The X-Files: Vienen

Case: Fun with Mulder and Doggett on an oil rig.

Destination: Gulf of Mexico

“I never would have believed it – these stories about you.”
“Really? What stories are those?”
“That you could find a conspiracy at a church picnic.”
“What church?”
       --Doggett and Mulder

Bloodline: Part 9

"When you feel you have no choice, you run away."

We've spent a lot of time delving into the pasts of the four Rayburn children. This episode finally takes a look at the family's beloved matriarch, Sally. As she states in this very episode, we all have secrets. Now we're beginning to unravel some of hers.

Sleepy Hollow: Insatiable

"I'm getting the gang back together again."


The Originals: Voodoo Child

"Let's put a moratorium on the sulking."

I've watched this episode three times since it aired a week ago and I still don't know what to say about it without whining about my disappointment. But I want to get something up before I watch the finale, so here we are.

DISCLAIMER: This is almost the furthest from a rave that a review can get.

The Flash: Dead or Alive

“Fortunately, our team has a secret weapon. A man of science. A man of action. And that man’s name is HR Wells.”

After a multiverse crossover and a delightful hiatus-spanning two-parter, The Flash deserved something of a break. “Dead or Alive” may not have been earth-shattering, but it was a nice reminder of why we root for everyone on Team Flash, even those who aren’t metas.

Twin Peaks: The Return, Part Seven

“No, nothing urgent.”

Let’s start by talking about that scene, huh?

Bloodline: Part 8

"Danny turned us into that family nobody wants to be."

So a lot happens in this episode. A surprising amount. Maybe that's why it's one of the least compelling so far.

Sense8: What Family Actually Means

“I’m a subject my parents prefer to avoid.”

This episode is the perfect example of how Sense8 doesn’t care about the more conventional episodic structure of a TV series. Sense8 is a show that fully embraces the Netflix idea of constructing a season as one big movie. That strategy has its advantages – it gives the story some room to breathe and the characters more time to be fleshed out – and downsides – the story can become a little stale –, and “What Family Actually Means” is a prime example of that.

Doctor Who: Timelash

“Save your breath for the Timelash, Doctor. Most people depart with a scream.”

Boy, he isn’t kidding.

Fear the Walking Dead: 100

Lola: "Am I clear?"
Daniel: "Like water."

Daniel Salazar lives a life of high drama. Everything about his story has been larger than life, like a parable or a cautionary tale.