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Persons Unknown: Incoming

“It’s survival of the fittest around here. Does this hurt?”

My inner sadist loved this episode. Kandyse McClure (Dualla from BSG) should star in that Wonder Woman movie they keep promising us: she kicked some serious ass quickly and efficiently, and even stopped for a costume change in the middle of her action sequence.

Sure, she’s a sassy black chick straight out of prison (out of a Texan death row, specifically) with a son in foster care and a heart of gold. But McClure brought a gravitas and grace to the role that most other actresses wouldn’t be able to even consider. Way to go, Dualla.

Joe got his violence on, too: if Graham is right, and this is a test to see whether or not people will crack—well, Joe’s not exactly making the grade. I don’t fully understand his devotion to Janet, but it’s nice to know there’s a guy on the inside who might side with our heroes in the final battle against the forces of darkness. (Did that sentence go to a slightly over-the-top place?)

But my inner sadist is only about .5% of the multitudes that I contain, and the rest of those multitudes are wondering what’s going on. I just cannot accept that Renbe is really Janet’s ex, and I’ve decided that, until I get concrete proof to the contrary (which would pretty much have to be Janet saying “This man is my ex-husband”), I’m going to believe that Renbe is trying to turn the situation to his advantage. He knew that he was going to be framed as Mark Cooper, so he ran with it. Am I being stubborn? Or is my wacky theory a possibility?

I also have no idea how Renbe could make the connection between Janet’s disappearance and Tori Fairchild’s death in Rome. No. Frakking. Idea. (Speaking of Tori: I hope she died thinking that her father had rescued her. She deserved hope, even if it was false hope.) And whoever is running this gig has control over the Ambassador to Italy and former head of the CIA? Seriously?

I was going to say that we’re no closer to figuring out the mystery, but then I realized: hey, haven’t we already figured it out? We know that a powerful group of some kind has trapped these people here, plans on putting them through some sort of “process,” treats its employees shabbily, and has planted cameras all over San Francisco. I feel like I want answers, but when it comes down to it, aren’t those the answers? All that’s left to reveal is how knowledgeable each participant is in the game they’re a part of, and who lives or dies at the end.

Persons Unknown continues to sink in the ratings, and is being moved to Saturdays. The next episode airs July 17th. The DVDs are scheduled to come out at the end of August, so even if NBC throws in the metaphor-towel completely I’ll still finish the series. Will you?


• They were just manhandling Erika on the counter, weren’t they? They kept poking at her like she was a Thanksgiving turkey that had just started speaking Latin.

• Blackham’s name popped up briefly when Renbe was looking at the missing persons website, and a lot of our buddies were on the list that Kat the Editor gave him.

• I tried to contain myself, and actually managed to avoid saying this last week, but I’ve reached the breaking point: Joe simply has to shave. That mustache and patchy beard look is terrible.

And Pieces:

• Restaurant Guy: “Miss Tori Fairchild? No longer with us.”
Joe: “What does that mean?”
Guy: “Joe, you know what that means.” This isn’t funny to read. But his exasperated tone was almost Ben Linus-like.

Two out of four Taurons.

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. Best episode yet, but that's not saying much. Moira is the only character I like, so she'll probably be offed soon. The show is done in by bad writing and acting.

  2. I think you rated that one a lot lower then it deserved. That was an interesting episode with a lot of twists. As far as the Renbe/Copper thing, well as far as I can tell he is the real deal.

    They set up the father coming into the show from the first episode, I don't think it is a stretch. Since Janet had a P.I. on the case and he couldn't find Mr. Copper. It is safe to assume that he changed his name for reasons we don't know yet.

    Anyway, thanks for the review! Great BSG rating btw!

  3. Definitely the best episode yet. Kandyse McClure was terrific. They should have introduced her much sooner. She's giving Moira some competition for most interesting character.

    I'm going to keep watching. If this one had been bad, I might have dropped it, but it wasn't. And it's not like there's tons of stuff stacked up in the DVR.

  4. Kandyse McClure guest starred in the episode?! Wow! I guess I'll give this series a go again after the DVD is out.

  5. This one wasn't that good, but it wasn't that bad either, and like Billie said there isn't much things to watch....

    As far as Renbe making connection between Janet’s disappearance and Tori’s death - he saw on tv in the bar how two men picked up Tori and then he rewatched the tape when Janet was carried away pretty much in the same manner - maybe that gave him a hint - this is a bit unreaslistic but that was my take on this


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