Gotham: 13 Stitches

Bullock: "Nygma, you're a son-of-a-bitch!"
Nygma: "...not now Bullock!"

Oh how Gotham loves its hiatuses. Even in the midst of its final and condensed year, Gotham wouldn't dare pass up the opportunity to go on break for two weeks, with the same gusto that FedEx delivery men seem to have when knocking my lawn gnomes over. Still, after the wobbly ending 'Pena Dura' left us with, one thing I wasn't expecting out of the follow-up '13 Stitches' was for it to be an enjoyable and very witty installment. If I could, I'd leave the review at that too - it's just some darn fine entertainment.

Manifest: Upgrade

"Faith is compromised by pessimism, Alice.  Let's be optimistic.  Put the gun down."

In the first 90 seconds or so of this episode, both Zeke and Cal have the same calling, a vivid vision of a very unfriendly black wolf.  It's a metaphor, but a metaphor for what? or who?

Star Trek Discovery: Saints of Imperfection

Pike: "Starfleet is a promise. I give my life for you, you give your life for me. And nobody gets left behind."

By nature I love brevity: This one was something of a mess. Half of it is manageable but clunky, the other half is rushed, barely comprehensible, and still clunky.

American Gods: Git Gone

"That was vulgar. I’m a vulgar woman. Anger and grief have… have really just made me vulgar."

American Gods gives us the Gospel According to Laura, and answers a few questions to boot.

The Magicians: Marry, F--k, Kill

“You know I’m not broken, right? I’m not some flower or a delicate piece of glass. I’m a person. And people heal.”

So many crazy things happened this episode—just so many things! And also, RIP Kanye West’s lizard.

The Punisher: The Whirlwind

Frank: "You know kid, sometimes you find things, and they change your life."

In the Season 2 finale, Frank, Madani, Russo, Amy, Pilgrim – it all comes to an explosive end... or so I thought, but I'll still settle for a somewhat-rushed and cobbled-together end with shining character performances scattered throughout.

DC Dives into The Trench... Dragging its Creative Prospects with it

The Hollywood Reporter announced on Friday that DC/WB would be developing a horror spinoff of Aquaman about the Trench monsters that appeared in the film. James Wan, who to be fair has some good horror experience, is supposed to produce it, and it won't feature any of the main cast. Let me preface my thoughts on this by saying I've been a lifelong fan of DC comics. I absolutely love the characters, from the big three of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all the way down to nobodies like Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and Detective Chimp (they're real, look 'em up). The stories the comics have told, too, have fascinated me for most of my life. I am an avid believer in the potential of DC's massive span of creative property. One would think that someone like me would be happy with the slate of two dozen films (give or take, depending on who you ask) on the table at DC right now.

I'm not. It makes me sad.

Manifest: Cleared for Approach

Zeke: "Am I dead?"
Michaela: "No, but that would be easier to explain."

In this installment, we learn more about the mysterious Zeke, Zeke makes significant progress on his road to recovery, Ben and Grace make significant progress toward rebuilding their family relationships, and the showrunners make their first significant mis-step.

The Punisher: Collision Course

Madani: "Frank is not a criminal. He is not a hero either. He's just...he's Frank."

The dragging state of exposition and interpretation of what makes up The Punisher rather than actually seeing The Punisher in action thankfully comes a close in 'Collision Course'.

Batman The Animated Series: Be a Clown

"What? Compare me to Batman?! I've got more style, more brains, I'm certainly a better dresser!"

Gotham City politicians should really know better than to mouth off in public.

True Detective: If You Have Ghosts

“There surely exists a mutable area of soul where grief is indistinguishable from madness.”

As Nic Pizzolatto explained, this episode, more than the others, is about confronting the past.

Star Trek Discovery: An Obol for Charon

Burnham: "You found yourself among the stars. You found your strength, your bravery."

By nature I love brevity: Though it's over-the-top and melodramatic at times, and perhaps too much was crammed into this single story, 'An Obol for Charon' is an episode in the true spirit of Star Trek. The character interactions and the performances are absolute gold.