Lucifer: A Chance at a Happy Ending

"Maybe I can't control my guilt, but I sure as hell can channel my anger."

Lucifer had one hell of an act to follow with the absolute powerhouse that was the last episode. So how did this reworked series finale turn out?

Lucifer: Is This Really How It's Going to End?!

"There are no words to convince me that the system isn't broken. The system is not only broken, it's unjust."

Rob Benedict, how dare you do this to me.

The Handmaid's Tale: Progress

"I've heard they're hard to find."

A few good men. Three, actually.

The Flash: Good-Bye Vibrations

“Dude, this is the end of an era.”

There comes a time in every long running show’s life where series’ regulars begin to leave. That time has come to The Flash. This episode was Cisco’s Sayonara, and it was a lot like Cisco himself. A playful and somewhat silly outer-shell with a huge beating heart at its core.

An X-Men Retrospective: Part 5

"I am not ashamed of what I am. Let them try and stop us this time."

In the final part of my journey through the wild and crazy history of the X-Men I'll be looking at that weird period in the mid-2010s when Marvel tried (and failed) to make Inhumans the new X-Men. After that I'll be bringing us right up to date with the massive success of the Hickman reinvention.

An X-Men Retrospective: Part 4

"Iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction. And every time this team goes into the field, we remind the world that we do."

In the penultimate instalment of my journey through X-Men history I'll be championing the brief, brilliant and criminally overlooked tenure of Kieron Gillen, before navigating the many highs and lows of Brian Michael Bendis' divisive run.

Lucifer: Nothing Lasts Forever

"The darker the darkness, the brighter the light."

It was a proper family reunion this episode, wasn't it?

Legends of Tomorrow: The Satanist's Apprentice

"You get me?"
"Like the clap, my lady."

The Legends serve up kind of a mixed bag. It's a hell of a good showing for Astra though.

Superman & Lois: Loyal Subjekts

"Why Smallville?"

The Morgan Edge evil plot has been slow to develop and hasn't held my interest. But suddenly, wham.

An X-Men Retrospective: Part 3

“No more mutants.”

In the third part of my X-Men retrospective I'll be looking at the works of Grant Morrison, the second second coming of Chris Claremont, the astonishing work of a writer we now know to be less than astonishing, the fallout from House of M, as well as the ups and downs of the team's big move to the West Coast.

Lucifer: A Little Harmless Stalking

"Of course I was mad. You broke my heart."
"I did? That's awesome! I mean, that's awful. Awful."

This almost felt like an episode straight out of Season One or Two. The cop side of the "Devil Cop" was on full display this time around.

Loki: Glorious Purpose

Guilty of being the God of Mischief? Yes.

When the incredible Loki somehow manages to escape the bonds of time, he's targeted by an agency with incredible powers and a sixty year old orange-centric fashion sense.