Twin Peaks: The Return, Part Seven

“No, nothing urgent.”

Let’s start by talking about that scene, huh?

Bloodline: Part 8

"Danny turned us into that family nobody wants to be."

So a lot happens in this episode. A surprising amount. Maybe that's why it's one of the least compelling so far.

Sense8: What Family Actually Means

“I’m a subject my parents prefer to avoid.”

This episode is the perfect example of how Sense8 doesn’t care about the more conventional episodic structure of a TV series. Sense8 is a show that fully embraces the Netflix idea of constructing a season as one big movie. That strategy has its advantages – it gives the story some room to breathe and the characters more time to be fleshed out – and downsides – the story can become a little stale –, and “What Family Actually Means” is a prime example of that.

Doctor Who: Timelash

“Save your breath for the Timelash, Doctor. Most people depart with a scream.”

Boy, he isn’t kidding.

Fear the Walking Dead: 100

Lola: "Am I clear?"
Daniel: "Like water."

Daniel Salazar lives a life of high drama. Everything about his story has been larger than life, like a parable or a cautionary tale.

The X-Files: Empedocles

Case: A man who was recently fired, seemingly becomes possessed and shoots his boss.

Destination: New Orleans, LA

Elegant and seamless, this episode isn't. But! It does portray the better and more interesting qualities about Agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) in a pretty great way. And, in turn, we become quite endeared to her.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Power Play

“Someone’s down there… alive.”

There was a neat premise here, subverting the typical hostage episode with a sci-fi twist. But it wasn’t perfect.

Doctor Who: The Eaters of Light

Doctor: 'That's the trouble with hope... it's hard to resist.'

I almost never read spoiler-free reviews prior to an episode airing, but with tonight's story heralding the return of Rona Munro, after a wait of almost 28 years, I couldn't seem to help myself. I'm not going to lie: the reviews were less than dazzling. One described 'The Eaters of Light' as 'underdeveloped', another called some of its plot elements 'forced', and a third complained about the now customary mention of Bill's lesbianism. Personally, I found it rather enjoyable. Which confirms what I've suspected for some time now: I am hopelessly at odds with what virtually everyone else is thinking.

iZombie: Conspiracy Weary

“Whose brain have you eaten?”
“Who wants to know?!”

At a time when tensions are running at an all time high, and the gang are facing a multitude of zombie problems and threats, Liv’s paranoid brain may have felt like a bit of an inconvenience to those around her. Thankfully, it also provided her with some vital clues in helping to solve some of the many mysteries she’s surrounded by at the moment. Having such an “excitable” approach to these mysteries may help Liv to stay one step ahead of everyone else in the face of so many obstacles, which range from annoying to potentially catastrophic.

Sense8: All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet

“I didn’t think I could be any more confused by you, but congratulations, you found a way.”

I liked this one. The gang war in Berlin was pretty underdeveloped until this episode twisted it into a...