The 100: A Lie Guarded

"It's not your blood that defines you, it's your heart."

There was no filler in this episode whatsoever. There are so many balls in the air that it's almost too confusing.

Arrow: The Sin-Eater

"Time to return home."

The theme of this episode was kind of hard to define, but I know it related to the women of Arrow and the level of control they have over their own lives.

Quantum Leap: Season Three

"I always do the right thing, Al. And where does it get me?"

Season three is when the formula started to wear thin a bit...

Supernatural: Family Feud

I'll take "troubling family relationships" for a hundred, Alex. No, wait. That's Jeopardy.

Gotham, Shopping for Harlequin

Greetings Gotham fans. So, in order to ease the excruciating pain of the three-month layoff I have decided to do a heavily spoilerish writeup on some upcoming developments about the show and discuss why this may or may not be a good idea. It's not a long feature or a literary masterpiece, it's just an opinion piece.

Rome: A Necessary Fiction

“My advice: look to your own people. This kind of affair is almost always someone close.”

Octavian Caesar is praising the virtues of women while his mother and sister are enjoying themselves with their lovers. He is introduced by Maecenas to a young Livia, asks her to marry him within thirty seconds, and she says sure, if her current husband does not object. Maecenas and Octavian then talk about the issue that drives much of this episode: the big bribe from Herod, a shipment of gold due to arrive in the very near future.

Legends of Tomorrow: Camelot/3000

"This place shouldn't exist."

Maybe they should have just gone to a Ren Faire. Then again, I went to a Ren Faire once and was totally bored. I suspect this episode was not for me.

Farscape: Fractures

And now, on Farscape…

It’s time to get the gang back together, but this won’t be a joyful reunion. Our crew is fractured and broken, so the question is: how can Humpty Dumpty be put back together again?

Supergirl: Luthors

As a big proponent of Lena Luthor and Supercorp, the Kara and Lena ship, I adored this episode.

The Walking Dead: New Best Friends

"What we have to do requires sacrifice, one way or another."

The Walking Dead just made me happy again. How about that?