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The Lost Supper

Yes, Battlestar already did it, but there are two photos of the Lost cast doing DaVinci's Last Supper on the internet. Are there any more versions? If you see one, please post a comment with a link!

Clicking on these guys gives us a wealth of detail. Skulls. The Swan station Dharma logo. I'm not even going to talk about Locke as Christ and Jack as Doubting Thomas. What do you see?


  1. Jeff Jensen has a pretty funny analysis over at Entertainment Weekly (of the one where everyone is looking at Locke). Funny, in the sense that it is super detailed and crazy analytical. I'm always amused by the degree of his obsessiveness. And some of his conclusions about Jack and Sawyer *are* pretty darn funny (intentionally, I believe).

    Given that there are two photos, I find myself wondering if they just did this as a nod to the BSG photo (and others that have come before it) and to drive their fans crazy searching for clues. In other words, it doesn't mean anything at all, but the hard core folks will go nuts trying to find meaning in it. :)

  2. It could mean nothing at all. Yet, it could me a whole lot. I have a friend, that ater he viewed the BSG version of this, was able to figure out who the fifth cylon was. We even tested him. He wrote the name on a paper and put it in another friend's back pocket the night the final season premiered. At the end of the episode, we took out the paper and he was right...it was Ellen Tigh. He said one of the clues for him was the cup in front of her.

    Long story short, there could be several clues in here. The question is, are we that obsessed to analyze every detail? I am going to go nuts....:)

  3. This is the first time I've seen pics. They are pretty sweet!!!

    I am up to THE OTHER 48 DAYS in my second LOST re-watch in anticipation of the season six.

  4. There's also one with all of them pouring wine and stuff (here), if you want to get crazy analytical about it. :P

    +OMG! It's only five days till the premiere! I just can't wait, for both the show and your reviews, Billie! ;)


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