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Forever Knight: Faithful Followers

"When will you learn Nicholas, that this quest of yours is a hopeless one, that it will only cause you and others misery. Normally I hate to lose but the look of utter foolishness on your face almost makes it worthwhile."

This week, Nick goes undercover to investigate a cult...and things probably won't go the way you think.

Forever Knight: Hunted

"Well well, a vampire with a conscience. No wonder you're losing."

This week's killer just might be a match for Nick Knight.

Forever Knight: Capital Offense

"A vampire against the death penalty? Yeah, that's rich."

A woman on death row has 24 hours to escape her fate, and Nick is determined to help.

Forever Knight: Forward Into the Past

"Some friendships are deeper than others, you trust your soul to them."

This one has a really cool title, but it's probably the most boring episode of the show.

The Tourist: Season One Review

“What shoots but never kills?”
“You mean, like a potato gun?”

I first watched The Tourist at some point during lockdown. I loved it, but I couldn’t figure out how to review it: this show has numerous…hmm…not quite twists, but, I suppose, reveals and developments. To talk about why I loved it would be to spoil the pleasure of the surprise for a new viewer.

However, I recently learned that The Tourist got a second season (premiering on Netflix in the US on February 29), and that means I must review it, because I want all of you to enjoy it as much as I did. So, here goes: an overview of the show’s characters, premise, and strengths; then a Spoiler Roo; then a discussion of all those reveals and developments that you shouldn’t read until you’ve watched the six-episode first season.

Forever Knight: Bad Blood

"Something that can pick up a 220 pound man, shake him like a puppy, and tear him to shreds. Are you trying to entertain me?"

A monster from the pages of history brings us what might be the best episode of the season. It's nonstop terror when even our favorite vampires are afraid of this week's killer.

Forever Knight: Stranger Than Fiction

"Nick, was it every really like this? Being a vampire?"
"Well, we're not that big on melodrama."

A high-profile author is writing books that scare the vampire community, and the only safe place for her is...you guessed it...Nick's apartment!

The Leftovers: B.J. and the A.C.

"You can't just get a new one; it's sacred."

'Tis the season in Mapleton! Unfortunately, the only one looking particularly merry is Patti, and that's never a good sign.

What if... Captain Carter Fought the Hydra Stomper?

“I don’t do sequels… Normally.”

The one where Peggy Carter makes her second season debut.


"We will convert this one night stand... into a romance."

I am not a romantic comedy person. At all. I far prefer to curl up with a nice, bloody horror movie. But I have watched some very bad movies before simply because it starred an actor that I adored. In this case, it was a shirtless Tom Ellis that led me astray.

Madame Web

"When you take on the responsibility, great power will come."

Okay, this wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be.

Minor Spoilers Below!

Movie Review: Lift

“We rescue works of art from undeserving owners.”

F. Gary Gray’s 2024 Netflix movie Lift is a retread of his previous, very good buddy-heist film The Italian Job, itself inspired by the success of the great buddy-heist film Ocean’s Eleven. Lift is certainly not great, and not even as good as The Italian Job, but it has a gentle heartwarming quality that makes it worth watching. It’s like a Hallmark movie with violence and a pro-crime message.