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When Firefly first aired in 2002, I was certain it was too different to catch on and I refused to give it my heart, knowing it would only be broken. And when I was right and it was cancelled so quickly, I just stopped watching. It took some time, but after revisiting the series on DVD, I was finally ready to acknowledge how wonderful it was.

If you're new to Firefly, start with the series, not with Serenity, the movie! Serenity was made after the series.

Episode Reviews

1.1 Serenity
1.2 The Train Job
1.3 Bushwhacked
1.4 Shindig
1.5 Safe
1.6 Our Mrs. Reynolds
1.7 Jaynestown
1.8 Out of Gas
1.9 Ariel
1.10 War Stories
1.11 Trash
1.12 The Message
1.13 Heart of Gold
1.14 Objects in Space

Serenity (movie)
(Chronologically, the movie comes after the series)

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Nathan Fillion (Mal Reynolds)
Gina Torres (Zoe)
Alan Tudyk (Wash)
Morena Baccarin (Inara)
Adam Baldwin (Jayne)
Jewel Staite (Kaylee)
Sean Maher (Simon)
Summer Glau (River)
Ron Glass (Shepherd Book)