Iron Fist: the first and probably only season

"He's an insane, homeless acrobat."

I found Iron Fist to be uneven and underwhelming. I'm not sure I would have finished all thirteen episodes if I hadn't offered to review it.

The Flash: Duet

"Explain to me why I just pulled an Audrey Hepburn and sang in a nightclub."

When the Supergirl team beams in looking for help, the Flash gets sucked in by the power of the Music Meister — and Barry and his friends begin making a little music of their own.

Farscape: Into the Lion's Den, Part 1: Lambs to the Slaughter

And now, on Farscape…

John and the gang are aboard Scorpy’s command carrier to “help” him with his wormhole project.

Roman Empire: Reign of Blood

“It’s not enough just to be better than your opponent. That leaves room for Fortuna to play a hand.”

An excellent introduction to the reign of the Roman emperor Commodus. (Includes some spoilers.)

The Walking Dead: The Other Side

"It's a long life, and then it isn't."

We've often seen ghosts hanging around in The Walking Dead: Lori, Beth, the Governor. "The Other Side" was about two ghosts in particular, although we never actually saw them in the ghostly flesh.

Legion: Chapter Six

“I don’t have crazy thoughts.”

For any other show, this would be a very special episode. Sedate yet tense. Atmospheric yet character-based. All with a wham-bam musical interlude. But, for Legion, it’s just “Chapter Six.”

The Originals: Gather Up the Killers

"For a long time, we've managed to keep our monsters buried and we've got to make sure they stay buried."

Vincent didn't say the magic 'always and forever' line so it was just a matter of time until those monsters get dug up and set free. Tsk tsk, Vincent. You always have to say the magic words.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Ensign Ro

Keeve Falor: “How convenient that must be for you. To turn a deaf ear to those who suffer behind a line on a map.”

Those darned Cardassians are at it again and the Enterprise has to walk a fine line between following orders and being conscientious beings.

The X-Files: Via Negativa

Case: Two FBI Agents have been murdered by a man with a third eye.

Destination: Pittsburgh, PA

"We all have a third eye."

The 100: We Will Rise

"What could possibly go wrong?"

Who doesn't love a road trip?