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The Prisoner

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From the iconic wordless opener to the bizarre, controversial finale, The Prisoner (1967-1968) is original science fiction that consistently makes top ten lists of all time great cult shows. The 17-episode series starred Patrick McGoohan, who was also creator and executive producer and who wrote and directed several episodes as well.

The proper sequence of episodes is a point of contention with Prisoner fans. We decided to review the series in DVD order for simplicity's sake.


1.1 Arrival
1.2 Free for All
1.3 Dance of the Dead
1.4 Checkmate
1.5 The Chimes of Big Ben
1.6 A, B, and C
1.7 The General
1.8 The Schizoid Man
1.9 Many Happy Returns
1.10 It's Your Funeral
1.11 A Change of Mind
1.12 Hammer Into Anvil
1.13 Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling
1.14 Living in Harmony
1.15 The Girl Who Was Death
1.16 Once Upon a Time
1.17 Fall Out


List of actors who played Number Two


Patrick McGoohan (Number Six)
Angelo Muscat (The Butler)
Peter Swanwick (Supervisor)
Leo McKern (Number Two)