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Alias: Taken

Sark: "Not if I see you first, love."

I didn't think I would like this one, because usually when a major character's family is in danger, everything turns out okay.

Except that Diane was killed, and it's totally possible that they'd do in one of Dixon's kids... never mind. Anyway, I liked this one. It was great to see Sydney and Dixon working together again, and Carl Lumbly gets the gold acting stars this week. Give him anything, and he'll hit it out of the ball park every single time.

Project Black Hole was very cool; the artifacts are fascinating, and some of them are familiar, of course. The lot 45 Hellraiser box with Irina's name on it – that can somehow put Sydney's life in danger – also fascinating. I'm assuming we'll be hearing more about that one.

We finally got our first glimpse of Lauren's father, Senator Reed. Is he good? Is he bad? Why was Vaughn concerned about how Lauren felt with him around? It occurred to me that this episode was full of dads – Dixon, Senator Reed, Marshall with his mini-Mitch, Jack, and/or Sloane – but no moms. Please, Lena Olin, make a deal and come back! There's a box with your name on it, and everything!

So, the big questions are: could Lauren actually be capable of compassion? And is this the end of her career as a mole now that Jack has realized that she's in cahoots with Sark?

Bits and pieces:

— I was almost sorry we didn't get to see Jack trying out the "inferno protocol" on Sark. Maybe in a later episode, huh? Or maybe he'll be using it on Lauren?

— Frozen shot guys. Gross.

— Was "countershadow" just a red herring?

— Sloane to Dr. Barnett: "I found our time together very therapeutic." Sleeping with a shrink has to be interesting.

— I loved seeing Sark in chains. Although I wasn't surprised when he escaped in, like, five minutes.

This week's...

... itinerary: Chateaudun, France; Dover airfield; sixty miles east of Dover airfield... by the way, where the hell is Dover airfield? Must be near New Mexico if that's where Sark parachuted to safety... Project Black Hole in Nevada... and hey, did they actually have time to get to Zurich and back? It's a long way from L.A., even on a private jet.

... hot look: Well, the dune buggy outfit was tight...

Two out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. And I just now put it together: Lauren Reed, Laura Bristow. I'm not real smart.

    This episode was also a delight, although I spent the entire thing wondering why Senator Reed's voice sounded so familiar. The answer? That's Arlo Givens!

    Of course Sark wanted to put the collar on Sydney. That's a metaphor in so very many ways.

    The frozen people on the plane looked like zombies at first.

    The CIA seems to have stopped using the nice, pretty cells and downgraded to traditional jail cells with bars. Or maybe they just keep the nice cells for the "fun" villains like Sark and Irina.

    Way to go, Lauren: "Dixon needs our help" as a strategy for getting Vaughn and Marshall to unwittingly help the Covenant acquire the box; reminding Sark that putting children in jeopardy isn't really the most moral of things.


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