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The Secret Circle: Crystal

“The circle will be the death of you.”

With a clear end-game in sight, and after last week’s declaration of war on the witch hunters, this episode marked the beginning of what is clearly the show’s final march towards the season finale. Momentum throttled this episode forward at a seriously rapid pace, bringing new revelations into the fold, and changing the circle irreversibly.

There’s always been a strong bond between Cassie and Diana, I wouldn’t say it was a sisterly one, but the idea of them sharing something like this isn’t without merit. In fact, it serves the dynamics that have been formed so far quite well by highlighting all of the characterisation that the writers have gotten right from the start. The twist itself was one of greatest moves the writers have made all season, but I had honestly come to the conclusion half way through the episode. That didn’t diminish the power of the episode’s final moment at all though, which has really kick started The Secret Circle in a way I never thought it could have.

Such a massive revelation fed quite neatly into Diana’s desire to set herself apart from the circle. I’ve discussed it so many times already, but Diana’s independence has forged her a nice separate identity from the circle, and as a result she’s begun to stand out from the crowd, so to speak. I love it when you think you have a character all figured out, and then they’re turned around on you. She’s been that kind of girl ever since she made the decision to cut Adam loose, and her side tryst with Grant has only solidified that opinion. It’ll be interesting to see where Diana ends up by season’s end. I hope it’s not in a body bag.

Speaking of body bags, after retuning with a new “and” credit, I should have spotted Ashley Crow getting the Amber Benson treatment straight away. Given her large absence, I can’t say Jane is someone I’ll miss a whole lot, but as a single character unit, I’ve always enjoyed the strength and comfort she so easily exuded. It’ll be devastating to see Cassie suffer yet another massive loss. That girl can’t catch a break. Jane’s death felt more like a way to reveal John’s true colours (finally), but its emotional effect shouldn’t be ignored.

The history of witchcraft in this series has always been a fascinating aspect, and I got serious enjoyment out of the amount divulged during this episode. Alongside some serious “fill-in-the-blanks” about the fire 16 years ago, the story of the witch’s arrival to Chance Harbour gave the series back story a lot more weight and believability. The only thing we’re missing now is a nice flashback episode. Something similar to ‘Witness’ wouldn’t go amiss, right?

I honestly thought an episode named after the most annoying plot device of all time would suck a tonne, but ‘Crystal’ was an episode that put an end to the slightly clumsy nature of the show’s plots by neatly tying them all together, and sending the show forward with a new lease on life.


- It was pretty cool how close Charles came to being outed about Amelia’s death. Without a blood connection, once Diana finds out he’s pretty much dead to her.

- I really hope Callum never comes back. That guy is such a creep.

- Even though John’s an evil dirtbag, I loved that scene with Faye towards the end. She’s a lot more lost than she lets on, and her obvious elation at having a father was quite nice to see.

- That was a sweet little reunion between Jake and his granddaddy. The male teens in this show seriously need some more character work, they’re becoming to macho-male for me, it was nice to see some vulnerability.

He Said, She Said

Faye: “I can’t believe I just rifled my Mom’s underwear drawer. No one that old should have that many thongs.”

John: “The only reason you’re not dead right now, is I still have use for you.”
Some kind of “luring your daughter into black magic” plan, perhaps?

Cassie: “Oh my God, it’s true.”
Diana: “What are you talking about?!”
Cassie: “It’s you.”
Diana: “What’s me?
Cassie: “You’re the other Blackwell in the circle. You’re my sister.”

3 and half out of 4 secret sisters.

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1 comment:

  1. Was so glad to see John deLancie back on the small screen... can he come back soon please? Q as a crazy granddaddy for the win! :D

    I thought all along Faye was too obvious a choice for the other Blackwell child, but I had my money on Melissa not Diana, major shocker!

    Are we sure Jane is dead? She didn't disappear like the guy from the store... perhaps the crystal protected her somehow?


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