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Smallville: Luthor

Clark: "Luthor blood is Luthor blood. It's poison."

This episode was terrific. It was like we went back to season five or six. Either that, or the evil quotient got dialed up to eleven.

I love alternate reality/parallel universe stories, and the idea of an evil Superman has always creeped me out. (No one sees Ultraman's face and lives to tell about it? Ick.) Tom Welling once again did a great job playing a much different Clark. I wonder if some of that was due to playing off John Glover again? Glover seems to raise the acting level whenever he's in a scene. Plus, I've always gotten the impression that the writers did their best writing for him and Michael Rosenbaum.

The alternate world was literally darker – sort of gray. I thought that worked well because it made it easy to tell where we were when it started getting confusing. And I think they've finally figured out what works with Tess, because this was her best episode yet. I actually liked her, and I didn't think that would ever happen. Interesting that alternative Clark was into his "sister," Tess. Oliver engaged to Lois in the alternate universe sort of fit, too, because if Clark didn't exist, Lois probably would have gone back to Oliver.

The ending was cool, too. It was a lot of fun having Clark suddenly return to find Oliver, Tess and Lois standing over him with K-enhanced weapons. I would have enjoyed seeing more of what happened on our side with evil Clark Luthor. Couldn't they have done a two-parter?

No, I'm not really complaining. That final moment with Lionel looking directly at the camera and saying he wouldn't want to miss the end made me so happy. Lionel is back! Suddenly, the final season looks a lot brighter. And a lot more fun to review.

Bits and pieces:

— Dan told me that Ultraman as Clark's evil alternate self is comic book canon.

— Lionel referred to Clark as a god and Tess as Magdalen.

— Kryptonite foils. Was that blue K? I assume it was, but it was hard to tell.

— How come Clark's name was still Clark? Wasn't that Martha's maiden name? Okay, it would have been harder to track the plot if Lionel were calling Clark some other name starting with L.

— Loved the Mona Lisa on the wall in the background in Lionel's study. Nice touch.


Clark: "I can't live in a world where you don't love me." Awww.

Clark: "Nothing says 'sorry my doppelganger from a parallel earth tried to kill you' like flowers."
Lois: "I think there's a card for that now."
If so, Clark should stock up.

Lionel: "Guess I'm back in the nick of time. Wouldn't want to miss how it all turns out." And he looked right at the audience when he said that. Loved it.

I enjoyed this episode so much that I watched it twice. Four out of four Kryptonian artifacts,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Completely, completely agreed. Next to Homecoming, this was hands-down the best episode this season (and maybe the previous two seasons too). What a way to bring Lionel back. And not good, fatherly Lionel (I didn't mind him turning out that way though) but kickass evil Lionel who'll stir up the plot here. I can't even imagine what he's going to do with Darkseid running all round the place an all. Awesome episode.

  2. Hey Billie,
    I was particulary intreseted in what u had to say about this one cause when Lionel came back at the end i thought:

    1. Fraking Awesome, Lionel is going to tear s--t up! and
    2. Billie's gonna love this development lol

    like how your reviews are ever-so slightly getting longer this season...shows how this shows getting better and hopefully end with a bang, or a swoop...or atleast a suit lol

    If your into parallel universe stories i urge you to check out fringe (atleast the 2nd half of season 2) season 3 has been hitting it out out of the park lately :)

  3. Hi, E.

    You're right, I need to check out Fringe. The first two episodes turned me off so much that I stopped watching. It's going on my summer DVD watch list.

  4. Yay, John Glover is back. I honestly thought his return would just be a one off deal so I’m over the moon that it looks like he’s sticking around. Smallville just hasn’t been the same Lionel’s particular brand of Machiavellian charm.

    Billie, I think you’re right about how should’ve been a two-parter. I was disappointed we didn’t get to see more of Clark Luthor. Tom Welling does evil so well it’s a shame we only got a few scenes of Ultraman.

  5. Glad as I am to see Lionel again, I can't help feeling that bringing him back has undone one of the greatest moments in Smallville's history.

    There's a lot to get through in the next 12 episodes....

  6. Now if only they'd bring back Michael Rosenbaum to round off the season...I'm sure he'll be receptive to a guest starring and I don't see why not, in fact I don't see the best possible ending at all without him.

  7. Sorry, but I wasn't a fan of the alternate universe stuff-- having said that the episode was kinda fun to watch. and I like Lionel (thought he was better than Lex on this show), but cant someone who died stay dead for once

  8. I know it's already mentioned twice in the review, but Lionel breaking the fourth wall at the end :OOOOOO Speaking directly to us, the viewers! Now there's a classic villain. I love the music during it too, it was so overly (ie perfectly) dramatic. And yeah I was surprised too to see they're keeping him, at least for another episode.
    Now, I gotta say that I for one wasn't particularly thrilled about another alt reality episode again. It just feels wrong in a final season where the finish line is clearly drawn... however the relationship mix up was my favorite one yet. Lois with poor Arrow finally after 2 disappointing rejections, and Tess with Clark which I oddly really liked. Clark Luthor was a bit of a disappointment. I think I wanted a more robotic Clark, or even "uptight" like the Clark persona in the confirmed future. I don't even know why a no nonsense Clark would amuse me because compared to his allies he typically is the moral hardass already. But he's just funny to me somehow in a different way and I would've liked to have more of that


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