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La Femme Nikita

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La Femme Nikita (1997-2001) is a spy drama about the agents of a secret anti-terrorist government organization called Section One that ostensibly does good while operating under a mandate of pure evil. The story centers on Nikita (Peta Wilson), framed for murder and taken from death row to work for Section One, and her relationship with Michael (Roy Dupuis), a distant and damaged super agent who is her trainer, her mentor, and eventually, her lover.

What makes a series a cult classic? Whatever it is, La Femme Nikita has it. Although it was a low budget production that aired on USA, La Femme Nikita attracted a core audience of loyal and completely obsessed fans. I loved the darkness and paranoia of Section One and the forbidden love affair between Michael and Nikita. In fact, I became such a fan of Roy Dupuis that I reviewed many of his movies and television appearances.

Thank you to the LFN site Cynbythesea for many of the screencaps I added to these reviews in 2019.

Season One

1.1 Nikita
1.2 Friend
1.3 Simone
1.4 Charity
1.5 Mother
1.6 Love
1.7 Treason
1.8 Escape
1.9 Gray
1.10 Choice
1.11 Rescue
1.12 Innocent
1.13 Recruit
1.14 Gambit
1.15 Obsessed
1.16 Noise
1.17 War
1.18 Missing
1.19 Voices
1.20 Brainwash
1.21 Verdict
1.22 Mercy

Season Two

2.1 Hard Landing
2.2 Spec Ops
2.3 Third Person
2.4 Approaching Zero
2.5 New Regime
2.6 Mandatory Refusal
2.7 Half Life
2.8 Darkness Visible
2.9 Open Heart
2.10 First Mission
2.11 Psychic Pilgrim
2.12 Soul Sacrifice
2.13 Not Was
2.14 Double Date
2.15 Fuzzy Logic
2.16 Old Habits
2.17 Inside Out
2.18 Off Profile
2.19 Last Night
2.20 In Between
2.21 Adrian's Garden
2.22 End Game

Season Three

3.1 Looking for Michael
3.2 Someone Else's Shadow
3.3 Opening Night Jitters
3.4 Gates of Hell
3.5 Imitation of Death
3.6 Love and Country
3.7 Cat and Mouse
3.8 Outside the Box
3.9 Slipping Into Darkness
3.10 Under the Influence
3.11 Walk On By
3.12 Threshold of Pain
3.13 Beyond the Pale
3.14 Hand to Hand
3.15 Before I Sleep
3.16 I Remember Paris
3.17 All Good Things
3.18 Third Party Ripoff
3.19 Any Means Necessary
3.20 Three-Eyed Turtle
3.21 Playing With Fire
3.22 On Borrowed Time

Season Four

4.1 Getting Out of Reverse
4.2 There Are No Missions
4.3 View of the Garden
4.4 Into the Looking Glass
4.5 Man in the Middle
4.6 Love, Honor & Cherish
4.7 Sympathy for the Devil
4.8 No One Lives Forever
4.9 Down a Crooked Path
4.10 He Came From Four
4.11 Time to be Heroes
4.12 Hell Hath No Fury
4.13 Kiss the Past Goodbye
4.14 Line in the Sand
4.15 Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate
4.16 Catch a Falling Star
4.17 Sleeping with the Enemy
4.18 Toys in the Basement
4.19 Time out of Mind
4.20 Face in the Mirror
4.21 Up the Rabbit Hole
4.22 Four Light Years Farther

Season Five

5.1 Deja Vu All Over Again
5.2 A Girl Who Wasn't There
5.3 In Through the Out Door
5.4 All the World's a Stage
5.5 The Man Behind the Curtain
5.6 The Evil that Men Do
5.7 Let No Man Put Asunder
5.8 A Time for Every Purpose


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Peta Wilson (Nikita)
Roy Dupuis (Michael)
Eugene Robert Glazer (Operations)
Alberta Watson (Madeline)
Don Francks (Walter)
Matthew Ferguson (Birkoff)