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With Dungeons & Dragons, Chris Pine Strikes a Perfect Chord

Around thirty-five years ago, my brother and I would wake up on Saturday mornings and watch Dungeons & Dragons, the cartoon about kids who ride a roller coaster that magically hurls them into the world of D&D, each taking on one of the various player classes as they vowed to stop an evil wizard and get back to their lives in the real world. It was the second best thing to happen on Saturday morning.

(The best thing to happen on Saturday morning was Pirates of Dark Water, even though it only had like three episodes.)

These aren’t the kinds of shows people take seriously. That’s why most fantasy stories in the mainstream end up being what’s called “low” fantasy, which means there’s lots of drama and lots of people covered in mud, but very little magic or monsters. It's hardly fantastic at all, if you ask me.

The Mandalorian: The Foundling

“There’s always a bigger fish.”

Chapter Twenty

Mando, Grogu and Bo-Katan settle into life at the Covert, and Grogu has his first test as a potential Mandalorian. Although too young to speak the creed, he is able to best his opponent. Then in a moment of celebration, another foundling is grabbed by a flying monster, setting in motion a desperate rescue attempt...

Manifest: Destination Unknown

Ben: “It would explain why you and I of all people got this Calling. We've had to do our fair share of healing.”
Michaela: “I find it odd that Jonas didn't mention they went to Jamaica together. And that Rachel returned by herself when she wasn't feeling well. Why do I get the impression that everyone we've talked to is either lying to themselves or to us?”

The risks of the Lifeboat lead Ben to take greater risks, and Eureka receives an incredible artifact from the Vatican.

Manifest: Precious Cargo

Eagan: “So, I don't know about you, but I'm thinking that's some kind of clandestine government facility.”
Michaela: “I have no idea what we're doing here. Or what's going on.”
Eagan: “Maybe the real question isn't what we're doing here, but rather, why isn't Ben Stone on this side of the fence – with us?”

After the deaths of the Meth Heads, our stars are gripped by grief and fear. Ben is working at Eureka in order to save the passengers, but the Callings don’t seem pleased with him.

Star Trek Picard: The Bounty

"It’s been a weird week."

A wildly busy episode with waaaaayyyy too many Easter eggs. Not that I'm complaining. Because...

Doctor Who: The Gunfighters

"Where might one rustle up some grub, my good chap?"
It's practically a musical!

Season Three, Series Z

Manifest: Graveyard Spiral

Officer: “In the future, maybe there are better ways to advertise your new restaurant.”
Grace: “Advertise?”
Tarik: “I'm sorry. I didn't mean for this to happen.”
Grace: “Tarik, what did you do? What did you do?”

It’s the actual death date of the Meth Heads, and Jace is determined to take others with him. The missing piece of the papyrus finally shows up, and it yields a new, stomach-churning insight into the Callings.

The Mandalorian: The Convert

“I witnessed it. You bathed in the Living Waters. You are Mandalorian again. Can we leave now?”

Chapter Nineteen

Having saved Din Djarin from the depths of the living waters, Bo-Katan attempts to return to her home only to be ambushed by Imperial Tie-Interceptors. Together Bo-Katan and Din Djarin fight off the squadron, but not before her home is destroyed. With few other options, they escape into hyperspace to the one place the Mandalorian feels is safe, the Covert...

Manifest: Water Landing

Ben: “Will you listen to yourself? We are not some kind of science project!”
Vance: “Ben, I understand. You're concerned about Michaela, and I...”
Ben: “Concerned? Yeah. Yeah, I'm concerned. A killer is hunting her, Vance, and you're more interested in progress. I swear, if he hurts her or anybody else, there's gonna be blood on your hands.”
Dr. Gupta: “I am a scientist, Mr. Stone, always in search of the greater good. The fact is that Pete Baylor is a unicorn, and unicorns need to be studied for the greater good.”

It’s the day before the death date of the Meth Heads, and the Stones are counting the hours, but I guess you shouldn’t count your hours until they expire. Jared keeps investigating the disappearance of the Major, making the guilty Saanvi even more uncomfortable.

Star Trek The Animated Series: The Practical Joker

Mikey Heinrich and Billie Doux discuss The Animated Series episode, "The Practical Joker."

Mikey: The USS Enterprise, after passing through a mysterious gas cloud, develops a sentient personality.

In related news, it turns out that the USS Enterprise is kind of a dick.

The Flash: The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky

“Things are going to be fine. I promise.”

Another episode and another blast from the proverbial past. This week has the return of Becky Sharpe. She may have been killed in season four? But Crisis apparently reset her and her good fortune. At least until now.

Manifest: Tailspin

Saanvi: “It's my fault. The tailfin reappeared at the bottom of the ocean because I killed her.”
Vance: “That is a huge leap to make, especially when we don't understand–”
Saanvi: “You saw the time stamp. The fin disappeared the moment she died.”
Vance: “Saanvi, you're a scientist. You can't mistake correlation for causation. Many impossible things happened that night.”
Saanvi: “Zeke wasn't on 828. Neither were the criminals who kidnapped Cal. I was. I was connected to the plane. I am connected to the plane.”

Two months later, the Meth Heads know their Death Date is approaching. Ben and Saanvi meet Vance at his new headquarters, and they’re impressive.