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Eureka: Stoned

...in which an archaeological resource is discovered at the construction site for Jo’s new home, and soon after people working at the site begin turning into stone.

‘Stoned’ was a really packed episode. We had thinly connected subplots for Zoe-Zane-Jo, Carter and Allison, and Henry and Grace, plus the business with Grant’s false identity, and the disaster-of-the-week! This week’s disaster was one of my favorites from the first half of the season. It was just so scary! Petrified Derek was creepy enough, but when Carter found the two guys at the construction warehouse and the one guy’s eyes opened, I was completely freaked out! Living statues! Eek! And the whole notion of slowly turning into stone from the outside in is just bone chilling. My only complaint about this story was Zoe suddenly being an archaeological expert. I know she’s bright and all, but she’s studying medicine and has previously shown an aptitude for robotics. How does this make her an archaeology wizard? You’re telling me there’s no one in Eureka better qualified to assist on the investigation than a pre-med student home on college break? What about the guy who didn’t want the Ancient Egyptians treated like a circus sideshow back in ‘Show Me the Mummy’?

On the character front, we had a lot of folks moving their relationships out of the “friend zone” and into the romance zone. I’m rather horrified by the Zane and Zoe pairing. (You aren’t alone in feeling like you are going to be sick, Jo!) Zoe is way too young for Zane, and seems in all other ways incompatible with her (their shared rebel pasts, notwithstanding). I don’t care how sweet he is once you get to know him, he’s not the guy for her. Poor Jo! At least Carter has her back and is not okay with this development. Hopefully, this “crush” or whatever gets nipped in the bud soon.

Fortunately, the other love connections in this episode were much more welcome. Carter and Allison! Finally! I knew that a fear of losing her very best friend would likely give Allison pause in pursuing things with Carter, but I’m so glad he wasn’t content to leave well enough alone. Those two are great together, and time and space have delayed them long enough. They deserve a shot at that happiness we saw way back in ‘Once in a Lifetime,’ and I’m glad it looks like they are finally going for it. Yea!

As happy as Carter and Allison passionately kissing made me, my absolute favorite moment this week was Henry wooing Grace with ‘She Blinded Me with Science’ in the rotunda. I loved, loved, LOVED this scene! It’s actually my favorite from the season thus far (and maybe the series). In some respects, it feels too soon for her to let him back in, given that she just learned the painful truth about his identity last episode, but Henry’s serenade was so whimsical, goofy, and heartfelt that I was as charmed as Grace seemed to be. I’m so glad that Fargo was able to help Henry give Grace “the passion and surprises she deserves” with a moment that perfectly recaptured the rush of getting to know someone. The whole scene made me grin as wide as I ever have watching this show. I’ve actually watched it four or five times now, and every time it makes me smile so hard my face hurts! I love the singing and the dancing, and Grace and Henry’s pure delight! And Fargo reveling in the romance of it all just tickles me to no end. “So romantic!” Wonderful!

In big plot developments this week, we got the surprising return of our old nemesis, Beverly Barlowe. Now there’s a Eureka face I never expected to see again! I’m kind of excited she’s back though, and I’m eager to learn what she’s been up to in this timeline. Is she still with the Consortium? Did she used to be the town therapist? Obviously, she and her friends have been on the lookout for the wayward Dr. Grant. They know who he really is and presumably how he got to the present, so they constitute a significant threat to the Eureka Six. I wonder what they are hoping Grant will do for them? And whether he’ll tell the others.

Other Thoughts

Loved Zimmer. She is so the contractor Jo would choose to build her house.

Carter: “Shangri-la facials?”
Jo (indicating her own face): “Well, this doesn’t happen by magic, my friend.”

The spa lady constantly critiquing everyone’s skin issues was amusing.

Fargo: “It’s like trying to hack the Matrix!”
Jo (sighing): “Well, much as it pains me to say, we need to get help from The One.”

Zane: “Anything else you want while I’m in there? Launch codes? Defense plans? TARDIS blueprints?”

Grant, Jo, and Fargo being forced to work with Zane was entertaining. And it will likely lead to further developments, since Zane is now aware that Grant isn’t who he says he is.

Henry: “What do you think I should do?”
Carter: “Well, um … You could find the person you’d be least likely to go to for advice. Ask them.”
Henry: “I thought that’s what I was doing.”
Carter (smiling): “I walked right into that, didn’t I?”
Henry: “Mmm-hmmm.”

More piano playing in Grant’s office. Love it! Larry’s shameless flirting was kind of funny, too. And sad.

I loved Carter trying to comfort Jo in the hallway after she discovered the guy she’d encouraged Zoe to pursue was Zane. If nothing else, at least this horrible twist gave us another good Carter-Jo friendship moment.

Allison: “I think that what we have, it’s … it’s really special. […] What I’m trying to say is, maybe it’s not worth the risk.”

Final Analysis: A stuffed, but delightful episode, with a freaky disaster-of-the-week, some good arc progression, and lots of great character stuff. Plus, Fargo-inspired romance rocks! “You blinded me … WITH SCIENCE!”

Screen cap credit: rawr-caps

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.


  1. Beverly coming back was unexpected. Might be setup for Grant going back home. I bet they didn't hire Baltar to be a regular.

  2. Carter's momentary disappointment and his later question 'Why not. . .me' to Allison on why she thought Grant's dinner invitation was a date request but not his were perfectly played.

    Carter and the spa lady 'Oh, WOW' when he realized what she meant

    The turning to stone business I could take or leave.

    Loved everything about the kissing scene including the choreography or composition or whatever it is that determines where the actors stand on the set, how they're are lit, how they move around.


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