Arrow: The Magician

Felicity: "What did I miss?"

This was an interesting episode because it explored Oliver's journey as a man who has changed his path completely.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: A Fractured House

I have two words for you, Marvel. "Spin" and "off". 
"Whoa whoa whoa. Hail hydra, guys, hail Hydra."

Who is the real Grant Ward?

The Originals: Live and Let Die

"This is a city of death. Fires. Floods. To say nothing of the violence we do to each other."

Blah blah, filler episode, blah.

The Flash: Going Rogue

“The lightning didn’t just give me speed. It also gave me friends.”

Cold hands don’t equate warm heart in this opening salvo of a promising crossover. Just to drive the point home, an emotionless killer defeats our team for the first time–and he’s not even a metahuman.

Supernatural: Paper Moon

"All right, so what? You want to nuance this thing?"

For every Supernatural fan who loves to see Dean and Sam work through their crap together, here's an entire episode of Dean and Sam working through their crap together. With an extra added werewolf metaphor.

The Walking Dead: Four Walls and a Roof

Gabriel: “This is the Lord’s House.”
Maggie: “No. It’s just four walls and a roof.”

It was more a slow grind than a roller coaster this week and that slow grind can wear away what makes us human without some kind of intervention. All the old places of safety are gone, sometimes closed up by the very people who were supposed to be there to help us.

Sleepy Hollow: And the Abyss Gazes Back

Ichabod: "I've been researching modern wood-dwelling monsters: Chupacabra, Sasquatch, one Smokey Bear…"

Scary organ-eating monster wendigo in the woods, okay. But was anyone else thinking about a chaos demon that was all slime and antlers?

Doctor Who: In the Forest of the Night

Missy: "Now that was surprising."

You're not kidding, Missy. This felt like an episode with some really good ideas at its core, but some really weak pay-offs. The idea of the world waking up to find itself covered with trees was solid, the dialogue was consistently top drawer, and the ecological digs were both amusing and apt. So why did the rest of the episode fail to set my thrill circuits alight?

Continuum: Second Truths

"Apparently, you're not the only one who can envision the future."


Star Trek The Next Generation: Home Soil

Five actors regretting their career choices.
"Captain's log, stardate 41463.9. While mapping the Pleiades Cluster, we've been asked by the Federation to visit a group terraforming Velara Three. Communications have been erratic and there is some concern about their welfare."

I liked this episode a lot better when it was called 'The Devil in the Dark'.