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Newsflash: Jenna-Louise Coleman Cast as the Doctor's New Companion

I knew it.

Not about the casting, I was completely in the dark about that. But I knew Moffat was trolling us with all this Sophia Myles nonsense. Bad Moffat!

Today it was announced that 25-year-old actress Jenna-Louise Coleman will be replacing Karen Gillan (and Arthur Darvill) as the Doctor's new companion in Season 7. Coleman is best known for playing lesbian Jasmine Thomas in British soap Emmerdale (a fact The Sun was very prompt to point out). Her other Waterloo Road, a minor role in Captain America: The First Avengers and Julian Fellow's upcoming Titanic mini-series.

More details about Coleman's casting, and a few potential spoilers for Season 7, can be found here.

Are you excited by this news? Disappointed that it's not Myles? Or furious that you let Moffat trick you again?


  1. Great News! Sophia who? Thank goodness I didn't embarrass myself by calling for her to be the new companion.

  2. I'm disappointed, mostly because I don't know who she is. And I wanted Sophia.

  3. I'm fed up of Moffat (and RTD before him, just as bad) messing around with the audience and sometimes lying to them - all it means is I totally ignore him now.

    I don't know the actress at all so I'll have to wait till I see her (I thought Catherine Tate, Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper and David Tennant would all be disasters and they were all great. On the other hand I though Matt Smith would be a disaster, and it took his Doctor over a year to win me over. I still won't be heartbroken when he leaves.)

  4. Sophia would have been great, but I'm sure this actress will do just fine too. I'll miss Amy and Rory but their time is clearly up.

  5. OMG !! She's gorgeous !

    Yes I know, a pure(ly) useless comment LOL. As far The Doc is concerned, I prefer to watch old eps of Sylvester McCoy's era.....

  6. Just read the article you linked, and in it they say ...do I need to say spoilers???

    OK, just in case...lots of space below...

    That there won't be a big overall arc, just stand alones...I am not sure how thrilled I am with that. I like when there is an overall story thread.

  7. She was actually casted because she can talk faster then the doctor, has nice boobs and a baby face the will interest a good part of the geek community and mainly 13 years old. Basically they pushed doctor who to the disney type of mareting trying to keep the old fan base...for a mature audience, unless you are the berlusconi type, the good days of the doctor are over. Fake boobs and baby face are the future and the story of the last christmas special explains it all according to me. Poor script and a lot of fast talking without too much sense.

  8. Hey Anon, I'm curious to know when you think 'the good days of the Doctor' were. Are you talking the RTD era or the classic era? And, to my knowledge, Jenna doesn't have fake boobs.

  9. The only thing fake about Jenna is her hair colour.



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