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Eureka: Omega Girls

... in which Allison takes over as temporary head of GD and Beverly puts her nefarious plans into action.

As of this writing, I’ve restarted this review two or three times. I’m struggling a bit with how to approach it. I enjoyed the episode. It was tremendous fun to watch everyone ferreting out Beverly’s deception, and to see Jo and Zoe take her and her henchmen down (mostly). I was glad to get an episode focused on the larger series arc, particularly one that quickly clued Carter into Allison’s condition and seemingly resolved that issue by the end of the hour. It was also refreshing to step outside the typical episode structure with a “mystery-free” disaster-of-the-week and the ladies saving the day. However, I don’t have much critical commentary to offer on ‘Omega Girls.’ Maybe I’m still suffering from “vacation brain,” because even though I keep trying to formulate some thoughtful remarks, the best I can come up with for this episode is: it was a fun ride that resolved some lingering issues and gave us a bit of forward momentum. Next!

Of course, we aren’t really done with Beverly and the Consortium. She and her goons did get away, after all, and they managed to download some data before Jo sabotaged the GD network. Beverly also mentioned that this was just Phase One of her plans, and that Phase Two will completely blindside everyone. We don’t know how successful she was in putting the pieces in place for the next phase, but I’m guessing that even if they find and destroy her wiretapping device (which they almost certainly will), she’s still got enough data to continue to be a thorn in Eureka’s side. My biggest question is, what exactly is Beverly trying to accomplish? Did she and the Consortium just want access to all of GD’s scientific advancements so that they could exploit them for their own use? Or were they looking for specific data? Something to do with Astraeus? Probably.

Other Thoughts

I’m very glad they addressed and resolved any potential Zoe-Zane-Jo issues, and brought Zoe into the time travel circle of knowledge.

I absolutely loved that Zoe was the one to figure out Allison was actually Beverly because of their past doctor-patient relationship. And her takedowns of the two henchmen were delightful. She may be a brainiac, but she’s still her father’s daughter. On the other hand, I was a bit annoyed by her anxious handwringing during her attempts to wake up Carter. I know that she’s not actually a doctor yet, and her fear of accidentally killing or otherwise damaging her father was understandable, but it was rather irritating to listen to.

Not much on Astraeus this week. Just the quick update on candidates now undergoing psychological testing. And, of course, Beverly took advantage of the town-wide “space bug” vaccinations to implement her failsafe plan.

I really enjoyed the scene between Henry and Zane, in which they discussed how one adjusts to suddenly waking up in bed and finding oneself married to a complete stranger.

I was also entertained by Fargo’s reluctance to give up his position as head of GD, even on a temporary basis.

Jordan Hinson initially seemed a bit “off” to me. The much longer hair definitely threw me, but her voice sounded a little different, too. It took me awhile to get used to her again. At least she looks like she’s put on some weight! She seemed rather underweight in her appearances in the first half of the season, and looks much healthier now.

Several of the Allison to Beverly transition shots were nicely done.

Final Analysis: A solid hour that brought the ladies of Eureka to the fore.

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.

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  1. This is one of my favorite episodes. All the characters are in character, and Salli does a great job channeling Beverly.

    I agree that it is good for Zoƫ to be brought into the loop. When will they tell Kevin? Will these kids feel that their parents are still their parents?

    The EMO robot is absolutely adorable, too, and very supportive. I want one!


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