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Black Mirror

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Black Mirror is a dark science fiction anthology show about, in the words of creator Charlie Brooker, "the way we live now – and the way we might be living in 10 minutes time if we're clumsy." Set in both the near and distant futures, each episode stands alone--but they all add up to a trenchant satire of our modern reliance on, and engagement with, technology and media.

Our coverage of Black Mirror is extensive but incomplete.

Season One

1.1 The National Anthem
1.2 Fifteen Million Merits
1.3 The Entire History of You

Season Two

2.1 Be Right Back
2.2 White Bear
2.3 The Waldo Moment
2.4 White Christmas

Season Three

3.1 Nosedive
3.2 Playtest
3.3 Shut Up and Dance
3.4 San Junipero
3.5 Men Against Fire
3.6 Hated in the Nation

Season Four

(Not yet reviewed)
4.1 USS Callister
4.2 Arkangel
4.3 Crocodile
4.4 Hang the DJ
4.5 Metalhead
4.6 Black Museum

Season Five

5.1 Striking Vipers
5.2 Smithereens
5.3 Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

Season Six

Coming in 2023?