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Constantine (2014-2015) is a short-lived television adaptation of DC's horror series Hellblazer starring Matt Ryan as the title character. Somehow, a few years later, Constantine wandered over and guest starred on the TV series DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and shortly afterward became a member of the cast. Go figure.

When Constantine originally aired in 2014, Mark Greig wrote a review of the pilot episode. When Matt Ryan as Constantine was added as a cast member to Legends of Tomorrow in 2018, Mikey Heinrich wrote a detailed review of all thirteen episodes of the original Constantine.


Non Est Asylum pilot review by Mark Greig
Constantine series review by Mikey Heinrich

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Matt Ryan (John Constantine)
Harold Perrineau (Manny)
Angélica Celaya (Zed Martin)
Charles Halford (Chas Chandler)