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The Secret Circle: Traitor

“We totally got out-magic-ed in our own magic house. Unbelievable.”

The shock factor is something that can go either way. In a show that knows what its doing and where it’s going, it can work as great mechanism for enticing viewers into returning, on one that’s messy and disjointed, it’ll just come off as cheap and forced. The former applies in The Secret Circle’s case, but without that sense of impending battle and culmination, Traitor’s twist could have so easily become the latter.

Among other things, Diana’s new identity seems like the stimulus required to stop John Blackwell in his tracks. Her opposition to his methods was never as pronounced as it was after she discovered her true parental lineage, but I guess that’s the point. If he’s capable of tearing two happily content people just to further his own agenda, then he’s certainly capable of deceiving the circle. As the show’s trademark force of good, it makes sense for Diana to be the second Blackwell. Cassie gave into that dark side of herself so easily, we never got to see someone like Diana who has strong morals and an even stronger sense of self, not even entertain the notion of using it for protection. It makes me worry that she may fall a lot harder than Cassie did, should she need to resort to tapping into it.

Diana’s discovery is something that also serves Cassie’s loss in a way that she could never really grasp right away, especially if she’s dealing with the shock of it herself. Now that Jane is gone (RIP), Cassie has no family left. Out of everyone in the circle, Diana was always the one she was closest to, and after learning that the bond they share could be tied to something she so desperately needs, must be overwhelming. It’s almost forgivable that the writers waited until now to reveal the show’s biggest mystery. It could never have had such a profound meaning a few weeks ago.

Every week the writers seem to entertain some different combination of all of the characters, and it never feels like something left into chance. Each time characters interact if feels engineered and totally intentional, especially in the light of recent events that make their reciprocity more purposeful than it would normally. That applies not only to Cassie and Diana but to Jake and Faye, and Melissa and Adam as well. Every scene seems to use the traits we’ve come to expect from each of these characters and plays them off each and every other character, typically to interesting results. Even if the results aren’t momentous events, or pivotal realizations, they’re always rewarding predicaments, no one can deny the unbounded chemistry between Faye and Jake, can they?

So, Nick’s back. I never really missed him, mostly because he was always the flattest of each of the characters in this show. I don’t think for a second that he’s back in some permanent capacity; his return is most likely attached to some kind of spell being used to destroy the circle, or stop Blackwell, or kill the Elders, or something. I dunno, this show is kind of confusing sometimes. Regardless, his return brought the shock necessary to keep this show throttling forward, even though casting spoilers ruined it a little for me. The only thing ruining the season’s big narrative is that we haven’t really seen our “big bad” enough, but that’s a small gripe, and easily overlooked in light of everything else.

The best thing about The Secret Circle lately is the feeling that it’s following in its predecessor’s footsteps. As far as I can remember, it was around this time during the first season when I really sank into The Vampire Diaries and the kind of show it was, and the same is really applicable in this show’s instance. It’s just a shame this newfound confidence isn’t translating into ratings, since Traitor is yet another strong contribution on The Secret Circle’s part.


One of my favourite parts of his episode was when Nick burst through the bars after Cassie is sure he’s trapped; random as hell.

Faye distracting Dawn was kind of hilarious.

If this show is cancelled, I’m going to throw cats at little babies.

He Said, She Said

Cassie: “I think what hurts the most about losing my grandmother is...is that she’s the only thing I have left of my Mom and now. I mean, there’s no one left alive that really knows me. Knows me, before everything changed.”

Charles: “I was there when you were born. I raised you. I’m your father. Not him.”

Faye: “If we live remind me to download this song. It would be perfect for my 'running for your life' treadmill mix.”

3 out of 4 creepy clowns.

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  1. Chris Zylka and Phoebe Tonkin have a lot of chemistry and Chris really should be allergic to shirts.


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