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Discussion: Best Aliens

From Skitters to Cylons, aliens are our bread-and-butter here at billiedoux.com. (Not literally. That would be disgusting.) But while we’re used to ranking datable characters and sexy people, we haven’t yet codified exactly which aliens are the best.

For this week’s discussion, we’re leaving that question up to you. Some variations to consider:

Which alien race is hands-down awesomest?
Which alien race would you prefer to fight, if you were teleported to one of your favorite TV shows or movies?
Which aliens aren’t as scary as they’re supposed to be?
Which aliens would you want to be friends with?
If you were an alien, what would you be like?


  1. 1. Awesome-est aliens? Vulcans. I'm still a Trek nerd, when it comes right down to it. Honorable mention to whatever Zhaan on Farscape was. She was just blue awesomeness.

    2. The ones in the movie Alien and Aliens, if I weren't so freaking afraid of them.

    3. Definitely Klingons.

    4. Again, Vulcans. And maybe the Trill.

    5. I know I'm being repetitive, but when I was trapped in the horror of high school, I used to pretend I was a Vulcan. Although I'm nothing like a Vulcan. :)

  2. Vulcans. Obviously. No contest, not ever.

    Awesomest full Vulcan ever: Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager. Spock is, of course, made of awesome, but Tuvok is the awesomest Vulcan who doesn't have pesky human feelings getting in his way every now and again.

  3. oops, there were more questions!

    OK, having read the post properly:

    1. Vulcans. See above.
    2. Um, someone I could beat. A Hynerian, possibly (Rygel from Farscape)
    3. Goa'uld. They have silly, silly voices.
    4. Vulcans. And that little dude from Men in Black 3.
    5. Um, I'm not sure. a Betazoid, maybe. But a rubbish one, who gets people's feelings wrong and can't identify the one liar in the room!

  4. I'm not ready to respond to this one yet, but I'm pretty sure those aliens in your pictures are stealing my memories.

  5. 1. Have to agree with the others, Vulcans are the most awesome.

    2. The Guardians of the Universe (Green Lantern), sanctimonious little blue robots. :)

    3. I have to agree with Juliette on the Goa'uld.

    4. Although the Vulcans are awesome, I'd rather be friends with the Asgardians (SG-1).

    5. I would like to be a Predator, but I'm probably more like those little bug guys that smoke in Men in Black. :)

  6. Have to agree with Morgan. Time Lords, like bow-ties, fezzes, Stetsons, bunk beds, glasses and god knows what else Steven Moffat has in store for season 7, are cool.

  7. 1) Vulcans or Kryptonians-Superman is pretty great.
    2) Ewoks-even if the little guys are pretty tough.
    3)Slitheen in Doctor Who. Boring and not scary.
    4)Vulcans or whatever race Alf was on tv.
    5) A Kryptonian-on Earth so I could have superpowers.

  8. When I read through the questions instead of answers another question popped into my mind! The SCARIEST aliens! The ones that freak me out the most I think are the Wraith (from SG: Atlantis).

    Awesomest: Trills! (vulcans annoy me)
    Prefer to fight: Ferengi (I'd just pay them off)
    Not as scary as supposed to be: Goauld (once you stop considering them to be gods)
    Friends: an "Ancient" (so they could teach me how to ascend)
    Which would I be like? I'd go for Trill! Lots of different lives to experience! :o)

  9. awesomest: I like what Cameron did in "Aliens". Took the Geiger design,
    then had his alien performers adjust their motion so it didn't look like a man-in-suit. By not moving like a person, my subconscious labeled them as alien.

    fight: Ewoks or Gungans. Not that I'd win, but I want to inflict pain on the Star Wars races that soured my movie-going experience.

    aren’t scary: Almost anything on those cheapo Sci-Fi/SyFy movies: the man-in-suit monsters are usually ridiculous. The only way it could be worse is if they were members of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

    friends: PeaceKeepers… well, actually, only Aeryn :-)

    what alien: In high school, I was called both "Spock" and "Worf", so I guess it depends on my emotional state at the time.

    CrazyCris bonus question: I'd vote for the Chtorran ecology (from Gerrold's books, although it doesn't look like the series will ever be completed). Humanity (and Earth in general) are pretty much wiped out before there were clear signs that invaders had arrived. Even the most beneficial of the alien species turn out to be just a beachhead for all the nasty creatures that soon follow.

  10. Mark :

    LMAO for your 2nd paragraph.

    Can we count the Lost's Island as an Alien ????

    The reboot of the Martians in the '88 series War of the Worlds were cool. Those from the Speilberg movie give me the creeps. But that scene downtown in the first 3rd of the movie is pure anthology.

    And I, sorry, loved the V's in "83 to "85. But with the false skin on and the orange suits.

  11. Allo, Josie.

    This is a cool topic.

    Okay, let's see.

    For lovable alien, I like Paul (with the same movie title.)

    For one bad-ass out of this world a-l-i-e-n, I like the Predator. (The one in the Arnold S movie of the same title)

    Take care.


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