Arrow: Sins of the Father

Felicity: "So much for the Gandhi method."

In an episode about fathers and daughters, the drama centered around two characters that were not even remotely related.

Supernatural: Love Hurts

"I can't help it if I'm a hopeless romantic."

This is Supernatural, after all. You know you're not going to get anything sweet in a Valentine's Day theme episode.

Agent Carter: The Atomic Job

“What’s your name, darling?”

After last week’s tour de force, I was prepared for a bit of a let down this week. Instead, Agent Carter produced its funniest episode to date. And they didn’t even use the flamingo.

iZombie: Physician, Heal Thy Selfie

“Looks like a no-brainer to me, Liv.”

Last week’s episode worked to bring this season’s plots together, but ‘Physician, Heal Thy Selfie’ put in overtime as we saw all of those plots colliding at full speed, with literally every arc that’s been in effect for the last few weeks in full swing.

The Flash: Welcome to Earth-2

"Are you Cloud City Vadering me right now?!"

Sure, we'll just explore another Earth, and take the initiative against Zoom on his own turf. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that plan... could it? Well, maybe!

Rectify: Until You're Blue

"A good deal is when everyone walks away happy, Jon. Or at least equally unhappy."

The perfect phrase to describe this episode might be "miscarriage of justice".

Person of Interest: Best Episodes

If you’re anything like me, you miss Person of Interest and you love dogs. Which is why I put together this quick synopsis of the ten best episodes of Person of Interest and an assortment of pictures of Bear. Why? Why not?

Here be spoilers.

Downton Abbey: Series Six, Episode Five

“If this is it, just know I have loved you very, very much.”

Just when I thought Downton Abbey didn’t have a single surprise left up its sleeve...

iZombie: Fifty Shades of Grey Matter

Liv: “I’ve been a bad morgue attendant. I’ll understand if there are 'punitive' measures.”
Ravi: “Liv, did you eat a librarian from a porno?”

There wasn’t much to report on the Veronica Mars cameo front, but I was so excited by what happened elsewhere that I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The Originals: Wild at Heart

"This family comes with many many hardships, but there is at least one benefit. You will always have a home here."

That is how you do that.