The Big Bang Theory

Programming note: We covered the season six finale and a few episodes of season seven. That will probably be all.

Sure, it's a pretty safe hypothesis: if you mix four super-nerdly scientists and one super-pretty cool girl, comedy will ensue. But, as any sitcom-lover knows, it's not the elements but the chemistry that makes a show a hit. Scientific proof of this: The Big Bang Theory. These aren't just any nerdly dudes: they're Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard. And the cool girl isn't just a pretty face, she's Penny. Add in Bernadette and Amy – nerds in their own right – and Bazinga! – you've got a silly, sharp, geek-loving sitcom with characters who have heart and depth... and are all kinda nuts.

Seasons Six and Seven

6.24 The Bon Voyage Reaction

7.1 The Hofstadter Insufficiency
7.2 The Deception Verification
7.3 The Scavenger Vortex
7.4 The Raiders Minimization
7.5 The Workplace Proximity
7.6 The Romance Resonance
7.7 The Proton Displacement
7.8 The Itchy Brain Simulation
7.9 The Thanksgiving Decoupling
7.10 The Discovery Dissipation
7.11 The Cooper Extraction
7.12 The Hesitation Ramification
7.13 The Occupation Recalibration
7.14 The Convention Conundrum
7.15 The Locomotive Manipulation
7.16 The Table Polarization
7.17 The Friendship Turbulence
7.18 The Mommy Observation
7.19 The Indecision Amalgamation
7.20 The Relationship Diremption
7.21 The Anything Can Happen Recurrence
7.22 The Proton Transmogrification
7.23 The Gorilla Dissolution
7.24 The Status Quo Combustion