Outlander: Between Two Fires

"This is what a world without civility looks like."

Did that fluffy wedding in the season opener make us forget that this show is R rated for violence? This episode began and ended with scenes that made me cringe.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: Part 3

And so we’ve already reached that point in a teen-drama’s lifespan where musical numbers are the go-to time-filler. Should we be worried?

Doctor Who: Ascension of the Cybermen

"If it gets worse, I'll call the doctor."

Both Doctor Who and the Doctor make some brave choices in part one of the big two-part season finale.

Lucifer: Save Lucifer

Chloe: “This isn’t about me. This is about you. I’m not gonna let you use me as an excuse to avoid dealing with what is behind all of this. You always talk about how much you hate being blamed for humanity’s sins. You know, ‘The Devil made me do it.’ And I think I know why you hate it so much, because deep down, you blame yourself just as much. If not more! You have to stop taking responsibility for things you can’t control. Lucifer – you need to forgive yourself.”

In the penultimate episode of the season, we complete several emotional journeys.

The Expanse: Cibola Burn

"Well, properly applied, anything can be a weapon."

It's the season finale so time for some reflection on season four.

Legends of Tomorrow: A Head of Her Time

"Yaaas Queen."

Having trouble deciding between watching a spooky ghost story or a bawdy French farce? Legends has you covered.

The Magicians: Acting Dean

Todd: “Something, something Fillory, a most amazing land, butt-f--ked by catastrophe, and way before we planned. La la blah blah Fillory, a land without a god. Needs a brand new hero, a strapping lad named—”
Julia: “Todd, please stop.”

Shady people were shady, relationships were teased, broken, shown for its self-hate filled center, and answers were revealed.

The Boys Season 1

“That was diabolical!”

I’ll start off by saying it’s way better than I ever expected it to be.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 1

"Even a Sith Lord is no match for my warriors. Put up quite a fight! Blasters. Cannons. That glowy thing."

To celebrate the release of the long awaited new (final) season on Disney+, I decided to take a look back and review every season of one of the overlooked gems in the Star Wars canon - The Clone Wars.

Supergirl: Back from the Future (Part Two)

Kara: "I cannot take the first step in a relationship because it is doomed with deception."

A fractured episode, with only a few good moments, but with a hint of something more at the end.

The Flash: A Girl Named Sue

"Is there anyone that doesn't want to kill you?"
"Not really."

By nature I love brevity: The Flash appears to be attempting to find its way after Crisis. That's probably a good thing. But it's not good if it doesn't succeed in finding its way, and 'A Girl Named Sue' is only nearing, but not quite achieving, a step in the right direction.