Charmed (2018): Pilot

"This is not a witch hunt."

Of the many reboots to crop up over the past decade or so, this "re-imagining" of Charmed got to me the most; thanks in no small part to how much the OG version meant to me growing up. How could a new CW-ified version ever re-capture the magic of the late 90's WB series? Who could ever come close to replacing the Halliwells? In truth, those were probably the wrong questions to ask. There’s plenty about the original that could do with updating for a modern audience, not the least of which is the white-washed cast that was typical of a network show in the 1990’s. As this premiere drew closer, my concerns evolved into one simple request: that this new group of producers "get" what made Charmed so special. It was a flawed show, to be sure, but underneath it all it was a simple story about three imperfect but relatable sisters just trying to get by. Based on the promo material, it seemed like this version was much more concerned about using the story of the Charmed Ones as a vehicle for on-the-nose political commentary, and well-intentioned, yet overt feminism. Where was the family dynamic that sparked the OG version into the powerhouse it became? Despite this, I remained open-minded going into this pilot, and I was pleasantly surprised with how much this opening chapter got right. It was clunky in places, and the real-world parallels were a bit heavy handed, but its biggest flaws feel like they could be easily ironed out as the series finds its footing.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Facets

Commander Sisko: “Let me tell you something about Curzon. He was my friend, he was my confidant – in a way, he was my teacher as well. But he was also manipulative, selfish, and arrogant. Most people let him get away with it because he was so charming. Sometimes, I let him get away with it, too. But from time to time, he'd push me too far, and I'd have to stand up to him, tell him he'd crossed the line.”

In which Jadzia gets to meet her former hosts through the Zhian’tara Trill ceremony.

The Good Place: The Snowplow

"You can't just reset things the moment something doesn't go according to your plan."

The first three episodes of the season were all about (1) bringing the four humans together and (2) giving Michael and Janet a reason to be on Earth. Now with these elements in place, "The Snowplow" takes the next logical step:

Luke Cage: Season Two Review

"I am Harlem, and Harlem is me."

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this season. Or rather, I don’t know how I feel about where Luke Cage is going next. I’d been along for the ride for the first 12 episodes, but the finale left me dumbfounded. So, I will do something a little unorthodox. I’m going to review the first 12 episodes as one unit and look at the finale separately. Let’s see how this goes.

Needless to say, there will be spoilers.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Timescape

Picard, Troi, Geordi, and Data head back to the Enterprise after three days away, only to find that time seems to have stopped in the middle of an emergency.

"It would seem that time is what we have plenty of."

Supernatural: Stranger in a Strange Land

There was definitely a whole different vibe. Which is impressive when you're talking about a show with a specific formula that's been on the air for fourteen seasons.

Manifest: Turbulence

"For there is nothing hidden that will not be exposed, nothing concealed that will not be illuminated.  What have you concealed, Michaela, even from yourself?"

In "Turbulence," we learn a little more about the past lives of our characters, Kelly's murder is solved, and new crop of mysteries sprouts up.

Keep your seatbelt fastened, because this episode lives up to its title.

Star Trek Enterprise: Breaking the Ice

T'Pol: "You can save them, or you can let your pride stand in the way. You're human. You're free to choose."

By nature I love brevity: Pretty good. Some nice character work here, with good stuff for everyone to do. The danger plot felt kind of off; maybe it was the direction. Regardless, there's nothing too deep in this one, but the 'life on a new starship' feel was perfect.

Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell to Earth

“Right! This is gonna be fun.”

What an interesting start, with such a clearly defined group dynamic and a totally different look and feel. Yet this is still Doctor Who, no matter how much has been changed.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Family Business

Quark: “It’s the end of Ferengi civilization as we know it.”

Families are complicated, even Ferengi ones.

The Flash: Harry and the Harrisons

"We've been looking at this from the wrong direction."

Harry may be the headliner for the week, but it is literally in name only.

Charmed-a-versary: Top 20 Episodes

Happy Charmed-a-versary! It's been 20 years (!) since the show first aired, so I've put together my 20 favorite episodes in celebration.