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Forever Knight: Unreality TV

"They were in Vietnam. They were in the Persian Gulf. And now they're in the bathroom."

The modern world takes a swipe at the vampire community when a TV crew assigned to Nick's beat records something unbelievable.

Forever Knight: Only the Lonely

"You are a unique woman."
"No, I'm a scientist."

If you've been wondering how Dr. Natalie Lambert came to be a vampire's best friend, this episode is here to answer your questions.

The Crown: Two Photographs

Mario Brenna: I am a professional photographer. I work in advertising and fashion, but the market has gone crazy for society work. Everyone wants pictures of celebrities. Pictures that show famous people. They are no different. They are human beings, just like us. Making mistakes, just like us. The old rules have changed. Now there are no rules. It's every guy for himself.

I have problems with this episode.

Doctor Who: The Star Beast

"I think the story hasn’t ended yet."

More than a year since the last broadcast episode, Doctor Who is finally back.

Please respect that I'm not going to use the tired old 'it's about time' gag at this juncture. No. I'm sorry. I just can't.

The Crown: Persona Non Grata

Diana: No, I'm not welcome there anymore. Very much persona non grata.
Dodi: So, you'll be on your own for the rest of the summer?
Diana: Yes, all on my little lonesome.

Unwelcome in so many places, Diana takes her holiday on the Al-Fayed yacht, while Prince Charles tries to elevate Camilla in the eyes of the public and the Queen.

The Fall of the House of Usher: The Pit and the Pendulum

"I am the Usher ascendant."

I'm pretty sure none of the Ushers are ascending. It would kind of contradict the whole title of the show.

Doom Patrol: Done Patrol

"You were the only person who saw me. Right from the beginning. You saw the shitty, fucked up pieces of me, and you... you still loved me. Like I wasn’t even broken at all."

The Doom Patrol comes to its end, fights its final battle, and kicks its last butt.

I was emotionally unprepared for this...

This Week: Tom Welling is Blessed with a God-Given Jawline

What are you all watching this week?

Moonlighting update: I can report that Bruce Willis' David Addison is much less of a jerk after the pilot episode, and I'm enjoying my rewatch – although I'm doing it slowly. I just finished season one and had forgotten the wonderful pie fight and the banter about the man with the mole on his nose.

Doctor Who: Destination Skaro

"I LIKE it!"

The wait is nearly over, and we've finally received our first glimpses of David Tennant's Fourteenth Doctor.

It's a lot of fun, but maybe let's all agree to not take it too seriously.

Doom Patrol: Portal Patrol

"I am your incredibly imperfect friend."

Our heroes, at least most of them, brave the dangers of the time stream for one last side quest before the end.

They find a surprising amount of emotional baggage to unpack there.

The Fall of the House of Usher: Goldbug

"I reached through time and ripped the eyes out of a goddess with my pocketbook and some patience. Does that make me a god?"

What I got most from this episode is that I really should rewatch Oculus.

All the Light We Cannot See: Series Review

Werner: “I have done bad things. Many of them.”
√Čtienne: “So have I.”

This intense, four episode series captured me from the moment it started; my husband was also intrigued. However, not all viewers agree.