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Game of Thrones Is Coming (Part III)

With less than a day until the Season Two premiere of Game of Thrones, here is our last clip, which reminds us of the furious vengeance with which "The North Remembers." Although apparently it still doesn't remember how to laugh. They must not get Community there.

I got goosebumps.


  1. aye! The King in the North!!!

    This is going to be a very bloody season... with the politics getting even more complicated. Has anyone placed an order for more "Joffrey slaps" with Tyrion?

    Can't wait to see how they put it all together! King Robb vs King Joffrey vs King Stannis vs King Renley... oh my! Good thing Queen Daenerys is off on the other continent! But will anything be as shocking as that beheading at the end of Baelor? ;o)


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