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Smallville: Insurgence

Lex: "Big Brother is listening. Or should I say, Big Daddy."

Family conflicts were this week's theme. Lex and Lionel were bugging each other, literally. And Martha's job with Lionel was driving Jonathan nuts. It was the Kents' anniversary, but Lionel was the one giving Martha gifts, as well as a promotion. And during the siege, Lionel and Martha were practically in each other's arms. Lionel is so hot for Martha. Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have a really interesting love triangle on this show.

To make it more complicated, it now appears that Lionel knows something about Clark. Why else would he have a vault full of green K, confidential files on Clark, and the infamous octagonal key? And Lionel covered for Clark in the end, too. Why? What exactly does Lionel know? Did he hire Martha in the first place in order to find out more about Clark?

Go, Martha. When Clark was in danger, Martha practically leaped into action, pushing the K into the vault, crushing a bad guy's hand, surreptitiously pocketing the octagonal key. This was a big episode for her; she finally did more than bake muffins and get endangered. Except that she did get endangered again, in a big way. I think my beeper idea has merit. In fact, all of Clark's family and friends should have one. But I digress.

There were a couple of important firsts: our very first glimpse of the Daily Planet building, and Clark's first attempt at flying. How symbolic that they happened pretty much together, with Clark jumping off the Daily Planet building to the Luthorcorp building. So, okay, it wasn't exactly smooth; it was still a lot of fun.

In other less important but still parent-related news, Lana met her biological father's wife, who promptly told Lana on the QT that Henry will quickly lose interest in Lana. Was Mrs. Small just being nasty because she felt threatened? Or was she trying to be kind by preparing Lana for abandonment? Not that I care all that much. Lana and Henry Small sort of pale next to Lex and Lionel. Or even Clark and Jonathan.

Bits and pieces:

— Clark propelled himself into the Luthorcorp building and through a huge window. Would that be two points, or just one? He tossed one of the bad guys across a room, too, so I guess that's three points.

— Why did Martha hide the octagonal key?


Lionel: "Do I detect a faint whiff of innuendo?"

Jonathan: "Everything was just fine in this family until we let the Luthors into our lives."
But didn't Lionel arrange Clark's adoption?

Big, wonderful arc episode. Four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Jonathan: "Everything was just fine in this family until we let the Luthors into our lives." But didn't Lionel arrange Clark's adoption?

    Thank you for pointing that out!

    I feel so sorry for poor Lex. Being bugged by his father and being so badly treated by Jonathan, when all he wants is a family. I love the way he finally stands up to Jonathan. He also proves himself the much bigger man when he doesn't make Jonathan ask to use the helicopter. Me? I would have made Jonathan beg.

    The thanks that Lex gets from Jonathan is more suspicion and direct threats. Honestly, Jonathan should just grow up and learn some basic human manners and human kindness.

  2. Its 2016 and this show is still awesome on Hulu

  3. Its 2023 and this show is still awesome on Prime.


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