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From the creators of Damages, Bloodline is a family drama, a crime saga, a psychological thriller, and one of the best shows under the Netflix logo. It centers around the Rayburns, a prosperous family living in the tropical Florida Keys, and the bad blood that rises to the surface when the prodigal son returns home. This change threatens to expose old wounds and derail their peaceful existence, leading to strife in the family from inside and out. Slowly but surely, the Rayburns learn the price they must pay for trying to bury the past.

This is an intense, engrossing, finely crafted series, brought to life by a truly stellar cast. Bloodline plays out in a dreamy, novelistic style that gradually draws you into the world of the Rayburn family, and the sunny and exotic yet subtly dark and oppressive atmosphere they inhabit. Their story is a sort of great modern tragedy, hidden beneath the veneer of American paradise.

Season one reviews are in progress. Bloodline is reviewed by Logan Cox.

Season One

1.1 Part 1
1.2 Part 2
1.3 Part 3
1.4 Part 4
1.5 Part 5
1.6 Part 6
1.7 Part 7
1.8 Part 8
1.9 Part 9
1.10 Part 10
1.11 Part 11
1.12 Part 12
1.13 Part 13

Season Two

2.1 Part 14
2.2 Part 15
2.3 Part 16
2.4 Part 17
2.5 Part 18
2.6 Part 19
2.7 Part 20
2.8 Part 21
2.9 Part 22
2.10 Part 23

Season Three

Airs in 2017.


Kyle Chandler (John Rayburn)
Ben Mendelsohn (Danny Rayburn)
Linda Cardellini (Meg Rayburn)
Norbert Leo Butz (Kevin Rayburn)
Sissy Spacek (Sally Rayburn)
Sam Shepard (Robert Rayburn)
Jacinda Barrett (Diana Rayburn)
Jamie McShane (Eric O'Bannon)
Enrique Marciano (Marco Diaz)
Katie Finneran (Belle Rayburn)