Sleepy Hollow: Tempus Fugit

"Let us change the course of history. Again."

A nearly perfect season ender.

The Walking Dead: The Distance

Michonne: “People like us saved a priest, saved a girl who rolled up to the prison with the Governor, saved a crazy lady with a sword.”

Our group is lucky that they manage to fall into despair in shifts.

Academy Awards 2015

Here we go! After nearly two months of warm-up award shows, we have made it to the big one. Tonight was the Academy Awards. sunbunny and I (ChrisB) were there (via our televisions) for the red carpet and the ceremony. Here are our impressions of the night.

The X-Files: Unrequited

Case: A seemingly invisible Vietnam vet is killing military top brass for their abandonment of POWs.

Location: Washington D.C.

Mulder: “Is that what you believe? Is that what you really believe?”

Star Trek The Next Generation: Unnatural Selection

"An attempt to control human evolution has resulted in a new species."

An outbreak of death-by-old-age is traced back to a genetic research facility, and Pulaski manages to get herself infected.

Independent Spirit Awards and Razzie Awards 2015

'Twas the night before the Oscars and, all through the land, awards were being handed out. One ceremony celebrated the best of cinema, the other the worst.

The Musketeers: Through a Glass Darkly

“At this fateful moment, we must consider our own place in the universe. Do we control our fate, or are we merely the playthings of a power beyond understanding?”

Is life a series of impossible choices or is it blind fate? If life is all based on fate, how much do we actually control? Or, is life simply a series of coin tosses made by a uncaring King or a merciless God? These are big questions, ones that require answers that are not facile or comedic. These are questions that demand a strong story that scares us and moves us. This episode was the strongest yet, in either season.

The Americans: Dimebag

“What are you trying to say?”

…in which assets are developed, and developments are re-assessed.

As the “previously on” reminded us, Philip is worried that Elizabeth is “assessing” Paige and “developing” her into an asset. “She’s my daughter,” replied Elizabeth, in what may be the most fraught reading of that line ever. And this week, Paige proved that true.

Vampire Diaries: Let Her Go

“It never ends well. Somebody inevitably gets hurt, or dead.”

An episode so crammed with Big Emotional Moments runs the risk of turning into a saccharine disaster, but first-time director Julie Plec did an excellent job of grounding each big moment in a sweet and honest interaction between characters.

Justified: Sounding

"Running is a mistake. That's how they find you."

Despite the constant references and even the actual carrying out of torture and accidental murder, this episode was a bit on the light side.