Cloak & Dagger: Rabbit Hold

Ty: "How do you know how to do that?"
Adina: "Some things you never forget."

Ty finally begins exploring his coolest power, thanks to Tandy's decision to enter him and have a look around.

Look, it's not as creepy as it sounds.

Arrow: Lost Canary

“Redemption isn’t a destination. It’s a journey.”

Oliver Queen plays second fiddle while the Canaries past, present, and future sing. Welcome to "Birds of Prey" part deux.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Way of the Warrior, Parts One and Two

"The last thing this station needs is more Klingons."

Well, this is certainly one way to start a season. Invasions and banter and new cast members, oh my!

Gotham: They Did What?

Gordon: "For Gotham!"

When FOX kicks the support beams out from under you and says that the narrative you had planned to normally span across a twenty-two episode season now has to be condensed down to ten episodes, I guess it makes sense that your last few episodes are going to feel more like a paint-by-numbers project as you struggle to quickly wrap up character arcs so that those characters in question can resemble their comic counterparts.

Star Trek Discovery: Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2

"Let's see what the future holds."

By nature I love brevity: Star Trek: Discovery delivers on the promises of the season in its dramatic finale that warps off into Season Three ready to try something new. My predictions were mostly correct, with a few surprises. Some of those surprises were substantially more welcome than others.

Supernatural: Jack in the Box

While the acting is consistently good on this show, it's not usually the first thing I think about when I sit down to write a review. This time it was.

The Magicians: The Seam

“Always gotta be a f—cking twist.”

Welp, that was sad.

The Umbrella Academy: Man on the Moon

See what I mean about being a character-driven series? Four episodes in, and it still feels as though we haven't exited the first act yet of Season 1, and yet 'Man on the Moon', despite its title being a clear reference to Luther, takes the time to unpack even further the traits and personalities of many of its characters, specifically Diego and Ben.

Legends of Tomorrow: Seance and Sensibility

"Then you are a fool. For you shouldn't have to learn a lesson twice."

Because that Jane Austen/Bollywood mashup was just inevitably going to happen somewhere, right? Right?

Game of Thrones: Winterfell

Six episodes over two months to close a story the author hasn't been able to finish in 20 years.

It could work.

American Gods: Donar the Great

Shadow: "If I upset you back there…"
Wednesday: "It wasn’t you. Ghosts from the past."

American Gods serves up its first unequivocal triumph of the season.

Manifest: Estimated Time of Departure

"The answer was right in front of us all the time."

As an astute observer of the human condition (known to us today only by his pseudonym "Kohelet") wrote about two and a half millennia ago, everyone knows we're all going to die, but (with rare exceptions) nobody can know when death will "falleth suddenly upon them."