Doctor Who: The Twin Dilemma

"I’m the Doctor. Whether you like it or not.”

I like it not.

Gotham: How The Riddler Got His Name

Parts silly, parts nonsensical but ultimately really fun.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Unification II

This looks like Picard is shooting
with a pink flower, doesn't it?
Spock: "I was involved in 'cowboy diplomacy', as you call it, long before you were born."

A satisfying conclusion to a big two-parter. In fact, it felt a lot like a Star Trek movie, and the story threads established in "Unification I" all paid off quite well.

Doctor Who: Smile

Doctor: 'I met an emperor made of algae once. He fancied me.'

With shades of 'The Happiness Patrol' and 'Ark in Space', this felt like an episode from the classic era. Internet consensus seems to be that it was a better episode for Frank Cottrell-Boyce than his earlier effort, 'In the Forest of the Night'. Well, yes it was... but that's hardly a ringing endorsement. It's like saying that nappy rash is better than piles. It's likely true, but you still wouldn't want either infesting your nether regions.

The Hunger Games trilogy

“May the odds be ever in your favor!”

The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay

These three books by Suzanne Collins tell the story of Katniss Everdeen, a sixteen-year-old girl struggling to survive in a cruel, oppressive society, the difference she makes to that society – and the terrible price she pays.

Supergirl: Star-Crossed

[This is a "catch-up during the hiatus" review of an episode from earlier this season.]

Romantic disappointment was definitely a theme as Kara and Winn both discovered that their alien honeys haven't been telling the truth about themselves.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: No Regrets

"One person in your life, one decision, one sentence has the power to change you forever."

How did I love this episode? Let me count the ways.

The Crown: Windsor

“You’ve taken my career from me. You’ve taken my home. You’ve taken my name. I thought we were in this together.”


My apologies for spoilers, but this is a depiction of events in the past century, showing some period in 1952. In this episode we cover the return of the king who abdicated, the Duke of Windsor, for his brother’s funeral. We see the frustration of Philip, who wants to keep his last name and who doesn’t want to live at Buckingham Palace. We hear plenty of complaints about the Duke of Windsor’s wife, the American divorcĂ©e, but we also see that Princess Margaret also has an illicit involvement. Queen Elizabeth II and Winston Churchill have their first official meetings.

Lucifer: St. Lucifer

“One good deed doesn't make you a saint.”

Things finally start falling together, just in time for the season finale in two episodes' time.

Prison Break: The Liar

"This whole lie — it was for you."

Best episode so far, even though it was an exercise in frustration.