Gotham: Penguin, Our Hero

Selina: "So this is the Dark Zone? They should call it the dull zone."

Gotham lately has put me in a very troubled position as a writer; 'Trespassers' last week left me with the sourest of aftertastes, and yet as eager as I was for the oncoming episodes to redeem the season's quality, I also knew that any misstep 'Penguin, Our Hero' took could shatter this eagerness like a cut-rate drinking glass.

True Detective: The Great War and Modern Memory

“What you don’t remember you don’t know you don’t remember.”

Finally! It’s back!

Star Trek Enterprise: Shadows of P'Jem

Phlox: "You've been here for six months, and you haven't merely tolerated this crew, you've become a part of it. Isn't it logical to take pride in that accomplishment?"

By nature I love brevity: A fine concept with a bland and unoriginal execution. Not aggressively bad; not noticeably good. Hey look, Jeffrey Combs!

The Magicians: The Art of the Deal

Julia: “Is that a gif of a crab with a knife?”
Fen: “It's how I feel.”

Deals are made and broken, testy relationships harm the quest, and things get super graphic.

Not exactly a Newsflash

So... the final season of Game of Thrones begins on Sunday, April 14. I don't watch it, but even I am thinking it's been an awfully long time since the last season. Has it? It has, hasn't it?

IGN has explained how the timeline of the new Picard Star Trek series is going to work with the Next Gen movies and the J.J. Abrams movies. Essentially, it's not; there are going to be two universes. I'm a lifelong Star Trek fan (I hate the word 'trekkie') and even I'm confused.

Outlander: If Not For Hope

"We've lived with the fear of the unknown before, not knowing if the other is alive or dead."

Well, this was something. Not a spare moment with something happening in every corner of the board but it still somehow felt like mostly filler?

The Magicians: All That Josh

"I think we found hell."

The Magicians puts on a musical(-ish) episode! With Burlesque numbers and musical numbers performed across multiple worlds (four, to be exact), what more could you ask for?

Batman The Animated Series: P.O.V.

"Oh, poor Batman, but don't feel too bad! One of you is going to burn too!"

In this Rashamon-like episode, a police sting goes disastrously wrong and the three officers involved (Bullock, Montoya, and a rookie named Wilkes) are called before Gordon and Internal Affairs to explain how everything went arse over tit.

Manifest: Crosswinds

"Welcome to the Impossibly Cool Beach House."
"This is gonna sound crazy."
"I think our operational baseline is ten points up from crazy."
"Yeah, well this is gonna turn it up to eleven."

It's ten days after the events of the previous episode.  Marko and the other people rescued from the secret underground laboratory are still in a catatonic state from the effects of the electroshock experiments.  They're being tended to by Fiona, Saanvi, and Autumn in an architecturally stunning seaside mansion (which I shall hereafter refer to as the Impossibly Cool Beach House, or ICBH for short).  Meanwhile, Ben and Michaela are living in an apartment, and Jared is out of the hospital and returning to work.

Oh, one more thing – nobody has had a calling in ten days, either.

The Good Place: The Book of Dougs

"We're four Oreos from heaven."

It turns out the Soul Squad landed on a side sector of the Good Place, just not the main area.

The Gifted: eneMy of My eneMy

"I'm giving you a chance to save your soul."

You know, whenever that kind of line comes from someone who is part of a known racist (speciesist?) hate group, it is never a good thing. Never. Especially for the person who it was said to.

Gotham: Trespassers

Barbara: "Here he comes, Gotham. Your judge. Your jailer. Your most hated son. Have at him!"

I'm so relieved, for a moment there, I thought Gotham was really going to try and convince me that Barbara sincerely blamed Gordon for the death of Tabitha, while choosing to ignore the fact that Penguin was the one that stabbed Tabitha, and that Barbara had just as clear a shot as Gordon did to execute Penguin in that moment as well. Almost had me there Gotham, you little trickster, you!