abbie and Katrina both think that Ichabod needs to be more focused on the mission. Maybe they're right.

Once Upon a Time: A Tale of Two Sisters

“You can have happiness. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but you have to fight.”

‘A Tale of Two Sisters’ felt a little crushed under the weight of its titular plot, but considering how badly new characters can go over when they’re forced down audiences’ throats, I think Elsa and Anna’s debut went down fairly well.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Angel One

Riker: "But will you still respect me in the morning?"

Well, this isn't the worst episode of the series, but it's close. At least some of the dialogue is funny. Yet for an episode that is trying to tackle gender politics, it is incredibly sexist.

Doctor Who: The Caretaker

Doctor: "How can you think that I'm her dad when we both look exactly the same age?"

This was an episode in which introductions took precedent over monsters. Danny meeting the Doctor has been on the cards for a while now, but I never thought it would be so much fun. After last week's plot-heavy caper, I enjoyed tonight's more character-centric focus. Plus, the funny dialogue was back and -- sing Hosanna! -- did it make a difference to the quality.

The Great Supernatural Binge Watch

Supernatural, the CW's series about two brothers who fight monsters, returns for its tenth season next week. (See the gorgeous season ten poster on your right.)

I was lucky enough to catch Supernatural starting with the pilot. I got hooked early, and started reviewing every episode back in season two (which means I've been reviewing this show since 2006, can you believe it?) But since the show went practically unnoticed in its early seasons and still has something of a low profile, a lot of fans came to the series late. Reruns and streaming have made Supernatural's viewership increase every season. Which means that a lot of Supernatural viewers got into the show via the binge watch, which I also called "the immersion method".

Scandal: Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia

A rare photo of Fitz brooding while facing away from a window.
“Are we gladiators or are we bitches?”

After a roller coaster last season that had me screaming both “I love this show!” and “I hate this show!” at spectacularly high volumes, what will the future hold for Scandal and its legion of adoring gladiators?