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Nikita: Partners

"What we've done, Nikita, that's not something you can fix."

Complicated. Just the way I like it. The world of Nikita is becoming increasingly layered and that's what makes season two such a joy to watch. While I do remember a weak stretch that will be hitting us shortly, this season ultimately becomes a masterpiece and the chess pieces are now beginning to take their place.

What I love most about this season is the fact that there are so many sides and so many variables. You've got Nikki, Michael and Birkhoff on one hand, Amanda and Division on another, not to mention Semak and Gogol, and of course Alex smack-dab in the middle. Each of them have their own set of motivations and goals and it's just wonderfully intricate. I especially loved the ending to this episode as Amanda pledges to protect Alex (knowing she plans on using her as a Zetrov puppet), just as Semak discovers that the heiress is alive and he wants her dead. This is where the stakes of the season begin to elevate and it couldn't be more exciting (and since I've seen the season already, I can tell you this is nothing compared to the masterful second half of the season).

In other news, I found the addition of Kelly moderately interesting. There was a nice parallel with the whole partners theme and I quite enjoyed the twist with her working for Gogol. However, I was glad to see her demise because she wasn't someone I was particularly excited to see again (unlike Owen for example).

And finally, I'm impressed by the Alex arc this year. I remember on first watch I thought it wasn't handled in the best manner but I definitely take it back as it's actually a highlight this time around. She had a great scene with Nikki and Michael in the end as they ask her to come back and she realizes she can't just yet. Nikki after all has caused quite a bit of damage to their relationship and it's not something that's going to be solved overnight. Compelling stuff.

Bits & Bullets:

- Love how Nikki faked her death in the flashback to escape Division.

- Interesting fact: Gogol was created to protect Zetrov's interests.

- Alex and Roan: that's an unlikely duo.

- Nikita, Kelly, Alex and Roan all on one train? Brilliant. Love the four-way fight scene. Amazingly staged and choreographed.

- Percy and Amanda drinking tea together was highly amusing. Nice to see them sort of enjoy each other's company.

- Everyone coming together in the woods was fantastic. And Nikki saving Alex's life by shooting Kelly was a great moment.

- Nikki calling Michael her "boy-toy" was pretty adorable.

Nikki Notables:

Alex: Pretty busy out there. Are we getting ready to overthrow some poor unsuspecting government?
Amanda: We'll get to that.

- Another exhilarating hour in a very impressive opening stretch of episodes.

4 out of 5 train wigs.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. Not to mention that which side any individual is on can switch from episode to episode.

  2. Your review made me smile as I was thinking exactly the same thing during the episode. We have a triangle of sorts with Alex being pulled into all three corners. What's so interesting is that one corner wants her dead; one corner wants to control her; one corner wants her forgiveness. Compelling stuff.

    I loved the conversation between Kelly and Nikita. Kelly told Nikita some home truths that were, I'm sure, hard to hear but oh so true. Having said that, I think Nikita's sisterly feelings towards Alex and her love for Michael are helping her to overcome these faults. I just love it when a character actually grows.

  3. Great, great episode and you´re right to say that this season is more layered and compelling.

  4. I don't think I quite realized how dangerous Roan was until this episode. He shot a Gogol agent by EAR. Holy crap.

  5. I'm going back and re-watching this series and you're right JK, Roan is one dangerous dude. Something else I noticed in this episode, and I'll have to check and see if it's the same in others, when Nikita fought him on the train, her "fighting" mostly just consisted of whatever she could do to distract him so she could get away from him. :) I can't remember, does Owen ever fight Roan in an episode?


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