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Eureka: Duck, Duck, Goose

... in which space junk orbiting the planet begins crashing down on Eureka on the day of the Tesla School science fair.

After several more serious episodes, ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ didn’t have much in the way of “deeper meaning” (unless you count the reveal of Zoe’s budding intellect), but it was still a fun little episode. I particularly enjoyed how a number of seemingly disparate threads came together in the end to provide the solution to the town’s latest catastrophe --- even Carter’s hilarious early trip to the gym and S.A.R.A.H. the super-smart car.

Speaking of that little trip to the gym ... Oh. My. God. Carter pretending to work out in that tank top and those little shorts had me laughing pretty damn hard, and Stark’s bemused reactions just made it all the funnier. I was also highly amused by the running gags about Carter’s childhood IQ score. Megan referring to him as “Reno 111” was my favorite (especially after the short shorts!).

I’m not convinced that Zoe should be lying to her dad about her IQ score given their history, but I understand that in her mind she’s protecting him. Poor guy is surrounded by a town full of geniuses, and would probably be hurt to think his sole ally is drifting to the other team, so to speak. I think he’d adjust just fine --- Carter’s the kind of dad who would ultimately be proud that his kid is super smart --- but I get why Zoe would lie. Carter certainly seemed relieved when she was right there with him at average.

Other Thoughts

I was entertained by Jo in SWAT gear and by Stark ragging on the science fair entrants.

Jo (re: the science fair): “Teens with unlimited access to terrifying technology. It’s Armageddon with acne.”

Carter: “Jo made it seem like the sky was falling.”
Stark: “That hasn’t happened since 2004. And that was more an igniting of the ionosphere.”

Colin Ferguson is really game for some serious physical comedy. Love it!

How delightful to see Taggart again! His interactions with his geese managed to be funny and yet incredibly disturbing. When he snapped his little winged angel’s neck, I was as horrified as Carter! “I don’t know whether to be disturbed or relieved.”

I like the idea of using robo-geese as camouflage drones. Terrifying, but likely highly effective.

I also loved seeing the notion of “peaking in high school” applied to the nerds instead of the jocks. Poor, Finn.

Allison and Stark continue to be rather chummy. First working out together and then her calling him to check in on Kevin. They even left the fair together.

Not much on the overall arc this episode, except for the brief moment between Henry and Stark. I’m glad that Henry doesn’t blame Nathan for putting Kim in a position to be harmed, but I’m also very sad knowing that he does blame Carter. Every time we see evidence that maybe they are becoming friends again, the show has to twist the knife. Heavy sigh.

Final Analysis: A rather insubstantial episode, but also a seriously funny one.

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.

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  1. Interesting choice by the writers to make Zoe's IQ so high. I didn't expect they would take her character is that direction, but I am looking forward to where they go with it.

    I agree that lying to her dad might not have been the best idea, but I get it.


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