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Star Trek The Animated Series: The Pirates of Orion

Mikey Heinrich and Billie Doux discuss "The Pirates of Orion."

Mikey Heinrich: Why? For the love of god, WHY???

This Week: Gilmore Girls Meets Lois & Clark

What are you watching this week?

I'm catching up with Ghosts (UK) after zipping through Ghosts (US). My daughter and I have been debating which is better. I've been thinking that they're different enough that maybe it's not an issue, and I'd particularly like to thank the producers for not giving the characters the same names.

'The Fabelmans' Reminds us that Movies Really Do Matter

"You'll tell your story. You'll make your movie. And you'll remember how much it hurts."

The Fabelmans is not only Steven Spielberg's story, it's also the story of movies as we know them and why they truly are important.

The Crown: Annus Horribilis

Prince Charles: “For years, I've called for a more modern monarchy that reflects the world outside. Look at the rates of family breakdown out there, and then look at us. Margaret, divorced. Anne, divorced.”
Queen Elizabeth: “All right.”
Prince Charles: “Andrew, humiliated and... and heading for divorce. Me, trapped and dreaming of divorce. And you talk about moral examples. If we were an... ordinary family and social services came to visit, they'd have thrown us into care and you into jail!”

For once Queen Elizabeth does not maintain a stiff upper lip and admits that the last year – her 40th on the throne – was wretched. The royal marriages are troubled and Windsor Castle caught on fire.

The Crown: Mou Mou

Mohamed Al Fayed: “And how did someone, forgive me, of your background know what the former King of England might need?”
Sydney Johnson: “I didn't. His Royal Highness taught me everything, with great patience and kindness.”
Mohamed Al Fayed: “Then, will you teach me?”
Sydney Johnson: “In which capacity?”
Mohamed Al Fayed: “As my personal valet. British society is the finest in the world. British manners and customs rule the world. With your help, I will become that rare thing, a British gentleman.”

Episode description: "In 1946, an Egyptian street vendor finds inspiration in the abdicated King Edward. Years later, he eagerly tries to integrate into British High Society."

Only Murders in the Building: True Crime

"I mean, let's face it: nobody ever discovered nineteen bodies buried in the backyard of a 27-story apartment building."

The beautiful episode that started it all. Welcome to the Arconia building. Historic. Expensive. Filled with New York's goofiest residents... and at least one murderer.

Vampire Academy: Ascension

"You can't make a world you can't envision."

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen! Too bad it’s the wrong one.

The Crown: The System

Prince Philip: “You can break as many rules as you like. You can do whatever you want. You can make whatever arrangements you need to find your own happiness. As long as you remember the one condition. The one rule. You remain loyal to your husband and loyal to this family in public.”
Princess Diana: “You mean silent?”
Prince Philip: “Yes.”

Prince Philip tries to help two women who married into the royal family to deal with the system.

Forever Knight: Dead Air

"Let me just write this down. That's N-O-R-M-A-N Bates."

It's time for sexy talk radio, and your host this week is a Toronto vampire on the trail of a serial killer!

Interview with the Vampire: The Thing Lay Still

“Claudia, you’ve been a very, very naughty little girl.”

So closes this season. With the story split in half, it had to end here, and my god, was it hard to watch.

The Crown: Queen Victoria Syndrome

Queen Elizabeth: “I’m aware the comparison between me and Queen Victoria has been made recently in the newspapers and is intended as criticism. What people fail to understand is, I see any similarity with Queen Victoria as a compliment. Attributes people use to describe her, constancy, stability, calm, duty, I would be proud to have describe me.”

An article in The Sunday Times, based on a poll that shows nearly half the population would like Queen Elizabeth to resign and for Prince Charles to take the reins and reign, causes division in the royal family.