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Revenge: Penance

"When the time comes, I say we drag them to hell with us."

Although I still groan every time somebody mentions “The Initiative”, this was another solid hour in Revenge’s reinvigorated sophomore season.

I’m most enjoying the fact that Emily is back to being a kickass, manipulative heroine with a resourceful solution to every problem that comes her way. In this case, it was the devious Mason Treadwell whom she capably handled and imprisoned by the end of the hour with one heck of a deal. In addition to her sneaky tactics, I loved the final kiss with Aiden as the show is finally going there with their relationship. That’s just a really cool coupling that I can’t wait to see more of.

Meanwhile, Kara finally snapped and I adored her holding the Graysons hostage. It’s so satisfying to hear them flat-out confess their heinous crimes for once. The tension ratcheted up nicely during the sequence as our villains held hands (in a surprisingly touching moment) only for Aiden to save them at the last second.

Vengeful Bits

- Loved Emily finally revealing the truth to Mason.

- I hate to say it, but Madeleine Stowe is nowhere near as gorgeous as she was last year. Did I just get over her or did she have some more work done on her face?

- More stuff happened with Jack and Declan. I still don’t care.

- I was shocked to see Emily lose her cool (banging on the wheel like a madwoman) when Mason went off-book with Kara.

- Padma is still useless. Shocker.

- Love the surprised look on Victoria’s face as Conrad gave her a genuine goodnight kiss. I wonder if they’ll actually fall for each other all over again.

Devious Delights

Daniel: Mom and Dad will be very touched, assuming it’s not ticking.

Nolan: You might have mentioned that. 'Hey Nolan. This one time, at Revenge camp, I met this fellow avenger and oh, guess where he’s going to be summering?'

- A compelling and intriguing hour of Revenge.

3.5 out of 5 scandalous book deals.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. Here's one funny thing I've noticed: so far all the guys who are in on Emily's secret have one thing in common - their names end with "n": Nolan, Aidan and now Mason. I guess the next one to find out the truth about Emily being Amanda is Declan ;-)

  2. I actually like this season very much, at first I wasn´t sure where were they going with the Initiative thing (Still don´t know) but now I want to see where it ends.

    Conrad does loves Victoria.
    I thought it was so sweet when they were holding hands and Conrad kissed her goodnight in the end, but I´m pretty sure they´ll be hating each other again soon.

    Hate is a big word so.... I´ll say I strongly dislike Daniel. He´s less dumb than last year I´ll give him that but I don´t see such an improvement on him other than the fact he wants to replace his dad.

    Am I the only one who thinks leaving Mason in prison was to far? I don´t see the necessity to do it, Emily and him could have reached a different agreement with the same bargain.

    The same applies to Nolan losing his entire company.

    I agree with you Nadim, Madeline Stowe looked better last year (not that she doens´t look great anymore).
    Great review Nadim ;)

  3. Thank you Rebeca :) I'm glad you're enjoying the reviews!

    Mason in prison was quite drastic, but he's such a slimeball that I enjoyed it!

    Whew I thought I was imagining things with Madeline! Very weird! She really was stunning last year and of course she still looks good, but noticeably less so!

  4. I really enjoyed this one, the best one so far this season.

    I wasn't sure about how Emily dealt with Treadwell, it felt kind of harsh. But I guess all of her punishments have been quite severe,, so it is kinda fitting!

    Also, I loved the fact that there was a hint at some kind of endgame during the episode, particularly with the "When my vengeance is complete" line. Loved that part.

    But kill the initiative. KILL THEM NOW!

    Nice review Nadim.

  5. Nice review, Nadim, as always.
    Enjoyed this ep 'cause a lot of things happened; most of all, no Declan. ;)
    Ems and Aiden, yeah! Truly like them together. It was wonderful of him to save Kara in doing something that would truly destroy Ems. He seems to truly love Ems. Hope he does not become a Daniel.
    Funny about Conrad and Queen V; at the end, they still need each other. But for screen it's nice to see them targeting each other. And when it comes to The Initiative, like the Ewings of Dallas, they may fight with each other, but outside the family, they are united.
    I love that Ems is back in fighting form. I think Mason agreed with the set-up because he really was quite guilty about his part in the David Clarke frame-up. His "jail time" is his penance especially after realizing the truth of Ems' true identity, the little girl he betrayed. Mason's situation is quite unique because he can go either way; for or against Ems. But let us also remember that he has come to hate the Graysons.
    Does this mean that Jack and FauxAmanda will now set sail towards the sunset? Hahaha. I like FauxAmanda now, as long as she's with Jack.
    I'm wondering if Kara will still be cured of her mental illness.
    Let's not forget Nolan. I really like this guy. And he really cares about Ems. But i'm still a bit skeptical about Padma. I'll reserve my judgment about her for now.
    Nadim, on Ems' wheel banging thing, I think it was because of the sneaky tmi (too much information) thing that Mason relayed to Kara. Knowing that she is mentally unstable, Ems knew that she will fly off the handle and do something stupid. Since Ems love her Mom whatever she had become, she does not want her anywhere near the Graysons again.
    Madeline Stowe's face has become a bit gaunt-looking. Perhaps because of the make-up? Or stress because to The Initiative? Hehehe.

  6. So true Panda about the endgame point. I really wanna see big changes on the show. Something like Alias where they completely flip the premise soon and not drag the vengeance out for years!

    And Rosebud, hahaah you cracked me up with the Initiative-induced stress! It's a definite possibility!

  7. I think Madeline has lost weight?

    Emily VanCamp is looking better than last season. I think it's because her hair no longer looks brassy (apparently she had had it stripped before the first episode of season one, hence the yellowishness last season)

    Despite the fact I'm holding out for a Daniel/Emily reunion, I do like Aiden and Emily. I'm glad Barry Sloane is going to be a regular now.

    And can I just steal all of Emily VanCamp's clothes, please?

  8. This is the Revenge of last season and I loved it. I can't get enough of Emily bringing down her enemies, and the wonderful way she has of doing it.

    I'm very excited about the whole Nolan losing control of his company plot. I've been a fan of his since the beginning, and I am very interested to see where the writers are going with this. I was touched when he referred to David and Emily as the only family he's had, but I wish he would get rid of Padma. He can do better.

    Can I just say, I love the clothes Nolan wears. Trying so hard to be preppy and fit in, he just misses. But, how awful/wonderful were those blue shoes this week?

    When Emily was talking with her mom in the car at the end, I was struck by how much the two actresses resemble each other. They really could be related.

    I watched this on hulu who did a really interesting thing during the ad breaks. The sponsor was Target/Neiman Marcus who, somehow, managed to convince quite a good number of the cast members to film commercials -- all of which told a story. Did this do this on the network as well?

  9. Apparently they did do it on the network! I guess I'll try to find them on Youtube.

    And Yes Emily Vancamp looks MUCH better this year. In fact she looks downright gorgeous all the time now!


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