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Eureka: E=MC?

... in which Global attempts to recruit a new employee and replicate the Big Bang under controlled conditions.

A definite improvement over ‘Family Reunion.’ The fun was back, the overall tone of the various plots was better balanced, and we got to meet Zane Donovan, a brilliant particle physicist with a felony record! Yea! I know Zane from watching Season 4, but I had no idea when he first entered the story. When I saw him at the beginning of the episode, I shouted “Zane!” in sheer delight (followed quickly by “My god, he looks so young!”). Then he started flashing that killer grin and by the time the opening credits rolled, I was smiling from ear to ear. I’m not as invested in Zane as some of the other characters, but I think he brings a fun “bad boy” vibe to the proceedings, and I loved all his initial reactions with everyone, especially Stark and Jo. I’m thrilled to have him on the scene! It should be fun to see a newbie scientist-type adapt to Eureka (as opposed to “normals” like Carter and Zoe), and I’m looking forward to seeing his renegade style clash with business as usual at Global.

As for the main disaster-of-the-week plot, “everyone becomes stupid after consuming organic chicken parts” was certainly good for several laughs. I loved Henry being addicted to television and insulting Carter in delightful fashion. “I have not a clue about anything you just said! [Turns and looks at Carter with horror.] I’m sorry, Jack. I just realized this is how you must feel all the time.” Plus, Allison and Stark were very cute together as a couple of dumb kids. It was also fun to watch Carter trying to figure out the problem and find a solution without his usual stable of geniuses to rely on.

Jo: “We don’t always fix it. Henry does it sometimes, or Stark, or Allison. I’m just saying, we usually have smart people to lean on.”
Carter: “Hey, I’m smart. [Defensively] I’m plenty smart!”
Jo: “I mean science smart. Don’t get snappy.”

But my favorite bit of fallout was Dumb Henry’s revelations to Carter at CafĂ© Diem. What a wonderfully unexpected way to make the DOTW advance the season arc in a relatively self-contained episode. Not only did Henry clue Carter in to Beverly’s possible involvement in Kim’s death, he actually expressed regret for keeping things from Jack and asked for his help. The latter was a nice little bone to toss to those of us mourning the demise of the Henry-Carter friendship. Apparently, some part of Henry does still care about his friend and hates what’s become of their relationship. Yea! Maybe I can cling to some small shred of hope that this rift between them can ultimately be repaired. I can’t wait to see the next time this interlude comes up between them. Will Henry confess some truths and let Jack help him?

Other Thoughts

Stark: “Is this the new kid?”
Zane: “Who you calling ‘kid,’ Spartacus?”
Stark: “Oooh, cocky. I like him.”
Carter: “You would.”

Given Zane’s (first) doctoral thesis was on the origins of the universe, I’m guessing he’s somehow going to be involved in the Artifact story. I’m also wondering if the Big Bang recreation had more to do with Allison’s, Henry’s, and Stark’s interest in the Artifact, its connection to Kevin, and its role in Kim’s death than with “origins of the universe” science.

Zane and Jo have some serious sparkage. I loved their little conversation through the cell bars! “There’s only one thing I want from you, Jo Jo.” The cop and the bad boy is a total clichĂ©, but I’m all for it in this case. Besides, as Carter discovered, Zane’s a good guy at heart, he just has a bit of a rebellious streak. He could be just what Jo needs. Yep, now that Zane’s here, I’m so over Jo and Taggart.

Lots of great bit characters this week. Sam Lovejoy was thoroughly delightful! It’s awesome that GD has someone out there scouting talent for them. Gabrielle Rose had a pretty hilarious guest spot, too, as Carol Taylor, the chicken farmer. I’ve seen her in a lot of things, but I’ve never seen her in a role quite like this one. Very fun. And it is always nice to see the lovely Allison Hossack (Dr. Glenn). Every time I see her, I think of her wonderful guest turn in Stargate Atlantis’s ‘Poisoning the Well’ (Season 1).

I’m gonna assume Allison was already in dumbed down mode when she picked out that dress for work, because whoa! Inappropriate much?

Zane: “What makes you think I give a crap about finding a community?”
Carter: “Because we all do. And you’re smart enough to know that.”

What a totally outstanding piece of pie Carter was enjoying at the end! I seriously want a piece of Vincent’s apple pie.

Final Analysis: Probably not the greatest episode, but after ‘Family Reunion’ it felt like a welcome return to form. Plus, Zane!

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.

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  1. This episode is problematic, because Zane is absolutely guilty of sexual harasssment, but we're supposed to think it's cute.


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