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Alias: The Abduction

Sloane: "That's why you're going in with Marshall."
Marshall: "Marshall who?"

This was Marshall's episode, and it was long overdue. He was very cute throughout, I must admit – the bad British accent, the parachute in his jacket, telling Sydney he loved her while under the influence. But poor baby! Seeing Sark in the torture chair didn't bother me much, but Marshall? It was like watching them torture a Muppet Baby.

Sydney is completely under Irina's spell now, isn't she? ("I was a fool to think that any ideology could come before my daughter." Wow, she's convincing.) And now Irina is working on Jack. Isn't it interesting that they're still married? I was wondering about that. Jack believes that Irina's scheme is a long-term one, and that Sark is in on it with her. Jack's a sharp guy; he may be right.

Sloane has set Faye Dunaway to catch his blackmailer, and she's zeroed in on Jack. So who is blackmailing Sloane? It isn't Jack, is it? Or is Ariana/Faye just picking up double agent vibes? (And was Jack actually flirting with her, or was it business? Hmmmmm?)

On the home front, Will has, understandably, become Sydney's confidant, and they're inadvertently closing out Francie. I'm sure Will can pass that psych test; he seems to have taken the complete implosion of his entire life with such aplomb. Very funny that he had to take the test at the post office.

Bits and pieces:

— Syd went on a mission with Sark, and then with Marshall. Not her usual partners. Where is Dixon, by the way?

— When Marshall gave Sydney that camera, I thought it was a listening device and that Sydney and Sark had given away the assassination attempt on Sloane.

— That bar scene with Vaughn, Alice, Will, and "Rita" was very intriguing. Lots of jealous vibes going on there.

— Sark said, of Irina: "In some ways, I think of her as a mother, myself." Was that a hint? You don't suppose Sark is a member of super spy family, too?

— Ariana: "Men always call women crazy when they're caught with their pants down."

— Sark looked very French in that gendarme's outfit.

— The opening credits get later every week, which I find amusing. This time, they were nearly twenty minutes into the episode, which I believe is an Alias record.

This week's...

... itinerary: Paris and London.

... unexpected language skill: Marshall speaking Ewok.

... hot look: an auburn do and formal black dress.

Pretty good. Two out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. The Ewok was a great addition that fit perfectly with Marshall's skill set. I'm glad they didn't go too over the top with his silliness: it was a perfect dose.

    Is Jack flirting with Faye Dunaway, or hating her? It's so hard to tell with him.

  2. I have a massive crush on Marshall, so I like any episode in which he is such a central figure. He's so darling and sweet, not to mention brilliant. The Ewok always makes me laugh.

  3. Teehee. Ewok. I love how Will smooths over the awkward Vaughn run-in. He's pretty cool under pressure. I love how he senses Sydney's pain and wants to get her out of there.

    It's so much fun seeing Bradley Cooper play the nice guy. He's such a jerk in everything now. Although I haven't seen Silver Linings Playbook yet. I want to!

  4. I loved Will's comment about he had the same problems/experiences with his parents that Syd is having with hers. It's nice to get some acknowledgement of the absurdity.

    Okay... Vaughn, Alice, Syd, and Will?? Awkward!! But, Will makes it right and can definitely see the longing between Syd and Vaughn. What if Syd had been with Francie??

    Why is teeth guy back? He creeps me out. Marshall, who was adorable during the whole episode (cheery-o!), is screwed right now.

    Has Jack figured it out? He's very smart. However, he is a game theorist, which means he could just be playing with Irina to get her to trust him. Loved the Jack/Irina and Jack/Faye Dunaway parallels. The problem is, I'm not a big fan of Dunaway's character - she's just a tad annoying.

    The big question is...who will rescue Marshall? Obviously it will be Sydney, but via SD-6 or the CIA?


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