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Doctor Who: The Romans

"Romanii ite domum"
aka "Carry On Caesar"

Season 2, Story L

Starring William Hartnell as the Doctor

Doctor Who: The Rescue


Season 2, Series L

Starring William Hartnell as the Doctor

Star Trek Strange New Worlds: Ghosts of Illyria

I was oddly reluctant to rewatch and review this one. Quite probably because we've all had a bit too much exposure lately, pun intended, to mysterious diseases and lockdowns.

But this was actually a pretty good episode. We learned a lot more about Commander Una Chin-Riley than I expected.

This Week: The Perfect Prep for Life as a Hulk

Billie Doux: This week, I tried a few things that weren't sci-fi. Yeah, I know, the aerodynamics of pork.

Doctor Who: The Dalek Invasion of Earth

Roses are red, florists deliver...
"Daleks on the streets of Londoooon..."

Season 2, Series K

Starring William Hartnell as the Doctor

The Flash: Into the Still Force

“Hang on, because things are about to get real weird.”

For an episode ostensibly about Iris’s mysterious disappearance, it covered a lot of ground. We learned Caitlyn can be very manipulative when she’s grieving. Chester discovered the pitfalls of open sourcing. Allegra and Taylor’s animosity is about to level up. And Nora and Barry got to spend some quality Daddy/Daughter time.

Star Trek Discovery: Rosetta

'I have to be right. I have to.'

By nature I love brevity: Some good concepts, but they're not realized as well as I would prefer. The B storyline is good though.

This Week: A Cancellation Bloodbath

Billie Doux: So Agents of Doux, what are you watching this week?

With the exception of my new and beloved Strange New Worlds, I don't seem to be liking TV shows much these days.

The Flash: Funeral for a Friend

“So, wherever you are, Frost. Thank you.”

Family and love. Death and loss. These have been the pillars of this post-Armageddon season. They both balance and reinforce each other. A life without the former is not a life worth living. However, they lead inexorably to the latter. And the people left behind must continue on amidst their grief.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds: Children of the Comet

"We've got a planet to save before breakfast. I love this job."

An enjoyable episode about fate and faith. And Uhura.

Meltdown: Three Mile Island

Rick Parks, whistleblower: “We’ll never have a viable nuclear industry in this country until we take the profit motive out of it.”

Netflix’s four-part series takes a look over the years at what really happened at Three Mile Island, the site of the worst nuclear accident in the United States.

The 14th Doctor Revealed! Let's Discuss!

After months of waiting and speculation, the BBC has finally announced their pick for the next incarnation of The Doctor.

Universe, meet Ncuti Gatwa. Ncuti Gatwa, meet the universe.