Legends of Tomorrow: Wet Hot American Bummer

Sara: "Oh God, not a 90's 'Not' joke."
Ray: "It's like comedy comfort food."

When Legends of Tomorrow embraces a pastiche episode, it embraces the hell out of that pastiche episode. Welcome to 1995, campers.

Excelsior: A Eulogy for Stan Lee

Y'know, I guess one person really can make a difference.
"You know, my motto is 'Excelsior.' That's an old word that means 'Upward and onward to greater glory.' It's on the seal of the state of New York. Keep moving forward, and if it's time to go, it's time. Nothing lasts forever." -Stan Lee

The Good Place: Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By

“Hello idiots.”

So, that all happened.

Gotham: Everyone Has a Cobblepot

Oswald: “Five minutes with the files and a favor from Jim Gordon? Done!”

I never would have thought that Gotham would attempt to deliver an equally-as-superb sequel to ‘Welcome Back, Jim Gordon’. And if I’m being honest, ‘Everyone Has a Cobblepot’ isn’t quite equally as superb, but holy moly, does it come close!

Outlander: Do No Harm

"Welcome to River Run."

Talk about intense.

Arrow: The Demon

"These people are being treated like they are disposable. No one deserves that."

This week’s episode is brought to you by the letter E for empathy. Something Team Arrow has and the Slabside employees are sorely lacking. As is The Demon for that matter.

The Man in the High Castle Season 3

"And of course, what you can't conquer you'll just destroy, won't you? That's what we all have to look forward to. Just a future full of endless worlds conquered and destroyed by fascists."

Of all the shows I watch, this is probably the one that rivets me (and terrifies me) the most.

The Magicians: Homecoming

Penny, being a bigger nerd than he lets on.
Dream Quentin: “I respect the shit out of you both, and you are leaders, and you're people, and I'm a feminist.”
Khaleesi Alice: “If you would just shut up for two seconds, this sex dream would pass the Bechtel test, Quentin.”

Tensions are running high. New relationships are starting, old friendships are fracturing, and antagonists are forced to work together. Plus, there’s still that Beast issue.

Manifest: S.N.A.F.U.

"I had to know that the callings were right, that it is all connected."
"Connected to what?"
"To us, to each other.  That's what all of this is for.  It has to be."
"Great.  You got a sign.  Where's mine?"

In this episode, Ben goes undercover as an accountant and card shark, while Michaela and Jared put one of her callings to good use in solving a murder.

The Magicians: The Writing Room

“Life ain't fair. Why in the holy fuck should death be any different? Thinking you could change anything—it’s such an act of monumental ego.”

For a while, this episode seems like a fun time for everyone. Julia gets to try for redemption by helping someone out. Quentin and friends go on a tour of Plover’s house (author of the Fillory books) and Quentin spends the entire time fanboying. Everything is sweet and warmhearted, until it all becomes painful and scarring. So, it’s a typical episode of The Magicians.

Doctor Who: Demons of the Punjab

Yaz: "I always cry at weddings."

After weeks of somewhat aimless offerings, this week we have a story and it was powerful.

Supergirl: Parasite Lost

James: Maybe you can’t change people’s minds by slamming doors in their faces.

After the Russian-speaking Supergirl clone in the tag of the last episode, I expected Russian stuff. We didn’t get it, but I didn’t miss it. Instead we had press-related themes, which I found interesting. How do you win hearts and minds? Not by punching people, but by reaching out to them.