Supergirl: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Lena Luthor: How can you pay your debt to society if you’re already dead?

An enjoyable episode, back to the basics of the comics – but not much depth for Kara.

Charmed: Switches and Stones

“Don't let anyone come between you and your sisters.”

A good body swap story works best when the actors involved study each other’s tics, and have the natural prowess to pull the whole thing off. The performances on Charmed haven’t really given me much confidence that something like this could work, but ‘Switches and Stones’ was a solid effort and hit most of the right beats, even if the cast involved weren’t 100% worthy of the material.

American Gods: House on the Rock

"To be continued, in what some call the real world."

American Gods is back, and opens season two with the centerpiece location from the first half of the novel. Was it worth the wait? Yes. It was worth the wait.

Manifest: Hard Landing

He's not dead.  He's getting better.
"Maybe not everyone deserves to be saved."

One of Manifest's overriding themes is that of the second chance.  It's the defining element of Michaela's character arc, and important to Zeke's as well.  As Grace said in the first episode, "The universe just gave all of us a do-over."

Arrow: Training Day

“We have to be something else... something better.”

The episode where Oliver learns, once again, he’s not always right, Dinah figures out who she is, Emiko shows her true colors, and William and Mia go on a treasure hunt.

Charmed: Touched by a Demon

“I think this is where they cut to commercial.”

Last week the series suffered under the weight of clunky political commentary, with the humor of the story getting drained out by shoddy execution. In ‘Touched by a Demon’ the real world narration was infinitely more successful because it was implied, not shoved down our throats. As a result, the writers were able to let go and have fun, without constraining themselves by being overly ambitious.

American Gods: Come to Jesus

Wednesday: "What do you believe, Shadow?"
Shadow: "Everything."

American Gods finishes its first season strong, but storms brewing both in front of and behind the camera leave us with questions...

Supernatural: Peace of Mind

"Double hockey sticks?"

Very Pleasantville, with a touch of Back to the Future and of course, a Supernatural twist.

American Gods: A Prayer for Mad Sweeney

"You have a story to tell."
"Do I?"
"I can see it in your fingers."

American Gods pauses in the penultimate episode of its first season to tell us a story. It's a really good story.

Star Trek Discovery: Project Daedalus

Spock: "We will never relate as equals, so long as you continue to pretend that every burden is your own."

By nature I love brevity: A very good episode taken by itself, but in the context of the larger show it both highlights and compounds one of the show's major issues, and the episode's impact suffers for it.

The Magicians: Home Improvement

“The elixir is dragon’s pooj.”

We’ve got dragon pregnancies, magical sex voodoo dolls (or “marital aids”), and napsters (not the music-sharing app) all wrapped in one episode. What more can you ask for?

Supergirl: Stand and Deliver

Alex: "How can I, with a clear conscience, protect a man who is causing so much pain in the world?"

An episode in which many of our favorite characters stand up for their consciences, and in which the writers find a way out of the apparent impasse.