Star Trek The Next Generation: Silicon Avatar

"You can't feel anything, can you? Nothing I say to you hurts you."

The Crystalline Entity which once destroyed a colony for an android named Lore makes a reappearance in Federation space, and Picard, Data and a scientist named Kila Marr must work together to find a solution before the numbers of dead mount again.

The Walking Dead: Something They Need

I liked last week's episode. But I liked this one more.

Legion: Chapter Seven

“My memory’s been a bit…what’s the word—dishes?”

A large portion of the penultimate episode of Legion’s first season, like the previous episode, took place in a nanosecond on the astral plane thanks to David’s ability to freeze time in the real world. It might be my favoritest episode yet.

Arrow: Kapuishon

Anatoly: "You're a fool to think that a piece of cloth can separate man from monster. Dividing yourself in two will only make monster stronger until it is stronger than you."

So basically, this was an all torture episode. Which makes it hard to look at critically because of the emotional component.

The X-Files: Surekill

Case: People are being gunned down in an impossible way and the only explanation is x-ray vision.

Destination: Worcester, Massachusetts.

This is a serviceable MOW episode with the right tone of creepy and a touch of claustrophobia.

Legends of Tomorrow: Fellowship of the Spear

"When the chips are down, they'll look at you the same way they always have. As a thug."

This episode felt a lot like going to Disneyworld by way of driving through South Dakota. I liked where we ended up, but a lot of the journey was boring and stupid and there were about a million better ways we could have gone.

The Originals: No Quarter

"You can hug him later. We need to go."

The gang's all here. And I am stoked.

The 100: Gimme Shelter

"You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved."

Likewise, it's a lot harder to kill someone that isn't ready to die. I have no quippy words to hint at that amazing plot twist. It was so so great. That's not a spoiler, right?

Iron Fist: the first and probably only season

"He's an insane, homeless acrobat."

I found Iron Fist to be uneven and underwhelming. I'm not sure I would have finished all thirteen episodes if I hadn't offered to review it.

The Flash: Duet

"Explain to me why I just pulled an Audrey Hepburn and sang in a nightclub."

When the Supergirl team beams in looking for help, the Flash gets sucked in by the power of the Music Meister — and Barry and his friends begin making a little music of their own.