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Travelers is a Showcase/Netflix series about people from a far flung and terrible future who have chosen to have their consciousness transferred into the bodies of 21st century individuals who are about to die. Working in teams of five, their Grand Plan is to use their knowledge and skills to actively change the future into something better.

Sadly, Travelers has been cancelled.

Season Reviews

Season One
Season Two
Season Three


Eric McCormack (Grant MacLaren)
MacKenzie Porter (Marcy Warton)
Nesta Cooper (Carly Shannon)
Jared Abrahamson (Trevor Holden)
Reilly Dolman (Philip Pearson)
Patrick Gilmore (David Mailer)
Leah Cairns (Kathryn MacLaren)
J. Alex Brinson (Jeff Conniker)
Jennifer Spence (Grace Day)
Arnold Pinnock (Walt Forbes)
Kristine Cofsky (Officer Boyd)
Ian Tracey (Ray)