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This is an A to Z list of every television show for which we've written anything substantial, from a pilot review to complete coverage.

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3%   (partial coverage)
24   (complete)
The 100   (complete)
The 4400   (article)

Agent Carter   (complete)
Agents of SHIELD   (complete)
Alcatraz   (smattering)
Alias   (complete)
Almost Human   (pilot)
Alphas   (complete)
Altered Carbon   (complete)
American Gods   (complete)
American Horror Story   (first season)
American Ninja Warrior   (article)
The Americans   (partial coverage)
Angel   (complete)
Aquarius   (pilot)
Arrested Development   (partial coverage)
Arrow   (complete)
Ascension   (series review)
Atlantis   (pilot)
Avatar: The Last Airbender   (complete)
The Avengers   (series review)
Awake   (complete)

Babylon 5   (series review)
Bates Motel   (pilot)
Batman: The Animated Series   (reviews in progress)
Batwoman   (partial coverage)
Battlestar Galactica   (complete)
Beauty and the Beast   (pilot)
Being Human (BBC)   (complete)
Being Human (Syfy)   (smattering)
Better Call Saul   (smattering)
The Big Bang Theory   (smattering)
Big Little Lies   (first season)
The Biggest Loser   (article)
Black Lightning   (partial coverage)
Black Mirror   (partial coverage)
Blake's 7   (series review)
Blindspot   (pilot)
Bloodline   (partial coverage)
Boardwalk Empire   (pilot)
Bojack Horseman   (one episode)
Bones   (one episode)
The Boys   (complete)
Breaking Bad   (complete)
The Bridge   (pilot)
Bridgerton   (season review)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer   (complete)
Buffy Comics   (season eight)

Call My Agent!   (series review)
Caprica   (smattering)
Carnivale   (series review)
Castle   (partial coverage)
Castle Rock   (pilot)
A Charlie Brown Christmas   (special)
Charmed   (complete, mostly)
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina   (complete)
Chuck   (partial coverage)
Cloak & Dagger   (complete)
Colony   (pilot)
Community   (complete)
Constantine   (complete)
Continuum   (complete)
Copper   (pilot)
The Crazy Ones   (pilot)
The Crown   (complete)
Cult   (pilot)

Daredevil   (partial coverage)
Dark Matter   (pilot)
Day Break   (article)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow   (complete)
The Dead Zone   (complete)
Deadwood   (smattering)
Death Comes to Pemberley   (series review)
Debris   (pilot)
The Defenders   (complete)
Defiance   (pilot)
Defying Gravity   (pilot)
Devs   (series review)
Dexter   (complete)
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency   (partial coverage)
Do No Harm   (pilot)
Doctor Who (2005-present)   (complete)
Doctor Who (1963-1989)   (complete)
Dollhouse   (complete)
Doom Patrol   (complete)
Downton Abbey   (complete)
Dracula   (pilot)
Due South   (series review)

Elementary   (pilot)
Emma Approved   (series review)
Eureka   (complete)
The Event   (pilot)
The Expanse   (reviews in progress)
Extant   (pilot)

The Fades   (complete)
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier   (complete)
The Fall   (partial coverage)
Falling Skies   (partial coverage)
Fargo   (partial coverage)
Farscape   (complete)
Fear the Walking Dead   (partial coverage)
Les Filles de Caleb   (series review)
Firefly   (complete)
The Flash   (complete)
FlashForward   (complete)
The Following   (pilot)
Friday Night Lights   (article)
Fringe   (complete)

Gallipoli   (series review)
Game of Thrones   (complete)
The Gifted   (partial coverage)
A Gifted Man   (pilot)
Gilmore Girls   (complete)
Girl Meets World   (pilot)
Glee   (partial coverage)
The Good Place   (complete)
Gotham   (complete)

The Handmaid's Tale   (complete)
Hanna   (complete)
Hannibal   (complete)
Happy Town   (pilot)
Happy Valley   (complete)
Harley Quinn   (pilot)
The Haunting of Hill House   (first season)
Haven   (partial coverage)
Hawaii Five-0   (smattering)
Helix   (pilot)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys   (series review)
Heroes   (complete)
Highlander   (complete)
Highlander: The Raven   (series review)
Hill Street Blues   (series review)
House of Cards   (partial coverage)
House of Lies   (pilot)
How I Met Your Mother   (finale)
Human Target   (pilot)
Humans   (partial coverage)

Inhumans   (pilot)
Inspector Morse   (series review)
Intelligence   (pilot)
Iron Fist   (partial coverage)
iZombie   (complete)

Jane Eyre (2006 miniseries)   (series review)
Jessica Jones   (complete)
Jonny Quest   (series review)
Justified   (complete)

The Killing   (partial coverage)
Kings   (pilot)
The Knick   (pilot)
Knight Rider   (pilot)
Krypton   (pilot)

