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The Secret Circle: Lucky

“Our fate is our own. We’ll screw up however we want.”

This episode was a little strange. One could argue that it got basically nowhere, and pretty much everything that happened had very little impact, but as far as I’m concerned this was all about set-up. From the bubbling love triangle, to Cassie’s struggle with her dark side, it all seemed to promise that the journey was about to reach a major turning point, but how soon that point will arrive remains to be seen.

Characterisation and internal dynamics played a huge role here, as well as played out teen drama, but now that we’ve gotten to know everyone a little better it’s a lot more appealing than it would have been earlier on in the season. Diana started out this season as a co-dependent, bright eyed enthusiast ready to make her mark on the magic world, but somewhere along with way she’s shed that clingy side to her, and that’s something that I’ve grown to like about her over the past few weeks. The overhaul of her character paved the way for this romance all her own and though I’m not all together taken by the story so far, I can already see the secrets that are about to boil over.

Faye, on the other hand, started out in a vastly different position. Though there have been a lot of attempts to break her down somewhat, she’s still held onto her confidence and attitude, attributes that make her run ins with Lee all the more delicious. I think this was my favourite part of this episode, seeing her refuse to back down, even when confronted with a girl clearly desperate to get him back. Set-up was written all over this subplot, with Eva starting to lose her marbles. I get that speeding arcs up to a supernormal pace is Kevin Williamson’s thing, but I think this might have been given some more time to gestate, even if she’s woken a week or two earlier, this downward spiral would have hit home a little more. It was still perfectly crazy, and this quick turn of events was just what this series needed to get things moving. I’m a little bummed that Lee died before he and Faye got further, right now I’m not sure that his death was powerful enough.

I think Lucky was the first episode where I really bought into Cassie and her dark magic being such a huge part of her. Adam and Jake had been arguing about the mechanics of it for so long, but nobody every stopped to look at what kind of effect it would have on Cassie as a person, and what a detrimental effect it could have on her life. I think John’s arrival heralded that change in pace, signalling the beginning of a long struggle to balance the forces within her, especially considering he’s a living, breathing example of all that could go wrong should she chose to embrace it. But, I mean, we know she’ll lose control it’s only a matter of time, but she’s gotta start somewhere, right?

Similarly, Cassie and Adam’s written in the stars romance finally felt right for the first time. A lot of the time their chemistry is flat and forced, any promise of a destined bond getting lost among the awkward pauses and long gazes, but here it felt quite natural. Just as they found themselves starting to tear apart by their parents past rivalry, they are inextricably drawn back together. The idea that their feelings and passion could all be manufactured is an interesting twist, but I just can’t help but feel it sprung up out of nowhere.

At this point, Lucky doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. That being said, it was still one of the better episodes in a while. I just hope next week’s events don’t put a damper on things.


- I don’t think Melissa is long for this world. She’s not really linked to anyone right now, and basically lifts right out.

- If she does bite it, does that mean that the secret child is someone else? I still hope it’s not Faye; it’s just way too obvious. Although, this isn’t The Vampire Diaries just yet so maybe they haven’t quite grasped ‘unexpected’ quite yet.

- There was an amazing scene with Faye at the start of this episode where she just kept coming up trumps in the snarky comments scale. I’ll quote them down further, but I think the writers have finally solidified her as the series rhymes with witch, but in an awesome way.

- I assume the crows from the title card were sort of previewing that final scene all along? I’m curious to see what the curse actually means for the circle.

- Has John actually changed for good? He showed signs of a darker side this week, but it all seemed like it was to help Cassie, not further his own agenda.

- I’m still mightily confused by what happened the night of the boat fire. Will we ever get a clear answer about what actually went down?

- I loved Faye using her powers for gambling. It’s always been one of my favorite aspects of this show; the teen angst mixing with their powers.

He Said, She Said

Faye: “Oh God, imagine if there was another Cassie running around, then you could each have one!”

Diana: “Cassie I think you’re lucky.”
Cassie: “How’s that”
Diana: “Because we’ve all wished we could have back the parent that we lost.”
Faye: “Yeah, as long as that parent isn’t the devil on his days off.”

Faye: “I’ve gotta scrounge together a date for Casino night anyway, I don’t want to pull a Diana.”

Eva: “You stayed by me, nursed me back to health. Now it’s my turn to stay by your side.”

Melissa: “Since when does Faye Chamberlain take no for an answer.”

Cassie: “You told me no more secrets. So what are you doing sneaking around looking for a tool to take a witch’s power?”

Cassie: “If someone betrayed my father then I want to find out who it is.”
Adam: “Well it sounds like you’ve already decided who it is.”
Cassie: “Why is it so hard for you to believe that my father is here to help?”
Adam: “Why is it so easy for you to believe that mine must be working with the witch hunters?”

Dawn: “You look pretty good for a dead man.”

Eva: “I came back from the dead for you. You can’t just dump me for some little slut who doesn’t know the first thing about love!”

Being a little generous here but: 3 out of 4 crows.

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  1. Hey Panda. I've been watching SC from the beginning, but can't for the life of me remember Eva. Was she in an earlier story? I'm wondering whether I've missed an episode. Something definitely feels wrong. Either I've forgotten something, or I never saw it in the first place.

  2. Paul, that's actually the biggest complaint about this one, that her awakening sort of sprung up out of nowhere. She appeared very briefly at the end of the last episode, or before that, but she wasn't awake.

    I think the insinuation was that Lee used Faye's magic to resurrect her by stealing it with that totem. Like I said, it should have been given more time to develop; it blew up rather quickly. That being siad, I'm very excited to see where it'll go from here.

  3. Another good episode, the show has been getting better as the season goes on which is a good sign towards the future. I liked when Grant traded his chips in for the giant stuffed monkeys to give to Diana at the Casino Night...ok so maybe I just like everything Grant does and his accent and etc but still. Also, really like how they were playing "Comeback Kid" by Sleigh Bells during this scene, so that's double points.


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