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Doctor Who: Flux, Chapter Four: Village of the Angels

"The Angel has the TARDIS."

My list of significant complaints about this episode:

1: Swarm did not at any point make an appearance.

End of list.

The Flash: Armageddon, Part 2

Despero: “Tragedy is coming for you, Flash.”

No one mentioned Savitar, but the idea Barry could go off the deep end was front and center this week. And yet, I’ve watched and re-watched this episode and I’m still pondering what it all means. So forgive me in advance if this review is more of a ramble than usual.

Dexter: Smoke Signals

"I've gotten rusty in my abstinence."

After too long on the bench, Dexter is definitely not on top of things anymore.

Hawkeye: Hide and Seek

“You’re not a superhero...”

How does someone become a superhero? We’ve seen that question answered in a number of ways in movie after movie. Most have a defining moment, usually some trauma that forces them to become something greater. Kate’s moment happened when she was just a little girl, the day her father died.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Valiant

"This ship is special, Jake. This crew is special."

Jake and Nog find themselves on board a Starfleet ship whose commissioned officers have all been killed, leaving a crew of cadets in charge.

Hawkeye: Never Meet Your Heroes

“A ninja saved a dog.”

I've never really been a fan of the MCU's Clint Barton. He was always the least impressive Avenger, both in terms of the character's skill set and Jeremy Renner's performance. So when it was first announced that he'd be getting his own Disney+ show, my reaction was "Mmm, I think I might skip this one.” But I'm glad I didn't because Hawkeye could potentially end up being one of my favourite Marvel series, although very little of that had to do with Renner's Barton.

Legends of Tomorrow: Deus Ex Latrina

"Are you ready to save the timeline from the Legends, Captain?"

This is an episode almost entirely about Bishop. And it was pretty great.

Good day to buy that lottery ticket.

The Wheel of Time: Three-Episode Premiere Discussion Review

The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass. This show’s premiere may not be the beginning everyone expected. But it is a beginning – and a very good launch.

The Umbrella Academy: Öga for Öga

Desk clerk: “You’re going to pay for that vending machine, little mister!”
Five: “Yeah? I don’t want to hurt you, all right?”
Desk clerk: “Hurt me? Oh, I ain’t afraid of you, you little pus ball.”

Fulfilling a deal to get much-needed help from the Handler, Five travels to 1982 to kill the board of the Commission, and then learns he only has 90 minutes to gather his family together in order to return to 2019.

Star Trek Discovery: Kobayashi Maru

Book: "If you tell me you made a dress uniform for Grudge, I'll stay."
To be fair, if they gave the cat a uniform, I expect quite a few fans that are ready to give up would stick around.

By nature I love brevity: Discovery returns with one of the most solid and even-keeled episodes the series has delivered so far. On a show where consistency, especially tonal consistency, is one of the most persistent issues, this is very, very good.

Doctor Who: Flux, Chapter Three: Once, Upon Time

"I’m sorry. I was doing the right thing."

Easily one of the top ten episodes of Nu-Who. Possibly top five.

The Flash: Armageddon, Part 1

“Wow, you have seriously leveled up.”

They weren’t exactly subtle with the theme, were they? In case you hadn’t noticed, Team Flash has leveled up. Let’s hope the show has, too.