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Roswell, New Mexico: Free Your Mind

“Well, one thing’s for sure. You’re not going into hell alone.”

In keeping with the episode’s title, freedom was the name of this week’s game. And we’re not just talking about the fight to save Maria.

Lucifer: Yabba Dabba Do Me

"No, no, no this is a terrible idea. Worst I've heard since some genius decided to cancel Bones."

Are animated episodes popping up in live action genre shows the new musical episodes popping up in genre shows? Because if so, I can't say that I hate this trend.

What If… Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?

"Heroes are not born. They're forged in darkness. Shaped in battle. Defined by sacrifice."

The last few installments have been very dark. I'm starting to wonder if this series will be nothing but doom and gloom.

Lucifer: Buckets of Baggage

"This is the voice of God."

Well, not yet. At least frogs aren't falling from the sky, or anything crazy like that. That would be serious cause for concern.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Change Of Heart

I look forward to walking through the jungle without a map and no idea of what lies ahead.

In this fun Deep Space Nine episode, Worf and Dax are tasked with a mission that could impact millions – while back on the station, Bashir and Quark have a sparring match of their own.

Legends of Tomorrow: The Fungus Amongus

"We are so screwed."

That was actually a much better wrap-up than I would have thought possible, given how bad all the lead up to it was. I enjoyed almost all of it a lot.

Lucifer: Nothing Ever Changes Around Here

"You're my Hell."

Only on Lucifer could such a line be sweet and romantic and not make me immediately roll my eyes.

Roswell, New Mexico: Goodnight Elizabeth

“Well, you just bumped into a little bit of fate.”

Despite our would-be Bad Guys’ monologuing, this episode left me with more questions than answers. The only thing that’s crystal clear is our little band of heroes is in way over their heads.

What If... Zombies?!

"Don't eat me!"

This is the episode I was most excited to see when the trailer for this series first dropped. Zombies! We got zombies!

The Mandalorian: The Siege

“I'm surprised to see this place is still standing.”

Chapter Twelve

When Mando and the Child return to Navarro for repairs and a much needed rest before continuing on their quest to find a Jedi, Cara Dune and Greef Karga call upon their old friend to destroy the last remaining Imperial outpost on the planet...

Star Trek The Animated Series: The Survivor

The Agents of Doux are covering The Animated Series with "discussion reviews."

Mikey Heinrich: The crew of the Enterprise come across a one-man ship in distress and are more than a little surprised when the occupant turns out to be Space Warren Buffet, lost philanthropist Carter Winston, who has been missing for the last five years.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Honor Among Thieves

"You have a family?"
"Good. That's the most important thing."

O'Brien goes undercover to uncover a Starfleet mole and walks away with a gorgeous, new cat. And a side helping of emotional trauma.