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Vampire Diaries: Under Control

“Have I entered an alternate universe where Stefan is fun?”

Sark! Sark Sark Sark Sark Sark Sark Sark! Back in my Alias-watching days, I would have given my right arm to open my front door and find David Anders poised to knock. Everyone’s favorite spy certainly doesn’t disappoint in this episode.

Stefan’s not the only one trying to keep himself under control. Sark (yes, I know he is John Gilbert, but... really? Isn’t he Sark?) swooped in and tried to take over the flimsy peace and happiness of the Jenna-run Gilbert household. In short order he managed to bug Elena, reveal that he’d slept with Jenna, and cause all sorts of havoc. Ditto the Founders’ Council meeting, where even the sheriff admitted she hated the guy.

Not a great situation for Stefan’s forced detox. Going off the human stuff is hard in this universe: not all shivers and cold sweats, but craving rages, overwhelming vampiric orgasmic stuff, and whiskey binges. He’s more fun, which makes Damon happy, but he’s also more on edge, which makes Elena nervous. What’s most interesting to me is his willingness to do things that he hates: Stefan compelled with a vengeance at the party, and he’s usually in favor of that free will thing. Stefan seems to have turned off some of his emotions now that he’s back on the hard stuff.

I really liked Elena and Jeremy finally talking about her being adopted, and both of them deciding in about 5 seconds that it didn’t matter for their relationship. Elena’s trying to keep Jeremy under control, though, too, and it’s not working—he’s sussing out the rampant vampirism all on his lonesome. (Well, lonesome plus Anna.) He’s got a real thing for reading other people’s diaries, doesn’t he?

Damon’s stand-off with Sark was perfect. The first time I watched this episode I was so disappointed when Damon snapped his neck: it felt like the shortest, teasiest cameo ever. But I’d forgotten about the magic rings. Thank goodness for magic rings, for they bring us more Sark! Damon’s losing some of the control he has over the council now that Jonathan Gilbert is back in town.

And, in bromance news: once Damon realized Sark was back from the dead, he recruited Alaric to help him. And Alaric did, even though just a few episodes ago he definitely would have been on Sark’s side. Until he found out that Sark sent his wife to Damon to be turned, of course.


• Sheriff: “His name’s John, but I call him jack-ass.”

• Kelly: “Well, I guess dead kid rates a special greeting from the mayor.”

• Elena: “You’re totally that drunk high school guy at the party sneaking booze.”

• Stefan: “Please dance with your alcoholic vampire boyfriend.”

• Sark: “Alaric Saltzman, high-school history teacher with a secret.”

And Pieces:

• Damon holding Elena’s teddy bear would have been cuter if he didn’t have his shoes on her bed. Gross! Damon hitting on the sheriff was adorable, though. She needed it, and he knew it—and I don’t think he did it just to stay on her good side, either.

• Was Matt wearing a hoodie at the party? He knows better than that.

• More hints of Tyler’s werewolfism tonight. He slept with Matt’s sister, made out with his mother, and then beat him up. Ah, friendship.

• I think I caught a glimpse of a confederate soldier during the Mayor’s speech. I know that in the South the Civil War isn’t all about slavery, the way it’s viewed “up north.” But it’s still tasteless. I supposed that’s the point, isn’t it?

• I caught the first promo for the new season when this aired. It was all people making out. I really like the CW’s marketing strategies.

Three and a half out of four Sarks.

(Screencap courtesy of vampire-diaries.net.)

Josie Kafka is a full-time cat servant and part-time rogue demon hunter. (What's a rogue demon?)


  1. This role reversal thing with Stefan and Damon is great fun, and a very smart thing for them to do. It makes both characters more interesting.

    I was so happy to see David Anders! And instantly bummed when Damon snapped his neck. And then I thought, magic ring, silly. I wish they'd explain the rings. Did they explain the rings and I just missed it?

    As soon as Damon said that line about Stefan being fun I knew that would be your opening quote. :)

  2. I can't believe Stefan's yummy opening detox attempt didn't get a mention.

    And I like how the episode ends - with an audible gulp. Very nice and foreshadowy.

    Josie - is there a word missing in your last paragraph before the Bites section? Something doesn't make sense there.

  3. PuckLady, thank you again. The missing word was "ago." What would I do without you?


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