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Smallville: Magnetic

Chloe: "There's nothing in my files worth killing for."
Lex: "We've got a corpse here that says you're wrong."

So far, this season has been incredibly good. Why did they have to go back to season one with yet another meteor freak obsessed with Lana Lang?

There were a few things I liked. Lana getting arrested while Magnet Boy was sticking himself to the back of a truck. Chloe and Lex investigating Lionel together. I also enjoyed Chloe practically attacking Clark as they were "kissing for cover." Go, Chloe. And I sort of liked the Smallville snowglobes with the plot-worthy little bits of real meteor. Although who would go to that kind of trouble when they could buy cheap glitter at a craft store?

Nearly every time a meteor freak shows off their powers, Clark gets this mildly smug look on his face, as he did here. Like, yeah, you can do that, but guess what I can do?

I could swear Lex has started to act as if he cares about Lana in more than a friendly way. There were actual vibes between them in that hospital scene at the end. As I said in my previous review, I am just not into Clark and Lana. But Lana and Lex? That would be interesting and different. I could get into that.

Bits and pieces:

— Lana finally got out of pink and into black. Kristin Kreuk must have been thrilled.

— Seth, who like the rest of the world knows Clark is super, ended up in a coma.

— Chloe and Lana broke the feminist dialogue rule. They rarely have scenes together without Clark, but they did here. And all they did was talk about Clark.

— The Kents have cherry pie in the fridge. This sort of little American cliche thing just makes me smile.

— I've always liked the way Michael Rosenbaum says the name, "Chloe." He makes it sound exotic.

— Chloe's hair is growing out, thankfully.

— There was a bunch of tossing about in the Sea of Love ride. I didn't count it.


Clark: "You should see the MRI machine. It's TKO."

Chloe: "So you think that the meteor flakes from the snowglobe plus the MRI equals magnet boy?"
Poor Chloe gets stuck with exposition all the time. Allison Mack does it so well.

Two stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. This is one of the weaker episodes and the end has always amused me. Being a lawyer, I would love to meet the ones that Lex has on retainer. Getting someone off a Grand Theft Auto charge with just community service is GOOD lawyering -- some might say, fictitious! :-)

    I like the way Lex is interacting with both Chloe and Lana more this year. I agree. A Lex/Lana romance might be very, very interesting.

  2. Chloe just took the opportunity to kiss boy whom she is in love with.


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