La Femme Nikita   (complete)
The Last Chapter   (series review)
Last Resort   (pilot)
The Last Ship   (partial coverage)
The Leftovers   (smattering)
The Legend of Korra   (in progress)
Legends of Tomorrow   (complete)
Legion   (partial coverage)
Life on Mars   (series review)
Little Fires Everywhere   (series review)
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries   (series review)
Lost   (complete)
Lost Girl   (partial coverage)
Lost in Austen   (complete)
The Lost Room   (series review)
Lucifer   (complete)
Luke Cage   (complete)
Lupin   (first season review)
Luther   (series review)

Mad Men   (partial coverage)
The Magicians   (complete)
Making a Murderer   (article)
The Man in the High Castle   (complete)
The Mandalorian   (in progress)
Manifest   (partial coverage)
Marvel's Agent Carter   (complete)
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD   (complete)
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger   (complete)
Marvel's The Defenders   (complete)
Masters of Sex   (partial coverage)
The Mentalist   (smattering)
Merlin   (partial coverage)
The Messengers   (pilot)
The Middleman   (series review)
Midnight, Texas   (partial coverage)
Minority Report   (pilot)
Missing   (pilot)
Moonlight   (complete)
Mr. Robot   (complete)
The Musketeers   (partial coverage)

Nashville   (smattering)
The Nevers   (smattering)
Nikita   (complete)
Nine: Nine Times Time Travel   (series review)
No Ordinary Family   (pilot)
Normal People   (complete)
North and South   (series review)

The OA   (partial coverage)
Once Upon a Time   (partial coverage)
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland   (complete)
Orange is the New Black   (partial coverage)
The Originals   (complete)
Orphan Black   (complete)
Outcasts   (pilot)
The Outer Limits   (on hiatus)
Outlander   (complete)
The Outsider   (pilot)

Parade's End   (series review)
The Path   (pilot)
Peaky Blinders   (reviews in progress)
Penny Dreadful   (pilot)
The People v. O.J. Simpson   (complete)
Person of Interest   (complete)
Persons Unknown   (complete)
Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams   (pilot)
Preacher   (partial coverage)
Pride and Prejudice (1980 miniseries)   (series review)
Pride and Prejudice (1995 miniseries)   (complete)
Prison Break   (complete)
The Prisoner   (complete)
The Punisher   (complete)

Quantum Leap   (complete)
The Queen's Gambit   (complete)

Raines   (complete)
Real Time with Bill Maher   (article)
Rectify   (complete)
Reign   (pilot)
The Returned   (partial coverage)
Revenge   (partial coverage)
Revolution   (partial coverage)
Ringer   (complete)
The River   (pilot)
Roadies   (pilot)
Robin of Sherwood   (series review)
Roman Empire: Reign of Blood   (series review)
Rome   (complete)
The Rookie   (pilot)
Roswell   (complete – in progress)
Roswell, New Mexico   (complete)
Russian Doll   (first season)

Sapphire and Steel   (series review)
Scandal   (partial coverage)
Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated   (partial coverage)
Scoop   (series review)
The Secret Circle   (partial coverage)
Secret Forest   (article)
Sense and Sensibility (2008)   (series review)
Sense8   (partial coverage)
Shadow and Bone   (season one review)
Shadowhunters   (reviews in progress)
Shark Week   (article)
Sherlock   (complete)
Six Feet Under   (complete)
Sleepy Hollow   (complete)
Smallville   (complete)
The Stand   (complete)
Star Trek (The Original Series)   (complete)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine   (complete – in progress)
Star Trek: Discovery   (complete)
Star Trek: Enterprise   (complete – in progress)
Star Trek: Lower Decks   (pilot)
Star Trek: Picard   (complete)
Star Trek: Short Treks   (complete)
Star Trek: The Next Generation   (complete)
Star Trek: Voyager   (complete – in progress)
Star Wars Rebels   (one episode)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars   (reviews in progress)
Stargate Universe   (complete)
Stranger Things   (complete)
Supergirl   (complete)
Superman & Lois   (complete)
Supernatural   (complete)
The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher   (series review)

Taboo   (series review)
Taken   (series review)
Tales From the Loop   (series review)
Teen Wolf   (partial coverage)
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles   (complete)
Terra Nova   (partial coverage)
This Close   (partial coverage)
Threshold   (complete)
Timeless   (pilot)
Tomorrow People   (pilot)
Torchwood   (complete)
Travelers   (complete)
True Blood   (complete)
True Detective   (complete)
The Tudors   (partial coverage)
Twin Peaks   (complete)

Ultraviolet   (series review)
The Umbrella Academy   (partial coverage)
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt   (partial coverage)
Undercovers   (pilot)
Under the Dome   (smattering)

V (2009)   (smattering)
The Vampire Diaries   (complete)
Veronica Mars   (complete)
Virtuality   (pilot)

Walker   (pilot)
The Walking Dead   (partial coverage)
WandaVision   (complete)
Warehouse 13   (partial coverage)
Watchmen   (complete)
Wayward Pines   (partial coverage)
The West Wing   (partial coverage)
Westworld   (complete)
The Widow   (series review)
Will & Grace
The Wire   (partial coverage)
The Witcher   (complete)
Witches of East End   (complete)
Wonder Woman   (pilot)
Wonderfalls   (complete)

The X-Files   (complete)

Zero Hour   (pilot)
Zero Zero Zero   (series review)
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist   (smattering)

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