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So, about Glee being a cult show...

We have something of a narrow focus here at Billiedoux.com. Science fiction, fantasy, and cult shows only. What's a cult show? Is there an actual definition, or is it whatever we decide it is? I think we can safely say that a cult show is (1) brilliant and original, (2) not really mainstream, and (3) inspires a passionate following. The other shows I've reviewed that aren't sci-fi or fantasy tend to fit into this niche: Dexter, Six Feet Under, Veronica Mars.

So we're adding Glee. And we're adding a new writer to cover it for us. Her name is Serena Yang, and she'll be posting her reviews of episodes two and three shortly. Let's give her a warm welcome. And let's also cross our fingers that the brilliant, original, not really mainstream, passionately followed Glee gets a nice long run instead of a painful cancellation.


  1. Honestly, I can't stand this show. No offense to anyone. I'm a huge fan of this website, Billiedoux.com, and I find it just odd for this to be added. I watched the first episode online a few months ago, and it's just horrible. Not to mention how unrealistic it is, but then again, how realistic is Lost? But still, the lead male actor is supposed to be portraying a teen ager, he's 27 years old. Idk, I'm just saying. Eh, give us back Heroes and leave this out. All this in MHO.

  2. Jason, thanks for your comment, and I completely respect your opinion. I just don't feel the same way about it. I think Glee is funny and unique and I'm really enjoying it. I'm not reviewing Glee myself; our new guest writer Serena will be doing it. Unfortunately, I can't handle reviewing Heroes any more. I've just been too disappointed in the past two seasons, and I'm doing too many other shows.

  3. Actually, I'm looking forwards to watching (and reading about), something that's unashamedly lightweight and that won't have me turning off the telly afterwards, wondering what the hell's just happened and mourning yet another dead character. Not that death, destruction, confusion and misery aren't kick-ass. Clearly they're awesome. But Glee is a genuine feel-good type show, and sometimes I just want to feel good!

    Plus, I predict that, around the middle of the season, William McKinley High School will be taken over by aliens, Rachel will turn out to be a Cylon, and Will Shuester will be revealed as Jor-El's long lost gay son (and I'm not really interested in facts to the contrary).

    So, looking forwards to reading your reviews Serena :o)

  4. Thanks, everyone - I'm excited to be writing about Glee! I totally agree with you, Paul - I love that Glee is a show that you can have fun with. I love me some Lost, Fringe, etc., but it can sometimes feel like work trying to catch every word and nuance, just in case it's a clue. Besides, I'm a show choir geek, so anything that exposes our alien race to the world makes me happy.

    I look forward to reading your comments! Reviewing is new for me, so please feel free to share your thoughts.

  5. Glee not only has great songs and ever since Once More, With Feeling i love musicals, but also fills the void the cancelation of Pushing Daisies left in me. :) Looking forward to the reviews.

  6. Okay, gotta jump in here. Long time lurking, first time posting. Billie, I've looked to your comments since the days of Buffy and Angel, and have been glad to see the site sort of take on a mind of its own. VMars, Dexter, Dollhouse, Fringe, BSG, Lost, True Blood... our obsessions collide on an insane frequency (though I gave up on Heroes and Smallville a LONG time ago). I was SO thrilled when you decided to cover Six Feet Under. And this website *singlehandedly* got me into both Chuck and Supernatural. So kudos on all accounts.

    so Glee? cultish? absolutely. I mean it's still early, but this show is doing strange (and wonderful) things, stylistically and narratively. in fact, I think the most mainstream thing about it may be its production numbers (which ironically may have been the reason it was deemed cultish in the first place). I'm excited to read Serena's weekly take. let's break this "genre" box wide open. I'm with you guys for the long haul.

    don't like it? don't read it.

  7. I'm with M.A.F. 100%. Especially the last line.

    Glee is great.

  8. Plus it's picked up for a full season of musical goodness according to tv.com. :)


  9. I judge a show's cult status on whether or not my 60-year-old father (who thinks aliens are responsible for life on earth, that the oil companies had JFK assassinated, and that the US government faked the moon landing) likes it.

    He was ready to stage an uprising against Fox when they cancelled Firefly, and still can't get over the fact that the Jodie Foster movie Flight Plan did better than Serenity at the box office. He was depressed for months when he heard BSG was ending and never misses an episode of Dexter or True Blood.

    And he loves Glee--just loves it, thinks it's one of the best new shows in the last couple of years. So with that, and the other quirky aspects of the show, I have to grant Glee cult status and am pleased to see it represented on this site. Nice call, Billie.

    Good luck with the reviews, Serena.


  10. I enjoy Glee enough. It makes me laugh and I love the musical numbers.

    But to say that is not mainstream. That's the one thing about the show that bothers me, it's really, really, mainstream.

    But I guess that doesn't mean it can't be a cult show.

  11. I love all kinds of Sci-Fi shows, but I love Glee too.

    I think it CAN be considered a cult show, because of the musical numbers.

    Most musicals have a cult following. Although most musicals don't use mainstream music either.

    I can see both sides of the issue.


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