The Case For Bingeing Jonny Quest (1964)

Race, Jonny, Bandit, Hadji, and Dr. Quest,
as drawn by their creator, Doug Wildey
"What is the matter, Jonny? Are you not happy?"
"Instead of traveling in a truck, I was hoping we'd get to ride camels."

Don't you wish you'd had an adventurous childhood in which transportation by camel was an everyday thing? Where you could spend your formative years circling the globe in a private airplane...

The Magicians: Fillory and Further

“You can never fully control external circumstances. They may even be actively hostile. But you can control the ones inside you.”

Westworld: The Absence of Field

“We all have our roles to play.”

Westworld is back to doing what it does best. Bending our minds and challenging our perceptions of reality and selfhood.

Roswell, New Mexico: Good Mother

“There are some choices people should never have to make.”

Considering the title, it is not surprising this episode explores motherhood from three different perspectives. However, it does more than that; it explores family and how it is defined by more than blood.

And Yet More Bingeworthy Shows

Here's a second installment of bingeworthy worthies from the Agents of Doux, in their own words.

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 2

"But you know what I always say: speak softly, and drive a big tank."

Season two is a step up from the previous season. Not a major one, mind you, but a step up nonetheless.

What Are You Reading?

Although we're primarily a television and movie review site, we also love books. And there is no better time to love books than right now, when escaping into an entirely different, immersive world is not just a hobby, but a survival strategy.

For that reason, we're bringing back a long-lost feature here at Doux Reviews: the What Are You Reading? thread.

It's simple and fun! Just post what you're reading, thinking about reading, hate-reading, binge-reading, trying to get others to read, in the comments. And then check back regularly for recommendations.

Outlander: The Ballad of Roger Mac

"It doesn't hurt a bit to die."

This was the best Outlander episode I've seen in awhile. Certainly the best of the season. So far.

The Case for Bingeing Doctor Who: The Black and White Years

"If you could touch the alien sand and hear the cries of strange birds, and watch them wheel in another sky, would that satisfy you?"

There’s an understandable temptation, even among your more devoted binge watchers, to give the first six seasons a pass if you’re going to attempt to watch all of the original run of Doctor Who (1963-1989). You shouldn't.

Westworld: The Winter Line

“It’s alright, darling. None of it matters. Because none of it is real.”

Westworld is such a prestige show that a lot is going on even when not very much is happening plot-wise.

Roswell, New Mexico: Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space

“Everybody in this town is haunted.”

It’s been two weeks since the events of the last episode. And as much as the main characters would like to be there for each other, they spend most of this episode suffering alone.

Charmed: Season Two (Part 2)

“I guess the sisterhood has some issues to work out.”

[Episodes 2.09-14]

Where the first eight episodes of this season focused on the new normal of the Vera sisters’ surprise relocation, these next six episodes went back to the heart of the show – the Power of Three – and made some serious changes to what we thought we knew.