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Nikita: Sanctuary

"You're a little tall to be quoting Napoleon."

This was a masterful hour that elevated the season into a whole other level of brilliance. From here on out it's a non-stop run of awesomeness until the finale, essentially making this season one of my favorite television seasons ever.

The beauty of the hour lies in the fact that so many diverging parties come to a head throughout the hour culminating into one tension-filled heck of an ending that leaves you practically breathless. The episode just did a tremendous job of bringing every single arc and character together into a cohesive and gripping whole. Oversight's liquidation plans, Amanda's machinations, Percy and his Guardians, and of course Team Nikita with Sean. It's insane, really, that they packed so much into a random episode in the middle of the season. It just felt like a season finale and that's what makes Nikita (much like The Vampire Diaries) so exciting. It's also worth noting that this episode didn't have much in the way of actual action, but it was as tense and engaging as any that came before it. That's an amazing achievement indeed.

Moreover, this was a stunning hour for Amanda as her barriers were finally broken down. We got a remarkably enlightening scene between her and Percy that added a whole new dimension to their relationship and revealed just how much he'd hurt her in the past. It's actually quite sad as he berates her and tell her she's entirely incapable of love. Melinda Clarke is just incredible in this, particularly as she goes back to her office, closes the blinds and regains her composure. Superb.

And finally, that ending was just masterpiece television. I was on the edge of my seat just as riveted as the first time I watched it with Amanda about to inject Percy, the twist with the Guardians crashing the Gates house instead of Division, and Team Nikita trying to maintain control of everything with newly-turned Sean. Magnificent.

Bits & Bullets:

- Epic opening with Oversight discussing Nikita intercut with her jogging, looking all badass.

- Beautiful speech by Nikki to Alex about being in a "safe place." God I love these two.

- Another fantastic speech: Amanda to her Division lackeys concerning an impending attack.

- Awesome Nikita continuity: Nikki and Alex discussing the Belarus job since they never ran into each other that night.

- Percy calling Amanda "submissive." Heh.

- Michael reuniting with the gang one by one had a wonderful family vibe.

- Brilliantly ominous sequence as Nikita & Michael discuss how to end Division once and for all as Sean gets ready to shoot them with a sniper rifle, only for Alex to attack him.

- Percy telling Amanda she wanted recruits to view them as "mommy and daddy" was hilariously creepy.

- Amanda making a mysterious phone call. Hmmm. But to whom?

Nikki Notables:

Nikita: (To Birkhoff eating) You know, Division doesn't even need to kill you. You're doing just fine on your own.

Percy: You're late.
Amanda: Really? Have you figured out a way to tell time down here?

Alex: You're protecting her from the wrong people.
Sean: And who are you? The right people?
Nikita: Nice to meet you.

Birkhoff: (To Michael) Relax, this place has more jamming than a Santana concert.

Amanda: Release Percy or you will eliminate all the members of Oversight?... Sounds good to me.

- Gripping and thoroughly engaging, "Sanctuary" is one of Nikita's strongest episodes.

4.5 out of 5 clean sweeps.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. This was an outstanding episode for Melinda Clarke, it´s a shame she won´t be recognized with an award for her portrayal of Amanda.

    The ending made my heart pound like crazy. Really tense and exciting.

    Surprinsingly, I was glad that Michael was back. Hadn´t noticed I missed him.

  2. Can we talk about Sean shirtless and tied to a chair? I had to fan myself.

  3. The last five minutes of the episode blew me off! I was basically speechless for a few minutes.

    Sean and Alex are so cute! Hopefully we´ll see them as a full fledged couple next season.

    But I do have a complain.
    The writers spent the season making Percy a genius at Amanda´s expenses.
    And also, Amanda deluded herself into believe she loves/loved Percy?
    I find hard to believe it was all in Amanda´s mind.

    One of my favorite episodes of the season.

  4. An amazing episode and one thing that I love about this season is the family dynamic we feel between them all, especially Nikki and Alex.
    And Amanda was really great too.


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