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The Sandman: Imperfect Hosts

This is who we are: the first murderer, the first victim.

When Lord Morpheus finally returns to the dreaming, he finds a world in ruins. Desperate, exhausted, and alone, he turns to us, his stalwart companions, Cain and Abel, for support, with our friend Lucienne close behind. What he asks us is a price we never dreamed we’d pay.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Treachery, Faith and the Great River

I'm not a god, I'm a security officer.

When a Dominion ally defects to the care of Odo, leaving him nonplused, a massive chase ensues. Meanwhile, O'Brien's on a chase of his own when a gravitational stabilizer runs amok on the Defiant.

The Umbrella Academy: Seven Bells

Luther: “You know, I, um, really wish you wouldn't have done that.”
Sloane: “How does it hurt to hear what he has to say?”
Luther: “Ah, don't underestimate the damage that man can do at a family meeting.”
Sloane: “That is not the same man. And you aren't the same boy you were. You're my husband. And whatever you decide, I'll be by your side.”
Note that she just didn’t support what he decided. And, given what Reggie does to Luther in the episode, Luther’s attitude was completely justified.

Reginald goes all out to convince the children to sign on to his plan. Five tries to recover a drunken memory.

Prey (2022)

When I heard the announcement that there was going to be yet another Predator movie, I rolled my eyes. Then the blurb went on further saying this was a period piece set in the 1700’s with a Comanche warrior versus a Predator. Well, mildly intrigued but there’s no way they would do that well… right? Oh, and that warrior, it was going to be a woman. Well, now I kinda had to see it, just because.

Roswell: Missing My Baby

“Things just went from bad to worse.”

Secrets, secrets, and more secrets. They always come out in the end.

The Sandman: Sleep of the Just

"We begin. In the waking world."

Peaky Blinders: Sapphire

“Not yet. Not yet.”

“I am a mortal man.”

Maybe I should give up on reviewing Peaky Blinders and switch to something just as dramatic but less deadly, like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, because I don’t know if I can handle another episode so obviously distilled out of seemingly incurable sadness.

Westworld: Fidelity

“Maybe you’ll have better luck with the next guy.”

Well, that was freaky.

The Umbrella Academy: Wedding at the End of the World

Luther: We've, uh, got a little announcement to make.
Sloane and Luther: We're engaged! ...
Luther: Yeah. Look, we realize the timing is less than ideal. But, obviously, it's now or never. Am I right, Five?

Instead of trying to stop the current apocalypse, Luther and Sloane have a wedding and everyone comes.

This Week: Really Buzzed

I can't believe it's nearly August.

So... Evil. The show used to totally creep me out, but these days I'm laughing a lot as a defense mechanism. Anyone else having the same reaction? Slowly working my way through the second season of Big Sky, and disappointed in the villain situation. But I'm hanging in, waiting for Jensen Ackles.

Roswell, New Mexico: Dig Me Out

“Don’t be scared.”

Rosa makes her reappearance with some sage advice the whole Pod Squad should take. If the last episode was about having faith in your loved ones, this week was all about being true to yourself.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Chrysalis

Sarina: I couldn't sleep.
Bashir: My nurse could have given you something.
Sarina: I don't want to sleep.
Bashir: Why not?
Sarina: What if I wake up the way I was? What if I can't...
Bashir: It's not going to happen. Your life's going to be different now. Your future is full of possibilities. You know, you're going to be doing things that you haven't even dreamed of. There's really no reason to be afraid. (She’s asleep on his shoulder) Sarina?

The Jack Pack of brilliant mutants returns to the station, to lose one of their group in the best possible manner. Is this Deep Space Nine’s version of Sleeping Beauty? Or of Flowers for Algernon?