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The Originals: Haunter of Ruins

"We're all going. She needs me. I need both of you. We're family, we stick together."

I feel like this review is all over the place. Writing it, I kept getting too excited and jumping around.

After last week's stellar episode we opened with Klaus laying down the law. "I'm not asking." In the past, when he has laid down these kinds of fall in line or else kind of orders I usually get annoyed. Klaus' growth has been so gradual over the last three seasons. More of the two steps forward and one step back variety. It makes sense that five years of torment would change a person, but how long until he kills the next Gia or sticks someone with another wonky curse behind everyone's back? I'm only bringing this up because I am wildly fascinated to see how the writers write this journey. Hope is a very tangible pull that will soften him. Or could, I should say. Either way, I'm excited to see it unfold.

And let's talk about Hope and that insanely talented actress they pulled out of nowhere. I loved every scene she was in. Her uncomfortable realization that her wildest dream had come true and was standing on her front porch was painfully awkward, and I know painfully awkward. She played it beautifully. I liked her giving Klaus a piece of paper to paint on when neither of them knew what to do and I loved that she is already keeping secrets from Hayley. Joseph Morgan is such an emotive actor. 80 percent of everything he does is acted with his eyes, and it had to be hard to find a child actress that could play off of him. Kudos, casting people. Gold stars go to you today.

Something else that gave me all the warm feelings, not to mention was a long time coming, was Elijah and Rebekah's conversation about what direction their lives might go in now that Klaus' soul might be saved and they have options. This was always the theme of this episode. Everyone is trying to decide what their next steps will look like. Where they will go and how they'll live.

Phoebe Tonkin is killing is too. It's good to see her not only fully enmeshed with the rest of them but also embracing it. But not so much that she isn't herself. And she's doing such a great job of showing the layers of those choices. Her almost guilty feelings about all she's done over the past few years is understandable, but the self-awareness of knowing she'd do them all again makes it so much more interesting to watch. Freya might not agree with protecting Hope's innocence, but it's a gold star mom moment.

Freya is letting her fear define her. It's a little like a Klaus origins story, and I don't mind it.. yet. The two of them have always been very similar. Two psychopaths leaving destruction in their wakes all in the name of family will eventually take its toll though. For instance, I don't need Freya telling Hayley that she doesn't belong. It's obnoxious and we've seen Klaus lash out like this 24484638473 times. I wonder what that rage will look like when she finds out that two of her siblings took off without so much as a good luck charm rabbits foot.

In the past when Rebekah has taken off, or been daggered or hexed or whatever was a bitter pill. Mostly because in the real world we knew that Claire Holt wasn't available to stick around full time and Rebekah's absences were simply the writers trying to work around her schedule. But I kept begrudgingly swallowing it because it was better than killing her off. Taking off with Kol for a road trip felt so much more organic. Maybe some sibling bonding will do them some good and they will finally find what they have spent the past bajillion centuries looking for. And Auntie Bex was right, watching her and Klaus part of such sweet terms was the best of changes. I hope they like St. Tropez. If I had a gripe, it would be that we didn't get to see the two of them meet Hope. Particularly, Rebekah. She loved and fought tooth and nail for her as a baby and even went on the run with her. You'd think that she'd at least introduce herself or even say goodbye to Hayley much less Elijah. Probably a timing issue, but still felt off.

I barely care about what's happening in New Orleans. I'm sure a lot of people do, but this season is really opening my eyes to the fact that The Mikaelson's really are the heart and soul of this show for me. But I guess there is an evil kidnapping demony thing on the loose that probably came for Hope because she's totes powerful. Or something. Team Mikaelson isn't going to be happy about that.

I loved it.
A strong 3.5 out of 4 unmagical bracelets. Maybe 4 bracelets.

Bites and pieces

Eva Sinclair was alive and kicking in a flashback (a lot less homicidal than we remember her) AND Sophie Devareaux was mentioned. Fun!

Hayley is understandably not cool with wolf torture happening in the barn. What good forethought on Hayley's part to get a house with a designated place for torture.

Logan Echolls Detective whats-his-name is still in the story. Let's hope he gets a better storyline than Cami.
-I wrote that down when he first showed up at the church. Then he stole an ambulance full of kids. So... chances are good, huh?

That poor, poor waitress/buffet.

What the hell was on that metal piece of fence(?) that put Marcel to sleep?

Kol: "After five years of being trapped in a house together, here we are... trapped in a house together."

Kol: "Paranoia, betrayal, violence, repeat."
Almost the opening quote.

Hope: "I know what you are, you know. Strongest in the world. Strong enough to keep all the bad things away."

Klaus: "My daughter is an art prodigy."
Rebekah: "Well, she's much better than you ever were. Granted, the bar was very low."

Elijah: "Let me guess. You want the world to disappear."
Hayley: "Not the whole world. You can stay, Hope too. Klaus can visit on the weekends, I guess."

Freya: "She's a Mikaelson, she can live without her innocence."

Vincent: "You remember my wife, Eva. Right?"
Marcel: "Yea, Eva, the child stealing psycho."

Elijah: "There's too much good in you. It's why I love you."
Hayley: "I love you too."
Dear Writers, I challenge you to not tear them apart because it makes for easy drama.

Klaus: "You were the only one who never treated me like a misfit. And for centuries my only place was by your side. And now I belong beside my daughter. And I suppose you deserve to find your place in the world as well."
Rebekah: "Thank you."

"But we have to go back to New Orleans."

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  1. Klaus meeting Hope was the best part of the episode. I also liked that it was mostly introspective and without much action. Time to let the characters shine.

    Good that they have so many recurring VD/TO actors on contract in the Berlanti-verse, isn't it? Nice to see Vincent's wife again. I guess that new strange power is awake now fully thanks to the destruction of the Ancestors, but I'm still holding to hope that the fact hey mention Davina a lot could mean she's stuck somewhere with the evil power and not erased from existance.


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