The Good Place: Chidi’s Choice

“No more thinking, Chidi!”

About six months ago, I discovered a hardback copy of Sophie’s Choice on the remainder table at my local chain bookstore. Priced below five dollars, sporting a nifty vintage dust-jacket, and surrounded by discounted murder mysteries, the book looked lonely. And so I bought it, fully aware I would never read it, out of a sense of pity for the way the book’s plot (which I am familiar with) and its present circumstances (unchosen) intersected.

Jessica Jones: A.K.A. The Perfect Burger

Jessica: "I hate heroism."

Seeing that the third season of Jessica Jones consists of the final installments into the Marvel-Netflix series, something in me reckons that the least Netflix could have done was let this universe go out with a little bit of dignity. It was only the week before this season's launch that we finally got our first trailer, and the marketing overall of this season has been exceedingly minimal, as if this series suddenly felt akin to Super Mario Bros and Netflix is an ashamed Bob Hoskins ultimately leaving the title off his resume.

Lucifer: Super Bad Boyfriend

"Why do I hate myself so much?"

This episode made me think about why Lucifer is a difficult show to define.

iZombie: Filleted to Rest

"We might lose faith sometimes, but we can't give up on family."

There was a moment during this episode where I felt a little overwhelmed by everything I was watching unfold. iZombie has always been a “busy” series, but there was a certain level of chaos to this episode that was quite jarring, with characters making rash and unconvincing choices, and an old dangling plot rearing its head in a confusing and clumsy way.

Roswell, New Mexico: So Much For the Afterglow

“I gotta get through this one, really crappy day.”

The tenth anniversary of Rosa’s death has opened old wounds and dredged up the worst in the residents of Roswell, including Max and Liz.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Dark Page

“Aren’t you going to mingle, Mr. Woof?”

Lwaxana Troi is back on the Enterprise introducing a new race to the Federation, the Cairn, who communicate mostly through images, and a new man to her daughter, who communicates mostly through pauses.

Lucifer: Devil Is as Devil Does

"Flawed doesn't mean weak."
"Sounds like something a weak person would say."

Actions and consequences. And one hell of a final image.

The 100: Memento Mori

"Don't worry. I'll try to make sure they only kill you."

This is an episode that's hard to write about because I can't exactly put my finger on how I feel about it.

The Good Place: ...Someone Like Me as a Member

“I swear to Bieber!”

Now this is more like it.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Phantasms

"Dreams are the royal road to the knowledge of the mind."

Data has nightmares, which turn out to be surprisingly useful, if a tad dangerous to those around him.

The Handmaid's Tale: God Bless the Child

"Smart girls are trouble."

Three baptisms and a reunion. Actually, two reunions.

The Good Place: Most Improved Player

“There is no award for most improved player, Chidi.”
“Well, maybe there should be.”

Possibly my least favorite episode of the season.