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Interview with the Vampire

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Interview with the Vampire is an AMC adaptation of The Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice's best-selling series of books. The story begins in New Orleans with reporter Daniel Molloy interviewing a vampire named Louis de Pointe du Lac about his life with Lestat de Lioncourt, the vampire that turned him.

All episodes are reviewed by Samantha M. Quinn.

Season One

1.1 In Throes of Increasing Wonder...
1.2 ...After the Phantoms of Your Former Self
1.3 Is My Very Nature That of a Devil
1.4 ...The Ruthless Pursuit of Blood with All a Child's Demanding
1.5 A Vile Hunger for Your Hammering Heart
1.6 Like Angels Put in Hell by God
1.7 The Thing Lay Still

Season Two

2.1 What Can the Damned Really Say to the Damned
2.2 Do You Know What It Means to Be Loved by Death
2.3 No Pain
2.4 I Want You More than Anything in the World
2.5 Don't Be Afraid, Just Start the Tape
2.6 Like the Light by Which God Made the World before He Made Light
2.7 I Could Not Prevent It
2.8 And That’s the End of It. There’s Nothing Else

Season Three

Yes, there's going to be a season three.

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Jacob Anderson (Louis de Pointe du Lac)
Sam Reid (Lestat de Lioncourt)
Eric Bogosian (Daniel Molloy)
Chris Stack (Thomas 'Tom' Anderson)
Bailey Bass (Claudia)