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Smallville: Dichotic

Pete: "Any idea how an only child can make like the Olsen twins?"

Chloe and Lana started double dating. Unfortunately, it was the same guy. Jonathan Taylor Thomas guest starred as super student Ian, who made overachievers Lana and Chloe look like slackers. And of course, he was hot for both them.

To continue with our duality theme, Jonathan broke his leg and got a bit cranky about it, and Martha felt pulled in two directions by her responsibilities. She sort of has two men now, doesn't she? And the doubling also extended to Chloe and Lana; at the end of this episode, they were practically speaking in unison.

I was sort of alarmed when Lex lost his temper and broke windows and a headlight in a meter maid's car. But I was relieved when it turned out to be a plot device for Lex to meet the gorgeous and interesting Dr. Bryce at a rage workshop. What sort of workshop was it? Temper Tantrums Anonymous?

Bits and pieces:

— According to my Webster's, dichotic means "affecting or relating to the two ears differently in regard to a conscious aspect (as pitch or loudness) or a physical aspect (as frequency or energy) of sound." I think what the writers were going for, though, was dichotomous, meaning "dividing into two parts." This has been your language lesson for the day.

— Chloe had most of the school library's reference books. Most libraries don't circulate their reference books.

— In shop, Clark created a big silver "S"... for Smallville.

— Lex wearing one of those "Hi, my name is Lex" stickers made Dan laugh out loud.

— Lex broke a window and headlight on the meter maid guy's car. Two points.


Dr. Bryce: "It's my secret identity. Don't tell anyone."

Clark: "It's lucky she didn't take a nine iron to a meter maid's car."
Lex: "You heard about that."
Clark: "The town is called Smallville."

Two stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Dr. Bryce was, of course, played by Emanuelle Vaugier, is is as talented as she is awesome and gorgeous. :)

  2. Also... is the title there twice on purpose, Billie? If so, clever. Veeeeeeeery clever.

  3. Yes, it's on purpose. Someone reported it once as an error. :)

  4. I had a slightly different take, Billie. I saw the episode as being about living two lives -- something that Clark will have to deal with at some point.

    Interesting that he is so keen to have Ian reveal the secret about his living two lives, when so much of the series revolves around Clark not sharing the same secret.

  5. Chloe: "I went through the same thing when my mom walked out. I was so afraid my dad was gonna leave too, but he finally sat me down and said that I didn't have to earn the right to be a part of this family. Neither do you."
    What a sweet line


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