Star Trek The Next Generation: The Price

"Who needs rational when your toes curl?"

I moaned out loud when I realized I'd gotten the bad Troi romance episode. At least the idea of a stable wormhole connecting to a far off part of the galaxy was pretty darned interesting. So let's postpone the painful part of this review, and talk about the wormhole first.

True Detective: Church in Ruins

“I was thinking about a woman drowning on dry land.”
“Well, I don’t really get art.”

Ray Velcoro and I have the same Edward Hopper print, “Hotel Room.” You can see it at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid. Or right over there -->.

Hannibal: The Great Red Dragon

“Congratulations, Hannibal. You're officially insane.”

I die over this show. It's so pretty, awful, effective, twisted, scary, rich and psychologically upsetting. Knowing this, I still was not prepared for 'The Great Red Dragon'. These adjectives come into tight focus this week in one of the most well-oiled versions of this show. Good god this episode blew me away. Behold. Shii, WHAT OTHER CHOICE IS THERE?

Teen Wolf: A Novel Approach

“We shouldn’t be killing the people we’re trying to save.”

This was exactly the type of episode we needed at this point; one that finally gave us an idea of what we’re up against, while also raising the personal stakes.

Doctor Who: Earthshock

“Now I’ll never know if I was right.”

We’ll start with some context.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Enemy

"I never lie when I've got sand in my shoes."

This excellent episode gives us arguably the most intense Geordi since the show's inception, as he and the Enterprise crew discover Romulans far from the Neutral Zone, on the surface of Galorndon Core - just when a natural accident causes our erstwhile Engineer to be completely cut off from the ship.

Orange is the New Black: Trust No Bitch

"You're not Walter White yet. You're Walter White... ink."

Am I falling out of love with this series? Maybe I'm just having trouble writing reviews in a vacuum. Curse you, Netflix binge-watcher business model, you.

The X-Files: The Red and the Black

Case: Scully is found, alive but without any memory of what happened, at Ruskin Dam where the most recent group of abductees have died by immolation.

Destination: Canada, Washington D.C., West Virginia

Resist or Serve. The tagline at the end of the credits rarely changes but in a world where there are alien colonists and alien rebels, it really might be necessary.

The 100: Reapercussions

I'll say "I didn't kill my wife" and then you say "I don't care". 
"You killed 300 of my warriors. I can't show my face without a prize."

First of all, a gold star to whoever it was who came up with that puntastic title.

Wayward Pines: Cycle

"He pulled the plug."

A good series finale means a lot more than it did in the past. Come up with a great ending, and your series could grab even more of an audience in syndication or on Netflix. Screw up the ending, and word of mouth will pretty much guarantee that your magnum opus will languish and be quickly forgotten.