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Alias: The Getaway

And I thought Sloane was devious and manipulative before this episode.

I have to give him some credit for loving Emily enough to betray the Alliance for her sake; I should have seen it coming, but didn't expect it. And framing Ariana? Couldn't happen to a nicer girl. Sloane also used Jack shamelessly — he needed Jack to discover Ariana's link to Brio and the planted ransom booty. Could have been disastrous, and Sloane probably wouldn't have cared. He certainly didn't think twice about killing that programmer.

Vaughn and Sydney have passed the point of no return. No smoochies yet, but they took three big steps closer to succumbing to their mutual attraction: (1) that fight they had about Jack (and Alice); (2) their massively stupid "date," which almost ended in an upstairs rented room; and (3) agreeing to cover up their mutual lapse so that they could keep working together. I think they should forget dating and just have clandestine, surreptitious sex.

Jack and Irina are connecting in a big way, too. He needed help, he wanted someone smart and experienced to bounce ideas off of, and who did he go to? He even went back to tell her what happened at the end, and they were smiling at each other. Ooooooh. Can parental hanky-panky be far behind?

Bits and pieces:

— In the full circle department, Sydney got to rescue Jack the way he rescued her at the beginning of the series. And speaking of coolness, Vaughn, with the knife in his boot and the cool moves in the alley? Way to go, Boy Scout.

— Jack got a (mercifully brief) turn in the torture chair. Heavy scene, although I did pretty much expect Sloane to show up and rescue Jack.

— I may have mentioned this before, but I live in L.A. and it always makes me smile when they show a clear, smog-free view of the city.


Weiss: "I'm three months past a near death experience. What the hell are you listening to my advice for?"

Marshall: "I'll just stop talking."
Sloane: "I appreciate that."

Vaughn to Sydney, as they mutually peruse an available room key: "I think we should have an open mind about this."

This week's...

... itinerary: Nice, and the Philippines.

... cool looks: Dixon as a French priest, and Sydney in purple hair, dog collar, tattoo, and fishnet stockings. In fact, that whole airport security scene was priceless. Jennifer Garner just makes it work, every time.

This episode was one hell of a lot of fun, and had more than one "omigod" moment. Four out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I think they should forget dating and just have clandestine, surreptitious sex.

    I don't disagree, but I think Vaughn should break up with Alice first. Nothing sexy about cheating.

    This was a wonderful episode. Sloane's deviousness knows no bounds, does it? The only way to get out of killing his wife was to kill her but not kill her, then stage a horribly elaborate blackmail ruse that framed someone else for the ruse and freed up 100 million dollars. What remarkable advance planning. SD-6 is like a willful Chinatown.

    It's also deliciously ironic that Sloane's elaborate scheme almost revealed Sydney's and Jack's equally elaborate scheme.

    And, obviously, the three couples coupling: Sydney and Vaughn, Irina and Jack, Sloane and Emily. It's so perfect that each of them achieved a new milestone in a way that epitomized their relationship. Sydney and Vaughn, for all their covert activities, are a very traditional couple who were on a fun first date. Sloane and Emily were only concerned about maintaining the sanctity of their privacy, which fits with the scenes we've seen of them enjoying each other's company at home. And Jack and Irina bonded over their mutual brilliance.

    I wonder what Irina was like when Jack married her, back in her Laura Bristow days? I can't imagine her playing stupid, and as a literature professor she probably didn't have to. But, with so much deception going on, it's hard to imagine them having as much intellectual fun as they were obviously having in this episode.

  2. One of my favorite episodes in the entire series. The date is so wonderful, but I agree with Josie that Vaughn needs to lose Alice before he and Sydney fall into bed together.

    Jack and Irina are fascinating to watch. There is so much going on there, but like an iceberg, the best parts are below the surface. When she told him about meeting her handler in his hotel room, I could sense Jack's jealousy -- all these years later.

  3. I agree that Vaughn needs to break up with Alice - all I could think in the restaurant scene was that they both seemed totally unbothered by him cheating on her, plus he's basically emotionally cheating on her anyway.

    Besides that, and besides my ongoing puzzlement that Sydney would bother with anyone else when Will is right there and even knows about her double life, it does seem a bit pointless to keep beating about the bush when they meet alone in a darkened warehouse so often. They could actually have a reasonably functional relationship. OK, couldn't go to a restaurant or the movies, but no one seems to notice them hanging around in that warehouse, they could just get take-out and spend time together there...

  4. I'd love it if they would at least kiss, but they know that there would be no going back. So, I guess I love that they haven't kissed. They know that the time is right. And, the writing and acting has definitely been great at building the tension!

    There is a part of me that actually thought "good for you, Sloane." Despite his evil, he has love in his heart, at least for Emily. But, I can't imagine that the Alliance isn't going to just let him go.

  5. Am i the only one here that wants Will to end up with Sydney? I mean sure he doesn't have the same connection as Vaughn does with Sydney, but Will really has grown to me as a character, and we rarely see him in episodes, at least so far in season 2. It's like he got demoted to a minor character now compared to the first season.

    Everyone here is going for the Vaughn and Sydney hook up, but i really wish Will gets a chance with Sydney, since he just joined the CIA, and probably has potential to become some sort of a field agent.

    I just think Will is a more interesting character than Vaughn even with the shorter screen time this season. He just brings some sort of normalcy to Sydney's life when being with her, not to mention Bradley Cooper does a great job with what he has. Does anyone around here agree? probably not :p. Well at least as far as i can see, I'm the only Sydney/Will shipper over here.

  6. Tarek, you are definitely not the only Will/Sydney shipper. I'm not, but during the run of the show a lot of the fans were.


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