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A tale of magic, demons and tragic plot holes, Charmed (1998-2006) was a fun, if slightly embarrassing series that initially rooted its more absurd elements in the powerful bond of sisterhood, exploring the ups and downs of a trio of siblings who are thrown headfirst into a world of witchcraft. Sadly, that wasn't enough to fill up the WB’s weekly TV spots, so the beautiful drama took a backseat to dress-up games in later years. At least the opening seasons speak for themselves, and Charmed's legacy as a fun, camp and engaging statement of female strength and diversity remains intact all these years later.

Panda wrote season reviews for the original series and more segmented reviews of the rebooted CW series (2018-2022).

Season Reviews 1-8

Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven
Season Eight

Charmed (Reboot) Season One

Not all episodes were reviewed.

1.1 Pilot
1.2 Let This Mother Out
1.3 Sweet Tooth
1.4 Exorcise Your Demons
1.5 Other Women
1.6 Kappa Spirit
1.7 Out of Scythe
1.8 Bug a Boo
1.9 Jingle Hell
1.10 Keep Calm and Harry On
1.11 Witch Perfect
1.12 You're Dead to Me
1.13 Manic Pixie Nightmare
1.14 Touched by a Demon
1.15 Switches & Stones
1.16 Memento Mori
1.17 Surrender
1.18 The Replacement
1.19 Power of Four
1.20 Ambush
1.21 Red Rain
1.22 The Source Awakens

Charmed (Reboot) Season Two

Review of episodes 2.1 through 2.8
Review of episodes 2.9 through 2.14
Review of episodes 2.15 through 2.19

Charmed (Reboot) Season Three

Review of episodes 3.1 through 3.3
Review of episodes 3.4 through 3.13
Review of episodes 3.14 through 3.18

Charmed (Reboot) Season Four

Review of episodes 4.1 through 4.6
Review of episodes 4.7 through 4.13


Charmed-a-versary: Top 20 episodes

Cast (original series)

Holly Marie Combs (Piper Halliwell)
Alyssa Milano (Phoebe Halliwell)
Shannen Doherty (Prue Halliwell)
Rose McGowan (Paige Mathews)

Cast (rebooted series)

Melonie Diaz (Melanie "Mel" Vera)
Madeleine Mantock (Macy Vaughn)
Sarah Jeffrey (Margarita "Maggie" Vera)
Rupert Evans (Harry Greenwood)