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Continuum (2012-2015) is an intriguing science fiction series about Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols), a cop from the year 2077, who accidentally travels back in time to 2012 with a group of anti-corporate terrorists bent on changing the world. Much in the tradition of Terminator and Blade Runner, Continuum is full of surprisingly deft and fascinating twisty-turny time travel goodness. And it had an excellent ending. Highly recommended.

Season One

1.1 A Stitch in Time
1.2 Fast Times
1.3 Wasting Time
1.4 Matter of Time
1.5 A Test of Time
1.6 Time's Up
1.7 The Politics of Time
1.8 Playtime
1.9 Family Time
1.10 End Times

Season Two

2.1 Second Chances
2.2 Split Second
2.3 Second Thoughts
2.4 Second Skin
2.5 Second Opinion
2.6 Second Truths
2.7 Second Degree
2.8 Second Listen
2.9 Seconds
2.10 Second Wave
2.11 Second Guess
2.12 Second Last
2.13 Second Time

Season Three

3.1 Minute By Minute
3.2 Minute Man
3.3 Minute to Win It
3.4 A Minute Changes Everything
3.5 30 Minutes to Air
3.6 Wasted Minute
3.7 Waning Minute
3.8 So Do Our Minutes Hasten
3.9 Minute of Silence
3.10 Revolutions Per Minute
3.11 3 Minutes to Midnight
3.12 The Dying Minutes
3.13 Last Minute

Season Four

4.1 Lost Hours
4.2 Rush Hour
4.3 Power Hour
4.4 Zero Hour
4.5 The Desperate Hours
4.6 Final Hour


Rachel Nichols (Kiera Cameron)
Victor Webster (Carlos Fonnegra)
Erik Knudsen (Alec Sadler)
Stephen Lobo (Matthew Kellog)
Lexa Doig (Sonya Valentine)
Omari Newton (Lucas Ingram)
Roger R. Cross (Travis Verta)
Luvia Petersen (Jasmine Garza)
Brian Markinson (Inspector Dillon)
Jennifer Spence (Betty Robertson)
Richard Harmon (Julian Randol)
Tony Amendola (Edouard Kagame)
William B. Davis (Alec Sadler)