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The Dead Zone: Misbegotten

Bruce: "Somebody might try to shoot you to impress Jody Foster. People do these things."

Loony-toons and Johnny-groupies are coming out of the woodwork and right into John's house. Sometimes funny; sometimes not so funny.

Tracey Gold was outright creepy and very effective as Johnny's jovial stalker, Penny. That first scene where he was sitting in his own kitchen bemusedly watching her cook while waiting for the police to come was wonderfully in character for him. I was actually freaked when she told duct-tape-bound Johnny that she was ovulating, and then proceeded to nearly rape him. The writers/producers of this show are doing some very interesting things with Johnny's fame; I hope it continues.

I didn't like the serial-killer-returns thing as much, though, even with the clever gender-bender; too much like those repetitious slasher movies, plus it was clear nearly from the start that Anita had a personal connection to the murders. But I did very much like Sarah and Dana calling truce and bonding over Johnny's kidnapping ("Russell Crowe doesn't get letters like these"), not to mention the two of them figuring out who done it. Their former antipathy was too old school for me, anyway.

Bits and pieces:

— John had a lunch date with Dana, huh? That doesn't seem to be going well, and John's one-night-mistake with Sarah is still on his mind. (As Bruce said, "With your abilities, you should be learning from your mistakes before you make them.")

— What did that crack about having lots of cats mean? My aunt has seven cats, and she's not a nut. :)

— I could make a political comment about the duct tape, but I probably shouldn't.

— Okay, maybe John could have survived that trip down the stairs without breaking his neck, but how could he get vibes through his shoes? Yes, his shoes were touching his socks, which were touching his feet, but they could have taken his shoes off. Defining the rules and sticking to them is important in sci-fi/fantasy universes to sustain believability.

— Tracey Gold and Anthony Michael Hall were both child stars.

— In this week's hair report, Michael Hall's hair, mussed and pushed back, was better than his Steve McQueen look.


Maddy, watching her own film: "Oliver Stone is a pussy."

Dana: "What we need is a psychic to help find our psychic." Very cute. I was actually thinking it right before Dana said it.

The Reverend picks up a bra someone sent Johnny.
Sarah: "Yours?"
Dana (smugly): "I don't need to mail him mine."

Excellent outing. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. i liked this episode very much. i thought it was cute the way sarah and dana were searching things and worried for johnny. tracey gold was prefect for johnny's stalker penny. the part where she was kissing johnny and telling him she wanted to have his child was cute. the little boy nicholas and the visions johnny was having was creepy the whole family were killers.


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