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Smallville: Fracture

Lionel: "I love you, Lex. My son."

Lex spent years waiting to hear the words "I love you" from Lionel. He just got them, but it was too late; Lex doesn't care any more. I have to admit that scene really got to me.

We found out exactly what was in Lex's head: mostly dark, dungeon-like hallways full of anger and fear. Lex's mental image of himself was as that future president and world killer in the white suit. He kept trying to kill the good part of himself, the pre-meteor child Alexander. We know now that the good part of Lex still exists. It was touching that little Alexander still thought of Clark as his best friend, and that Clark still wanted to save Lex. Even if it is too late.

Chloe saved Clark again, by saving Lex, but it took a lot longer for her to recover this time. The next one could kill her, permanently. Come on, Smallville writers. Does this mean we have to worry again that Chloe will be killed off in the season finale? Chloe wondered why she had been given her particular meteor freak talent. Could it be that the talent is tailored somehow to the person, like a subconscious choice? Maybe if there's a tiny bit of evil in someone, the meteor power exploits it. There's no evil in Chloe.

Kara still has no memory and no powers, and she's trusting Lex instead of Clark. We still don't know why Lex wants to "help" Kara. Is he hot for her? Does he want her because she's important to Clark? I think he wants to experiment on her. In Lex's mind, he was thinking of Kara as his rescuer, floating in the water like an angel. Doesn't mean anything, though. I can see Lex justifying dissecting an angel.

Bits and pieces:

— I've always wondered if Lex's superevil was caused by the meteor rocks that made him bald. Pre-meteor Alexander's goodness certainly backed that up.

— The Lionel in Lex's head was evil and abusive, a monster of selfishness. Was it exaggerated because it was in Lex's mind? Or was Lionel really that bad before? It's hard to remember; it seems so long ago.

— "Lex" made Clark watch Lex and Lana making love. "She will always love me." Lex still loves Lana. Except that it's all wrapped up with hurting Clark. Maybe Lex never did love Lana; he's just obsessed with Clark.

— Why didn't Lionel have Lex airlifted to Metropolis, as he has in the past, instead of the Smallville Medical Center?

— They're always so careful to make the show look like a comic book with the primary colors. Even the brains on the computer were red and blue.

— How many little boys have played Lex by now? Quite a few. They brought back the same actress to play Lillian Luthor, too, which was nice.

— Little Alexander was again suffering at Lionel's hands because of something Lillian did, a repeat of earlier episode flashbacks. Lillian was looking through Lionel's briefcase for information on "Veritas." Betcha that's what Lex will use on Kara.


Finley: "Is it really worth killing her to get to me?"
Lois: "Rhetorical question, Lex!"

Lex: "It's like a reflex. I see you, and start defending myself."

Kara: "Clark didn't even mention that you guys were friends. What happened?"
Lex: "I grew up."

Chloe: "Maybe I am pushing my luck with this whole death thing."

This was definitely the sort of episode I like. Of course, any episode centered on both Clark and Lex has something to recommend it. I think it was at least a three,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

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  1. Just wondering - if Lex was able to be found and transported to smallville medical after he was shot - why was Kara and Lois not found when they were only metres away?


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