Hamilton: An Exquisite Corpse review

It all started, as such things do, about 100 years ago with some extraordinarily drunk French surrealists.

Their legacy lives on here, in the Agents of Doux exquisite corpse review of 'Hamilton: The Version Currently Airing on Disney+.'

Normal People: Episode 9

“I feel so not myself at the moment.”

We travel from Italy to Sweden in an episode that should have seen a major character breakthrough, but instead felt strangely like filler.

The 100: A Little Sacrifice

"If you're looking for the wrong answer, it's easy to miss the right one."

Ever since Monty left his final message to his friends, The 100 has frequently gone back to the question of whether its main group of characters is able to deviate from war and do better. Now that the endgame is approaching, war looks inevitable, but what the remainder of the human race needs might be something else altogether.

Peaky Blinders: Season Two, Episode Four

“This place is under new management. By order of the Peaky Blinders.”

The previous episode had a lovely sequence that I didn’t get a chance to discuss: as Charlie bemoans the legality of recent Shelby, Ltd. enterprises, he mentions that he doesn’t even know the last time Tommy rode a horse. A handful of scenes later, Tommy buys a racehorse.

Five Great Films You've Probably Never Seen

I've always had an affinity for obscure and under-appreciated entertainment: musicians that nobody listens to, television shows that never made it past the first season, that sort of thing.

In the spirit of celebrating the obscure and under-appreciated, I present here for your consideration five great films that you've probably never seen and may not have even heard of: some that were once famous but are now mostly forgotten, others that never quite got beyond "cult" status.

Shadowhunters: Dead Man's Party

"Remember who your friends are."

My initial viewing of this episode made me question my decision to review this show. The focus on Clary and Jace’s budding relationship overshadowed everything else and left me cold. However, subsequent re-watches convinced me there was more here than just your typical YA romance.

The Widow: Series Review

"What have you done with my husband?"

Georgia Wells (Kate Beckinsale) has lived alone in a cabin on the desolate Welsh moors for three years, ever since her husband Will (Matthew Ne Levez), who worked for an international relief agency, died in the crash of an airliner in the jungles of the Congo. On one of her rare visits to town, in a doctor's waiting room, she catches a glimpse of a TV news report on civil unrest in the Congo, and is shocked to see her husband in some of the footage of a riot, looking very much alive.

The 100: The Flock

Our mid-season finale certainly gave us a lot of information, and set up our four major bad-asses as turncoats. So why do I feel like this entire episode was an exercise in futility?

Normal People: Episode 8

“Life. You live it up, and you drink it down.”

This episode felt like a breath of fresh air after all the drama the recent ones brought us.

Peaky Blinders: Season Two, Episode Three

Arthur: “Kids these days.”
Tommy: “They didn’t fight, so they’re different. They stay kids.”

We might as well call this one “The Ballad of The Digbeth Kid.”

Peaky Blinders: Season Two, Episode Two

“We’ve been home a long time, Arthur. Been home a long time.”

What motivates Tommy Shelby?

When I first watched Peaky Blinders, it was in a madcap binge (unfortunately scheduled just before stay-at-home orders), and that question didn’t occur to me until the fifth season, which gets into some complicated political philosophies. But, even with all this intervening time, I’ve never quite figured out the answer.

Doom Patrol: Tyme Patrol

"It’s every man, woman and brick for themselves now."

For those who may have wondered, human society reached its highest point at about midnight on August 8th, 1980.