Sleepy Hollow: Sick Burn

"I am so never using a dating app again."

Yes, it's a viral app that's actually a virus. Cute idea, but aren't there several movies about this particular plot? Seriously, I don't watch horror movies at all and it sounds familiar, even to me.

Farscape: What Was Lost, Part One: Sacrifice

And now, on Farscape…

“Can you believe it? We’re here, we’re alive, and no one is trying to kill us.” Yeah right, Jool. Just give it five minutes.

Doctor Who: The Pyramid at the End of the World

Bill: 'How would I know the president? I mean, I wouldn't have even voted for him. He's orange.'

After the return to form that was 'Oxygen' and 'Extremis', we're currently three for three after yet another tale reluctant to give up its secrets. I confess, I'm loving the three-part format. Since Chibnall's no stranger to serialised storytelling, here's hoping that he milks the crap out of it next season; the show's clearly so much better when the stories are allowed to breathe. Unless Daleks and Manhattan are involved.

Sense8: Fear Never Fixed Anything

“You can’t win a fight protecting yourself.”

The theme of this episode is: the best offense is not defense.

Arrow: Lian Yu

"Hello, Oliver. Welcome back to Purgatory."

This would've been the perfect finale for the series, except for...

Arrow: Missing

For a penultimate episode, "Missing" set up a lot of potentially fun stuff for the finale.

The X-Files: Deadalive

Case: Redacted to avoid spoilers on the front page. It involves digging up bodies.

Destination: Washington, D.C.

The Crown: Pride & Joy

“I am aware that I am surrounded by people who think they can do the job better.”


Queen Elizabeth makes her tour of the Commonwealth, with Philip at her side, or rather, a few paces behind her. In her absence Princess Margaret fills in while the Queen Mother goes to Scotland and buys herself a run-down castle for a hundred quid.

The 100: Praimfaya

"The time of the commanders is past. The time of the flame is past. This is your time."

That was good TV.

Gotham: All Will Be Judged

Gotham is building to a climax, but that really doesn't make this standalone installment any better.