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The Dead Zone: Enemy Mind

Bruce: "A mind-altering drug in the world's most altered mind? That's a scary combination."

A scary combination? I wish it were a more interesting combination.

I liked the actress who played Jill. I thought she was believable, she and Anthony Michael Hall played well together, and I liked the trust that developed between the two characters. I enjoyed seeing Johnny and Walt working together so matter-of-factly; that relationship is fascinating. I liked some of the imagery; I especially liked Johnny seeing the rave dancers elongate into the forest, and the way one of Johnny's visions went backward to the murder scene.

But most of this episode just didn't do it for me. Maybe it was all the standard runaway cliches. Maybe it was the art film symbolism. Maybe it was Johnny having hallucinations inside his visions, or his paranoia about Bruce turning him in. Having Johnny affected longer than normal people didn't make sense, either.

Bits and pieces:

— This episode was filmed ninth, but aired seventh.

— Johnny was lucky that the Special K explosion just made him high instead of blowing his toes off.

— Pinwheels. I had a lot of them when I was growing up; always loved them.

— Jill mentioned "Castle Rock," another of Stephen King's mythical Maine towns.

— Psychic peeping tom, huh?

— Johnny and Jill did the same exchange several times: "You know what's funny about that?" "Not much."


Bruce: "This is Johnny's Dead Zone. This is Johnny's dead zone on drugs: scrambled eggs."

Dr. Tran: "As a neurologist, there's only one thing I know less about than the brain."
Johnny: "What's that?"
Dr. Tran: "Your brain."

One out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. I think I liked this one better than you did, but only slightly. I agree that it was a bit cliched, but I really liked the relationship between Johnny and Jill -- especially the last scene where she reads him the book.

    The scene were the people morph into trees was creepy!


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