Veronica Mars: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

“She always picks herself back up.”

Outlander: Heaven and Earth

And the moral is, never try to take grog away from sailors. Especially if they don't understand germ theory.

Veronica Mars: Gods of War

"Shit, Veronica, how low is the bar for you?"

Veronica of all people should know by now that if you play with fire...

Outlander: The Doldrums

"Dinna want to be caught with a banana on a French frigate."

Much of this episode made me laugh out loud. I think that's what they were going for, but I'm not completely sure.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Body Parts

Quark: "I’m a joke on Ferenginar – Starfleet’s favorite bartender! The synthenol king! What a legacy!"
Rom: "You’re not a joke here. You’re a respected businessman, a pillar of the community, a man with many friends."

In which Star Trek Deep Space Nine steals heavily from the Christmas classic It’s a Wonderful Life and adjusts the lives of several characters to reflect the fact that Nana Visitor, the actor who plays Major Kira, was pregnant when season four was being shot.

Doux News: Fall Preview

Hey, all, how's it going? Did you have a good summer? Are you as overwhelmed by the number of available television choices as I am?

Before I talk about our fall coverage, I want to share that I've fallen into television love twice this past spring and summer.

Roswell, New Mexico: I Saw the Sign

“Reality sucks.”

Whether you’re talking symbols or hints of things to come, there were plenty of signs to be seen.

Star Trek The Next Generation: Genesis

Picard insists on going on an away mission to get out of some boring tests, and while he's gone, all heck breaks loose on the Enterprise.

"Doctor! My capillaries are shrinking!"

Outlander: First Wife

"What, d'ye think we were all just frozen in time waiting for you to return?"

It made me sad to see how alienated Jamie is now from his beloved Lallybroch. You really can't go home again.

Veronica Mars: Entering a World of Pain

“What's the destructive gene in your relationship?”

Throughout this season we’ve watched Veronica and Logan attempt to navigate their relationship and their own separate ideals in light of the different people they’ve become. They seem to be clashing most when it comes to Veronica’s own personal shortcomings, something that’s made even more jarring by the fact that Logan seems to have gotten his shit together in a big way.

This Close: What Happened To Us?

"I don't care if it's awkward as long as it's not bullshit. I'm done pretending."

In which Kate finally gets balls and speaks up for herself - along with Michael - and realizes that, in life, as with so many other things - once you start standing up for yourself, you can't stop.

This Close: The Way We Were

"At a distance, it looks like they're glowing. Then, up close, you realize it's just sweat."

In which I go from "Oh god, a flashback episode" to "Oh my god, a flashback episode!" In this pivotal episode of This Close, we finally learn the truth about Michael and Ryan, and we learn how Danny's troubles began.